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Stormbrow Gift Shop is a specialty shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located in the Stormbrow Gallery, through the glass doors from the Children's Room. Most of the shop does not operate via the ORDER system, except for the Premium home art options in the third room.

[Stormbrow Gift Shop]
This spacious room is well lit by the numerous torches hung on every wall. A sturdy dwarf mannequin stands near a pair of glass doors, as if appreciating the shop's selection of merchandise. The shop clerk stands behind a glass display case, which is situated in the center of the room next to a gift-wrapping table. A tall weapons rack has been bolted to the back wall, far from the more fragile of the shop's wares, including a narrow glass shelf which stands near the museum exit.


On the gift-wrapping table you see:

a shiny black gift box Pocketed: huge amount (140-159 lbs)
a couple of items
a shiny gold gift box
a shiny red gift box

In the display case you see:

some colorful scented lamp oil with red blooms on the bottle 25000
a smoked glass volcano oil lamp 75000
a Ghorsa Isle snowglobe 50000

On the tall weapons rack you see:

a massive white ora bulawa with a leather-wrapped haft mace 60000
a crimson glaes backsword engraved with a majestic ship backsword 50000
a polished black leather cestus with drakar studs cestus 15000
grey-blue vultite quoit quoit 90000
an engraved vultite handaxe with a blue glaes handle handaxe 120000
a rolaren kidney dagger with a cabochon deathstone pommel dagger 50000

On the sturdy dwarf mannequin you see:

a pair of ankle-tied russet leather shoes Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
one item
some thick cordovan leather legwraps leg-worn 20000
some brown suede breeches leg-worn 30000
a wide leather belt with three large hammered steel plaques waist-worn 15000
a wide-necked cordetum tunic with brown leather laces chest-worn 25000
a fitted brown leather skullcap head-worn 15000

East Room

[Stormbrow Gift Shop]
A polished round rosewood table with wrought iron legs stands as the focal point of this section of the gift shop. Atop it are a silver jewelry tree and a chiseled granite bowl, the contents of which glitter in the torchlight. To either side of the table stand a wooden chest of drawers and a darkly stained toy chest.
Obvious exits: north, west

In the darkly stained toy chest you see:

a long-haired toy giantman with a broken nose 50000
a frowning toy giantman holding a tiny stuffed maul 50000
a frowning toy dwarf with a scratchy beard 50000
a ginger-haired toy dwarf with bushy eyebrows 50000
a brown-eyed toy dwarf holding a tiny mug 50000
a flushed toy dwarf with a bulbous nose 50000

On the silver necklace branch you see:

a faceted emerald pendant on a resplendent vaalin chain neck-worn 49000
an alexandrite waterfall necklace dangling chameleon agates 45000
an umber leather choker bearing one jagged leopard quartz 15000
a fine alum chain dangling three glaesine crystals 35000

On the silver bracelet branch you see:

a wide bronze mesh chain bracelet wrist-worn 15000
a fireleaf bangle ringed with embossed orange and red leaves 75000
a brilliant white eonake bracelet of interlocking links 90000
a thick red golvern wristcuff with a faint gold sheen 100000
a pale green imflass bracelet with a golden imflass clasp 50000

On the silver anklet branch you see:

a mithril serpentine-link anklet dangling a blue moonstone ankle-worn 30000
an invar cable chain anklet set with tiny red starstones 30000
a silver herringbone anklet with a miniature sprite charm 30000
an imflass marina chain anklet of pale blue and golden links 20000
a white eonake foxtail anklet 90000

On the silver ring branch you see:

an interlocking triple ring in varying shades of red glaes finger-worn 20000
a slender red and yellow sunstone ring 10000
a jagged-edged invar ring set with a single star ruby 15000
a twisted rolaren band with giantman engraving 50000
a twisted rolaren band with dwarven engraving 50000
a solid glaes ring flecked with polished pyrite 10000
a wide iron band set with a tiny golden anvil 10000

In the khazurka drawer you see:

a blue diamond teardrop khazurka on a smooth mithril chain head-worn 58000
a star emerald khazurka on a slender mithril chain 55000
a white starstone khazurka on a mithril herringbone chain 58000
a faceted firestone khazurka on a triple mithril chain 55000
a dragonsbreath sapphire khazurka on a spiral mithril chain 55000
an asterfire quartz khazurka on a delicate mithril chain 40000
a black moonstone khazurka on a mithril bead chain 40000

In the aemikvai drawer you see:

a cat's-eye moonstone aemikvai set in a twisted mithril knot head-worn 50000
a round-cut deathstone aemikvai with a carved Saramar rune 50000
a faceted leopard quartz aemikvai carved with a Saramar rune 50000
an enruned red starstone aemikvai on a knotted rolaren chain 75000
a rune-carved yellow sunstone aemikvai with a twisted mithril chain 50000

In the beard clip drawer you see:

a tiny pickaxe beard clip pin-worn 20000
a stein-shaped beard clip 20000
a barrel-shaped beard clip 20000
a red-speckled invar mattock beard clip 20000

In the chiseled granite bowl you see:

a small red geode 30000
a small green geode
a small blue geode
a small purple geode

North Room

[Stormbrow Gift Shop, Gallery]
Tall candelabra stand in every corner of this room, casting their illumination upon the paintings that hang on the walls. You also see a tall rosewood stand with an ornately scripted sign on it and a stout dwarven merchant.
Obvious exits: south
These beautiful replicas are available to decorate your personal home.  Show your guests the extent of your fine taste by ORDERing one today.
      Price  Item
1.)  200000  a colorful Terasian landscape painting
2.)  200000  a detailed smoking volcano painting
3.)  200000  a life-size fire mage painting
4.)  200000  a Glaesen Star oil painting
5.)  200000  a fountain and statue painting
6.)  200000  a Golden Helm painting
7.)  200000  a glum-looking mule painting
8.)  200000  a multicolored siren lizard painting
9.)  200000  an abstract lava tube painting