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Swan Song was a storyline based out of Solhaven/Vornavis. It followed in the wake of the destruction of Talador at the end of the Eyes of the Dawn storyline, and focused on the effort to help the people of the North who were displaced and harmed by it. This marked the introduction of the characters Lady Kasendra Chandrennin and Captain Martohck of Aldora, and saw expanded roles for Salnim Malwind and his sister Athalia Malwind of Vornavis.

Intro, Prologue, and all posts are by GM Lydil unless otherwise noted.


For the first time in years the North is quiet once more.  But this is not the quiet of peace and victory, but rather silence that comes from a win with the most horrific of costs.  Chaston Griffin is dead, and his loathsome campaign has been defeated.  But when faced with the loss of all that he fought for, Griffin chose to spite those who opposed him with scorched earth, leaving Talador in ruins, and thousands of lives lost.  This tragedy on top of the damage the past several years has inflicted upon the Baronies, and Northern Empire along with it, has left the region as a whole on unsteady ground.  And now as its people struggle to recover, winter will soon arrive upon many who are ill equipped to endure anymore suffering.

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North Wind Rising

Posted 25 November 2016
A cold wind blew down from the north across the region once known as Talador, bringing with it the first taste of winter. It continued westward across the broken barony, stirring up dust and ash across the Bleaklands as it went. Within the Tears of Koar, the few patches of earth within the Desolation of Talador shielded from the devastation, grass swayed upon the breeze. Some said they got their name because Koar could not stand to see his children bring war upon one another and wept, while others said was only through the grace of Koar that his people were saved from the unholy flames. Click to view more...
The wind continued its journey west across the hills of Jantalar. It blew along its many roads that seemed emptier than usual, with fewer travelers and certainly fewer soldiers. The breeze continued unabated over the border into Mestanir and across many burnt out homesteads still in need of repair. Onward it blew through the town of Mestanir itself, swirling around the Fist of Koar, before streaming pass Everwatch Tower on its unending journey west.

The sun hung just barely above the horizon, barely having begun its journey upward, when a sudden squall blew across the ground, stirring up dust up into the face of Salnim Malwind. He only had a moment to squint and keep his gaze steady before his opponent fell upon him. The armored warrior came hard and fast with heavy sword strokes that were parried and deflected by Salnim with his blade and shield. When the warrior hesitated a moment in his next attack, it allowed Salnim to land a heavy slash to the leg, sending the man flailing to the ground. Before Salnim could land a finishing blow, he whirled to have his blade meet the attack of another assailant. A flurry of sword strokes were exchanged back and forth, as Salnim quickly found the opening to press forward. With the newcomer now on the defensive, Salnim lowered his shoulder and struck out with his shield, bowling his opponent over. A quick and brutal swing of the sword to the helm of the warrior rendered him motionless. Turning back to his first attacker, Salnim repeated his sword work, sending the warrior sprawling to the ground where he stayed for good.

With no foes left before him, the young lord planted his sword in the ground and leaned against it, taking in several breaths. The quiet moment was broken by a loud, gruff voice calling out, "Good, Little Lord."

Salnim turned to look at Gurbah, the immense and imposing Captain of the Vornavian Guard. Half centaur, half ogre, he towered over anyone in the practice yard, as he slowly made his way over to where the young lord stood.

"You attacked. Decisive. Used shield as weapon right way."

This brought a short smile and laugh to Salnim's face, "I have taken your lesson to heart, Captain. And I still stand by throwing my shield. You were not expecting it. It almost worked. Then again I was not expecting it to be thrown back at me in turn."

The Captain gave Salnim a level stare and simply shook his head, "Done for today. Work more tomorrow."

Salnim inclined his head and slowly made his way towards the armory on the far side of the yard. As he neared the door, he looked back into the yard and watched a red robed man approach Captain Gurbah bearing two large blunted weapons. Salnim shook his head and entered the armory, where he went about storing his practice sword and shield. When he left the armory, Salnim took a moment to look into the barracks. A number of soldiers were there, including the two who served as his opponents out in the yard. As soon as they noticed Salnim standing there, they could rose and turned toward him.

"M'lord, is there anything we can do for you?"

"I am just passing through," Salnim said with a shake of the head, "But I thought you might be interested to know that Gurbah is about to fight Malvernus out in the yard. I will leave you all to be about your business."

A number of looks were quickly exchanged from the guards, as Salnim walked down the hallway. He never looked back, but smiled to himself as he heard the member of the Guard scrambling to go watch the practice yard. Salnim himself took stairs up several floors within the keep, before exiting through a door to stand upon a walkway looking out over the practice yard. Far below he could see many Guard members crowding along the walls of the yard, where Gurbah and Malvernus stood facing off, their respective axe and sword raised as the prepared to duel.

A polite cough was heard behind Salnim before the chamberlain of the court silently moved to stand next to him.

"Good morning my lord. I do hope you are all recovered from getting tossed around the yard."

"And a good morning to you. The good Captain was kind enough to not throw me about the yard today," Salnim replied with a faint grin, "Though I am not certain Malvernus will be so lucky. What brings you up here so early?"

"There is a Council meeting later today. Your father wishes you to be there."

"Another day, another meeting. Please let my father know I will be there."

"Very good, my lord," the chamberlain replied with a respectful bow before heading back below.

Salnim remained on the walkway, gazing down at the yard and the combat taking place. After a few minutes he turned to head back inside the Keep, and was met by a stiff breeze blowing up from below. It swirl around the young lord, being spiraling upwards into the sky and new day emerging. Salnim continued inside without slowing, as there was much work to be done.

The pebble tumbling down the mountain
sending boulders into motion
It only takes a single act
to cause an explosion
This is a Swan Song

A Southern Wind Does Blow

Posted 26 November 2016
The wind came out of the south, from deep within the Southron Waste, and blew across the Valley of Hourouth. It continued across the verdant terrain, causing grass to sway and small rocks to tumble along the road that lead to the north. The wind was not alone on this road, quickly coming up several wagons moving along at a steady pace as their horses clopped along. The wagons too were not alone, as a number of armed riders provided an escort for their journey north. One rider pulled away from the group and stopped, looking back to the south. A moment later, another rider moved to approach, his black and white cloak flapping in the breeze. Click to view more...
"Lady Kasendra? Something wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, Captain. I simply wanted to get a good look of Elstreth before we travelled too far," the red haired woman replied as she turned to the armored soldier, "We have a long journey before us. And a larger task once we get there. It may be a long time before we are able to get back here. The image the rising sun shining down upon the walls of the city is a good one to take with us."

"Not the first time we done this, my lady. We'll get you back home safe and sound. Did it before, do it again. Promised your father just that."

This brought a smile to Kasendra's face as she remembered the discussion with her father over this trip. She continued to gaze south, taking in the sprawling city that was her home for several more moments before responding, “He would have been far more difficult to convince otherwise. But we have a long road ahead of us, and many miles to cover, Captain. Best we get back to it."

Lady Kasendra Chandrennin raised the hood on her cloak and turned her horse back towards the road, spurring it onward to Tamzyrr, and to the North.

She's got the green light
You've got a lot of fight
Are you gonna turn this thing around?

Court Session in Vornavis 1


Posted 26 November 2016
This coming Restday the 27th of Eoantos at 9:30 pm by the Empire Standard of Time, Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis will be holding an open session of court. Those with ties to Vornavis are invited and encouraged to attend, and all residents of the region and friends of the barony are welcome at court.

The chamberlain of the court would also like to remind all those who would attend this session of court that proper attire and behavior will be required. This will be especially so on this occasion of the first public appearance of Baron Malwind since he recovered from his recent illness.

(OOC: The Court session will be tomorrow, Sunday 11/27 at 9:30 pm EST)


Posted by REGWEN 27 November 2016

Here are the details of what happened....

Enjoy! Click to view log...

[Vornavis, Great Hall]
On a low dais, spanning the southern end of the hall, three regal chairs of state rest before an embroidered tapestry of the Rising Swan of Vornavis that covers the wall behind them. Banners bearing the coats-of-arms of knights in service to the barony hang from the railing of the second floor gallery that lines the other three sides of the Great Hall. Opposite the dais a pair of large fel doors, inlaid with gold scrolling, are set in the north wall. You also see the Panndoris disk, the Dagwyn disk, the Zarston disk, the Ylandra disk, the Leafiara disk, the blue Ordim disk, the Regwen disk, an aged chamberlain and a small side door.
Also here: Earthdiver, Lord Salnim who is sitting, Baron Dunrith who is sitting, Roblar, Dagwyn, Panndoris, Captain Gurbah, Lady Aeavenne, Jeneuer, Lady Divone, High Lady Leafiara, Adjutant Nolofinwe, Alisaire, Ketarra, Haloran, Lady Lylia, Maylan, Naimon, Tarali, Zarston, Katiesa, Arrec, Lady Luxelle, Irar, Ylandra, Mynon, Maretta, Conquerer of Reim Ordim, Magister Raelee, Dirra, Jorshin, Sir Bristenn, Avalera, Falvicar, Magister Bekke, Sir Cryheart, Mayor Puptilian, Svantai, Goldstr, Dame Deavon, Great Lord Khazaann, Shinann, Wolfloner, Sir Geijon
Obvious exits: out

A well-dressed crier in green and white garb walks by and announces, "Hear ye, hear ye! The Open Session of Court in Vornavis will be starting shortly. All those who wish to attend should make their way through the postern gate at the Esplanade Gate at this time."
An aged chamberlain says, "Good evening Sirs, Dame, Silver Gryphons, and guests."
An aged chamberlain raises his staff and raps the end on the floor three times.
An aged chamberlain exclaims, "This session of Court in Vornavis has now begun, this 27th day of Eoantos. All welcome His Excellency Baron Dunrith Malwind and his son Lord Salnim Malwind!"
Dunrith says, "We wish all those who have joined us tonight for this session of Court a warm welcome, as we are glad you could join us tonight."
Dunrith says, "It has been far too long since we have held a session of Court. But we do hope that this session will prove to be more pleasant than the last."
Dunrith says, "We are as always especially heartened to see our Knights here with us tonight, as well as those who have long standing ties to both ourselves and Vornavis."
Dunrith says, "And now lord chamberlain, let us proceed with the first order of business."
An aged chamberlain says, "Our first order of business is with the Hall of Mages. We call forth their representative to stand before His Excellency Baron Dunrith Malwind at this time."
Dunrith says, "And that you are recovered fully from your recent ordeal. As well as from the incident in the practice yard."
Malvernus says, "I was given strict instructions about not blowing up the practice yard, Your Excellency."
Dunrith says, "We are also aware of the actions you and your fellow Drakes took in Talador."
Dunrith says, "In face of an unwinnable situation, you placed yourselves in harms way to attempt to save some of those who had gone there to end that terrible conflict. Including members of our own Vornavian Guard."
Malvernus somberly says, "I only wish we could have saved more. But there were not enough of us. And not all those who tried survived." 
Dunrith says, "Their sacrifice will not be forgotten here in Vornavis. We wish to offer our thanks to you and your Drakes for what they did. And we will be happy to have you and yours here again in the future."
Malvernus somberly says, "I only wish we could have saved more. But there were not enough of us. And not all those who tried survived." 
Malvernus says, "You are most kind Your Excellency, in your words and deeds. I will be sure to convey your words to the other Drakes."
Malvernus says, "And I will be happy to return to Vornavis when I am able. After all, someone has to give your Captain a worthy opponent in the yard."
An aged chamberlain says, "For our next order of business, we have a visitor to present to the court."
An aged chamberlain says, "Let us welcome to the court Lady Kasendra Chandrennin of Aldora, here via ship from Tamzyrr."
Kasendra smiles at the chamberlain.
Kasendra says, "Your Excellency."
Kasendra says, "It is good to see you again."
Dunrith says, "Lady Kasendra, welcome to Vornavis. It has been a good many number of years since we had the opportunity to meet you in Tamzyrr."
Kasendra says, "It is good of you to remember me."
Kasendra says, "My father sends his regards."
Dunrith says, "I do hope the Duke is well. His has always been a solid voice upon the Council of Lords."
Speaking to Dunrith, Kasendra says, "He is well your excellency."
Speaking to Kasendra, Salnim says, "It is a pleasure to meet you, my lady."
Kasendra says, "And you my lord. We have never been formally introduced, but I have seen you on occasion."
Kasendra says, "But formalities aside your excellency, I come on a matter of importance."
Salnim says, "I am afraid you have me at a disadvantage, my lady. I have never been to Aldora."
Kasendra says, "My lord, I believe I saw you once years back during the Imperial Inquisition into the death of Empress Mynal'lanna."
Kasendra says, "I also caught a glimpse of you weeks back when you were petitioning the Emporer."
Kasendra says, "And now we have met."
Kasendra says, "Your excellency, my father has sent me to bring aid to the north in these times of trouble."
Dunrith says, "Given how far you travelled from Elstreth, we knew it would be for something of importance."
Kasendra says, "I have been leading the efforts of relief in the south for sometime."
Dunrith says, "And we are most welcome to this news of assistance from the Empire for the North."
Dunrith says, "These past years have been difficult for all who live in the North. And with the most horrific tragedy in Talador, the situation has only grown worse."
Speaking to Kasendra, Dunrith says, "I recall hearing reports of the work you did aiding Idolone after what it befell."
Kasendra says, "The situation may be over, but it will be some time until Talador is able to sustain itself and rebuild."
Kasendra says, "I have brought a ship of supplies with more to come."
Kasendra says, "There is more for the north to deal with, but I am not a soldier."
Dunrith nods at Kasendra.
Dunrith says, "Your aid is still welcome, my lady."
Kasendra says, "I am however able to bring relief."
Dunrith says, "And we will do all we can to support you in this effort."
Kasendra says, "I wish to set up a relief camp here in the north to be a base for coordinating the supplies coming from the south."
Dunrith says, "There are many, whether those who were able to escape the desolation in Talador itself, as well as the surrounding baronies that are in need of such aid."
Puptilian raises an eyebrow.
Kasendra says, "I will be speaking to the baronies here in the north, and am here to begin with Vornavis."
Kasendra says, "We ask for your support in these efforts."
Kasendra nods at Salnim.
Dunrith says, "You will have them."
Bristenn shifts his weight.
Puptilian shifts his weight.
Kasendra says, "I thank you Baron, your support will go a long way towards gaining the support of the other baronies."
Kasendra says, "I look forward to working with you and your people."
Dunrith says, "We shall have you speak with our represenative after this session of Court, so that you may begin to coordinate these efforts."
Kasendra nods at Dunrith.
Salnim nods at Kasendra.
Kasendra says, "I thank you again, you and your family for the support and welcome to the north."
Kasendra curtsies to Dunrith.
Kasendra nods at Salnim.
Dunrith respectfully inclines his head towards Kasendra.
Kasendra nods.

Dunrith says, "After so much suffering and loss, it will be good to take steps to move beyond these painful times and begin to rebuild."
Dunrith gives a short nod of his head to the chamberlain.

An aged chamberlain says, "For our next order of business before the court, we call for the representative of the Order of the Azure Suns to present themselves before His Excellency."
Bristenn snaps smartly to attention!
Katiesa glances expectantly at Bristenn.
Bristenn formally greets, "Your Excellency. Lordship Salnim. Lord Chamberlain."
Dunrith says, "We are always happy to have you at our Court, Sir Mires."
Bristenn politely responds, "Humbly, I and the order are honored to attend your noble court this evening."
Dunrith says, "And we are glad that they too were able to attend this session of court."
Bristenn inclines his head.
Bristenn carefully reasons, "After their labors in our recent conflict, home is truly a welcomed sight, if not a fleeting one."
Dunrith says, "It is good to have home all those who were able to return from the conflict."
Dunrith says, "We have heard reports of the deeds of some of your order in said conflict."
Bristenn inclines his head.
Bristenn clearly agrees, "They certainly acted valiantly on many fronts. Sir Aydan and I have been pleased with their progress, and moreso with their loyalty to our barony and our empire."
Dunrith says, "There is certainly much to be proud of."
Bristenn nods understandingly.
Bristenn folds his hands behind his back.
Dunrith says, "We have however heard one name in more than a few reports on the actions of your Order."
Bristenn cocks his head.
Dunrith says, "And we would ask that you properly introduce this individual to us tonight."
Bristenn formally concedes, "As you wish, sire."
Bristenn turns to face Mynon.
(Mynon swallows hard.)
Bristenn firmly orders, "Sergeant Mynon Felcroth, step forward before our baron."
Mynon strides a few steps forward.
Mynon bows respectfully, his eyes fixed firmly on the ground.
Bristenn clearly offers, "I present to the court Sergeant Mynon Felcroth, of Idolone in Estoria."
Bristenn continues, "Since the breaking of the War of Shadows, he has fought at our side- along the likes of Sir Eahlstan Hjeldin and Dame Aiska Sunrider, labored under the tutelage of squirehood in a time of war and a time of reconstruction."
Bristenn adds, "During that war, he brought steel to our ancient enemies the Krolvin, battling the Czag Dubra Kragnack's fleet on the docks and streets of Idolone."
Bristenn continues, "In even more recent times, he aided time and time again against brigands and pirates in the protectorate, and defended with his life the daughter of His Excellency Baron Spensor Caulfield."
Bristenn concludes, "He is as stalwart as they come- in faith, and in battle, but of all, in honesty."
Dunrith nods.
Dunrith says, "We thank you for the proper introduction of your officer, Sir Mires."
Bristenn reasonably confesses, "It is, again, the greatest of honors to present to this court."
Dunrith says, "Master Felcroth, time and again we have heard your name mentioned. And time and again you have thrown yourself into the fray. All in a place that is far from your original home, for people that at times have wished you would do nothing more than leave."
Dunrith asks, "We ask this of you. Why is it you have chosen to do this?"
Katiesa glances expectantly at Mynon.
Bristenn gives a sidelong glance at Mynon.
Mynon says, "Your Excellency provides a good example of what service to the Sun-Throne is about, in the face of adversity. This is where I found myself needed, and I have endeavored to do as I was taught."
Speaking to Mynon, Dunrith says, "In this regard, it appears you have very good teachers, Master Felcroth."
Mynon says, "Your Excellency has some very good knights among those teachers."
Dunrith says, "In both attitude, actions, and arms."
Dunrith says, "For in the reports we have been given, we have heard of the work you have done with your axe."
Dunrith says, "Used in a manner that reminds us of others who have served us."
Bristenn proudly agrees, "Some of the best, if I may say."
Bristenn nods firmly at Mynon.
Dunrith says, "From Dame Sunrider taking up an axe to face a beast out of nightmares."
Dunrith says, "To Sir Yarx Teelf facing down towering titans with his own bare hands."
Mynon humbly says, "That you compare me with those is more honor than i deserve."
Mynon adds, "By far."
Dunrith says, "To those that faced down Gurbah in a dark sewer with both arms and honor."
Gurbah nods.
Dunrith says, "Those reports also detail that you know this road takes more than a might axe and steady hands to wield it."
Dunrith says, "It takes a sound mind with the proper temperament and adherence to the concepts of duty and honor."
Speaking to Mynon, Dunrith asks, "Knowing now we what you do, Master Felcroth, were that you could do it all again, would you do so?"
Mynon says, "I would, but a few things, perhaps a bit moreso."
Mynon says, "Your excellency."
Dunrith nods at Mynon.
Dunrith asks, "We are glad to hear this as a response, Master Felcroth. For the road forward will only grow more difficult. Is it one you still wish to tred upon?"
Mynon answers, "Your Excellency, on that I wish to be clear: Duty to the Sun-Throne is a path that grows. Many men and women, beside me, have made the greatest sacrifice. Their work must be taken up. I am here, and I am willing."
Irar nods approvingly at Mynon.
Dunrith looks thoughtfully at Mynon.
Speaking to Mynon, Dunrith says, "Mynon Felcroth, if you would serve me and the Empire, then kneel before me."."
Speaking to Mynon, Dunrith says, "The path of a knight is never an easy one. As I have told two other soon to be knights, know that so long as your actions are tempered with good judgment and acceptance of sound advice from your friends, you shall never roam astray."
Speaking to Mynon, Dunrith asks, "Do you solemnly swear, with the truth in your heart and the strength in your arms, to uphold the chivalric code, conducting yourself as a true knight, a living example of a warrior with honor, courage, and generosity?"
(Mynon glances back at the assembled company, then back to Baron Malwind, and nods firmly.)
Speaking to Mynon, Dunrith asks, "Do you promise to shelter those who seek the aegis of your arm and the generosity of your heart, and always offer both to those too weak to defend themselves?"
Speaking to Mynon, Dunrith asks, "And finally, do you promise to support the Empire and it's rightful ruler, never participating in nor supporting aggression against it nor its citizens?"
Mynon exclaims, "Always, You Excellency, I do so swear!"
Dunrith removes a brilliant steel sword from in his leather scabbard.
Baron Malwind taps the flat of the blade of his sword on each of Mynon's shoulders in turn.
Dunrith draws forth a pair of golden spurs from his cloak.
Dunrith offers Mynon a pair of golden spurs.
Naimon beams!
Mynon accepts Dunrith's golden spurs.
Speaking to Mynon, Dunrith exclaims, "Then take these, and arise Sir Mynon Felcroth, Knight-Errant!"
Bristenn clearly cheers, "Hail and well met, Sir Mynon Felcroth!"
Mynon says, "To serve an Emperor, and to serve a Baron who leads as ours does, and as you do, Excellency, is what any good man-at-arms would ask for. It is an honor to serve."

Supply Run 1

Posted 3 December 2016
Earlier this week construction began on a camp out in the northern Imperial wilderness from where Lady Kasendra Chandrennin will direct and oversee the relief effort. Tomorrow night (12/4) around 7:30 pm by the Empire Standard of Time (EST) a wagon will be departing the Vornavian Caravansary for the camp to bring supplies needed to complete its construction. In the course of taking inventory, it was noted that although the wagon was loaded with all the supplies needed for the camp, there was still some room in the back. Such space will be used to allow those interested to hitch a ride out and see the camp.

Brief Synopsis

Posted by MOURNE 5 December 2016
Several people hopped in Duvernith's wagon and went out to the encampment being built for distributing support to those in need around the northern Empire in the wake of recent events. Lady Kasendra was there checking on things, with Captain Martohck. We chatted, some of our number helped unload the wagon, others offered general assistance, encampment security was discussed, and finally, suggestions on what we can gather for those in need were given, and there seems likely to be some means of collecting donations set up in the near future. 

Click to view more...

Notable Conversational Snippets

Duvernith says, "Clearly they have some source, as we are not bringing large quantities of water."

Kasendra says, "This is Captain Martohck. He accompanied me from home to help command my encampment."
Kasendra says, "As you can see we are still in some disarray, but building steadily."
Kasendra says, "The workers should have some more solid buildings shortly."
Kasendra says, "It will be a home base to gather, sort and distribute supplies to areas of the northern empire in need."

You dryly ask, "Got enough men to fend off the inevitable bandit raids?"
Kasendra asks, "Do you think we will have to deal with such?"
You say, "Uh, yeah. You're moving goods, lady, you're gonna have people who try to take them."
Martohck asks, "The Baron can't keep the road this close to the city clear of bandits?"
You blandly say, "Where there's a will, there's a way."
Bristenn slowly corrects, "Our liegelord can."
Speaking wryly to you, Cruxophim agrees, "You may not be wrong, unfortunately."
Kasendra says, "Captain, we should make sure to keep a strong lookout in case of trouble."
Cryheart says, "Aye, I am sure his Excellency has it covered."
Raelee glances skeptically at Bristenn.
Martohck agrees with Kasendra.
Speaking affably to Bristenn, Cruxophim states, "Let us hope you are correct."
Martohck says, "I'll take care of it."
Kasendra says, "I would hate for our supplies to be damaged or stolen."
Speaking to Bristenn, Raelee says, "Even I have fought bandits on the road. I do find them generally flammale."

Speaking politely to Kasendra, Bristenn offers, "And if it pleases you, our order will do all that we can to keep the road leading to this outpost secure, my lady."

Kasendra says, "I of course an not staying here.... this was just a visit to inspect our progress."
Kasendra says, "We hope to have a functional camp soon for protecting the supplies that are sill on the way."
Kasendra says, "We will have you all back when it is completed so you can see our process for helping those in need."
Martohck says, "Lady Kasendra here wasn't too keen on the idea of having guards when she first started her relief efforts a ways back. I think we've shown her the necessity of our presence a few times over, however."
Kasendra says, "Hopefully these new supplies will allow us to finish the walls and build up the inside."
Kasendra says, "Sometimes men in armor scare those who have been scarred by the wars."
Martohck says, "I've got lads stationed about the area, and patrolling near the camp as well just in case anyone has any ideas. Still I'll feel much better when the camp is completed."

Speaking to Kasendra, Shinann asks, "Do you have an idea of how many are displaced?"
Kasendra says, "More than we can even think about counting I am afraid."

Kasendra says, "What you can do in the meantime is gather any supplies you think may be useful."
Kasendra says, "We will accept clothing , herbs and the like."
Martohck says, "And of course coin."

Lisbethany says, "Do you have employment for them when they are here? Nothin worse than sitting on your duff all day in a strange and frightning new place."
Kasendra says, "We hope to get them to places they can start new or ne useful until they can go home."

Mynon says, "Just this, Lady Chandrennin: Are you taking precautions for you own safety? These northern regions hold some who are not above trying to force their wants with the point of a blade, even to one who is here for the general weal of those in need."
Martohck casts a quick glance towards Kasendra.
Kasendra says, "I feel safe with my guards."
Kasendra says, "I brought my own and Lord Salnim was generous in the use of some of the Vornavian men as well."
Speaking to Mynon, Martohck says, "The walls of the encampment here will be strong enough to offer any protection necessary for the Lady to base her operation from here."

Kasendra says, "I would like to extend an invitation to return with me when the camp is completed."
Kasendra says, "You can then see the defenses we will put in place."
Kasendra says, "And perhaps offer any suggestions and the like."
Cryheart says, "I would advise some watch towers around the perimeter."
Martohck agrees with Cryheart.
Kasendra says, "An excellent idea."
Kasendra says, "It is a bit wild here in the north."

Kasendra says, "Anything you gather would be welcome."
Kasendra says, "Warm clothing."
Kasendra says, "Herbs for healing."
Kasendra says, "Good solid boots would be welcome."

Kasendra says, "Perhaps we can set up a place for supplies to be dropped off."
Duvernith says, "The Guild will be making use of our wagons for future shipments."
Duvernith says, "We can see about a means of dealing with the collection of items."
Duvernith says, "Something to look into once we get back."

Location Snapshots

The stables at the Vornavis Caravansary where we boarded the wagon:
[Vornavis Caravansary, Stable]
A dilapidated stable leans in on itself, looking more like a good excuse for a fire than any real form of shelter. A serviceable corral built of oak posts and rails is attached at the west end of the building. You also see a pale-faced coppery barn owl and a dark green supply wagon.
Also here: some people
Obvious paths: southeast, west

The wagon interior:
[Mercantyler Wagon]
Thick wooden planks form the floor of the wagon, their surface marred by hundreds of gouges and dents. Heavy oak crates are stacked nearly to the ceiling in an orderly fashion, taking up the front half of the wagon space. The rear of the wagon is a wide reinforced gate, the only means of egress. 
Also here: some people
Obvious exits: none

The encampment:
>go gate
[Encampment Clearing]
The treeline of the nearby woods begins to grow more sparse as it gives way to open plains. The edge of the forest is dozens of feet farther away than it once was, as trees have been cut down, leaving nothing more than low stumps. A rough trail extends out of the woodlands and leads further north into the grasslands, its dirt heavily groved with wheel ruts and horseshoe prints. You also see a variable dune spirit that is flying around, the Naimon disk and a dark green supply wagon.
Also here: some people
Obvious paths: north

[Encampment Gate]
The dirt trails winds its way across the sparse plain to a timber palisade. The thick wooden wall rises up to tower over any who approach and provides clear sight lines all the way to the woods in the distance. A reinforced wooden gate forms the entrance to the interior of the compound. You also see the Naimon disk, the sparkling Ordim disk, a variable dune spirit that is flying around, a camp worker, some makeshift tents, a pile of logs and a large stack of wooden crates.
Also here: some people, Lady Kasendra, Captain Martohck
Obvious paths: south

NPC Snapshots

You see Mercantyler Duvernith.
He appears to be a Human from Vornavis.
He is tall and appears to be young and robust. He has piercing pale blue eyes and fair skin. He has short, honey blonde hair. He has a clean-shaven face and a thin nose.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a navy blue wool coat with silver embroidery along the cuffs, a high collared white silk shirt, a tooled leather belt with a thick steel swan buckle, a pair of grey wool trousers, and some polished brown leather boots.

You see Lady Kasendra Chandrennin.
She appears to be a Human from Aldora.
She is taller than average and appears to be youthful. She has gold-flecked blue eyes and fair skin. She has long, wavy red hair loosely gathered with a silk ribbon. She has an aquiline nose and high cheek bones lightly dusted with pale freckles.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a silk-lined ash wool vest, a fitted ivory blouse, a tiny gold ring, a pair of dark wool pants secured with a slender leather belt, and some dark leather boots.

You see Captain Martohck Hightower.
He appears to be a Human from Aldora.
He is taller than average and appears to be advanced in years. He has thick-lashed hazel eyes and tanned skin. He has cropped, glossy chestnut hair with grey at the temples. He has a clean-shaven face, a broad nose and broad shoulders.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a winged veil iron helm, a thick red wool cloak lined with heavy fleece, a heavy black leather harness with a long-handled vultite spiked-hammer set with a wolf head pommel poking high overhead, a set of ornate veil iron field plate etched with a large wolf head, a pair of chain gloves with thick leather palms, a thick aged leather belt with a spiked white ora mace and a modwir-hilted feras short sword hanging from it, and a pair of heavy mail boots.

Supporting the Effort

Posted 11 December 2016
A representative will be around Solhaven tonight to collect any items that have been gathered up to support the ongoing Relief Effort. They will be around at approximately 10 pm EST tonight, and will be sure to make themselves known to any who are around the city.

Supply Run 2

Posted 22 December 2016
Tonight at around 8:30 pm EST, a supply wagon will be leaving the Vornavian Caravansary for Lady Chandrennin's Relief Camp. The wagon will be bringing needed materials and supplies to support the ongoing relief effort in the North.

Supply Run 3

Posted 10 January 2017
Tomorrow night at around 8:30 pm EST, a supply wagon will be leaving the Vornavian Caravansary for Lady Chandrennin's Relief Camp. The wagon will be bringing needed materials and supplies to support the ongoing relief effort in the North. Those interested in lending their aid are invited to ride along in the wagon.

The Story Thus Far

Posted 11 January 2017
In the wake of the Desolation of Talador, the Northern Empire finds itself rid of a terrible threat, but it came at a horrific cost. An entire region was devastated. Thousands of lives were lost with neither civilians nor soldiers spared. Even those who managed to escape the carnage were not immune, as the aftermath of Chaston's bloody campaign only compounded the damage the region has suffered these past few years. Click to view more...
Six weeks ago Vornavis held an open session of court. Time was taken to recognize some of those with ties to Vornavis whom performed admirably during the campaign against Chaston. This also marked the arrival of Lady Kasendra Chandrennin, daughter of Duke Bannon Chandrennin of Aldora, Southern Sentinel of the Empire. While word of the situation in the north had reached the rest of the Empire, the full plight of its people hit home when Kasendra heard it firsthand during Salnim Malwind's audience with the Emperor during the Chaston Campaign. With the news of Talador being destroyed and the scale of destruction inflicted upon the north, Kasendra felt they could no longer stand by. A veteran of relief efforts, including Estoria, Kasendra convinced her father the north needed their help. Receiving the blessing from the Crown, Kasendra and her company headed to Vornavis. They were warmly welcomed by Baron Malwind, who offered the full assistance of Vornavis in this endeavor.

Since that time, the Mercantyler's Guild of Solhaven have been providing their assistance in the form of logistics for the relief effort. They have overseen a large number of supplies and goods brought into the Free Port of Solhaven, as well as coordination donations from those in the region. These items in turn have been redirected out into the wilds of the north for the relief effort. Others have also answered the call for aid, with a merchant known as Jorshin arriving in Solhaven to raise funds to support the effort. Under the strict supervision of Captain Martohck, commander of the Aldoran soldiers accompanying Lady Kasendra, a walled camp was constructed to serve as the base of operations for the relief effort going forward. In the weeks since then, Salnim Malwind continues to be the strongest voice and presence in leading the effort to support the relief effort, as goods and supplies flow into the camp from Vornavis and beyond. All the while Lady Kasendra continues to oversee the distribution of goods to the many people in such dire need of them.

Which brings us to the present. The situation in the north still remains dire. Fields lie fallow. Homes have been destroyed. Soldiers are dead. Entire swathes of land remain uninhabitable. And now the winter season has fully descended upon the north, bringing with it frigid snow. But with the start of this new year, and the relief camp fully operational, something has begun to spread in the north that has not been present for some time: Hope.

The season may be growing colder, but things are heating up. Join us as Swan Song continues its tale of restoring order to the north.

Assuming of course someone doesn't have something to say about all that...

Somebody's gonna hurt someone before everything is through
Somebody's gonna come undone, is there anything you can do?


Posted by CHAMALICE1 12 January 2017
Well I don't have a log handy, but it was an uneventful though bumpy ride to the camp. At the camp we were welcomed by Baron Salwind, Lady Kasendra and Captain Martohck. Lady Kasendra was mentioning that some of the shipments were short and if I recall, one wagon never arrived? The visit was brief since the weather was turning from bad to worse and we needed to get back while the roads were passable.. Click to view more...
Which brings us to the barricade of debris we found blocking the road. The debris was cleared, the horses were taking a minute, err no make that a moment. We are not sure why has they had already had several. ;)

Lights were seen in the surrounding forest and a crossbolt was shot into the side of the wagon. A voice called a warning about who's road you are travelling on or some such. I cannot remember the exact verbiage but it definitely a threat. After that the merry band got back in the wagon and returned to Solhaven without incident. 

In attendance were Kayse, Rowmi, Earthdiver, Raelee, Bliston, Ordin, and Onriesomthethingerrather, I am sorry! Short term memory and all....That is the jist of it. Sorry about the spotty details. 

Player of Cordaleigh


Posted 12 January 2017
Just a couple of addendum to the otherwise lovely recap.

First, Salnim is the heir to Vornavis. It is his father Dunrith that holds the title of Baron. Just didn't want anyone to think any coups or promotions had happened.

Second, the reason Salnim was at the Relief Camp was he arrived with members of the Vornavian Guard to rotate out with those stationed at the camp. He and those members of the Guard were slated to return today or tomorrow from the camp. He was also there to personally deliver an invitation to Lady Kasendra to attend a session of Court this coming weekend.

And speaking of that...

Court Session in Vornavis 2

Posted 12 January 2017
This coming Feastday the 14th of Lormesta at 9:00 pm by the Empire Standard of Time, Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis will be holding an open session of court. Those with ties to Vornavis are invited and encouraged to attend, and all residents of the region and friends of the barony are welcome at court. The ongoing relief effort is slated to be the main topic of conversation, however his Excellency may take petitions if time permits.

The chamberlain of the court would also like to remind all those who would attend this session of court that proper attire and behavior will be required.

(OOC: The Court session will be in two days on Saturday 1/14 at 9:00 pm EST)

Supply Run 4

Posted 16 January 2017
Tomorrow night at around 9 pm EST, a supply wagon will be leaving the Vornavian Caravansary for Lady Chandrennin's Relief Camp. The wagon will be carrying goods and supplies needed to support the ongoing relief effort in the North. Those interested in lending their aid are invited to ride along in the wagon.

A Report to Lordship Salnim Malwind

Posted by MAZEIKISJ 24 January 2017

Arriving by dreary courier some time in the early hours of Volnes is a sealed missive, penned directly to the baronial heir of Vornavis, Lord Salnim Malwind. Click to view more...

22 Lormesta, 5117

Honorable Lordship Malwind,

Our order has uncovered at least part of the plot within the wilderness concerning the supply caravan. This day, Restday, Sir Mynon Felcroth and I were taken during our routine routing of the aggressive highwaymen lurking the furthest corners of our barony- we were unharmed, save a few lumps, and brought before the leader of the band working against her Ladyship Kasendra Chandrennin's relief efforts.

This man was unfamiliar to us both, but named himself as Mureyk, and would not say directly from whence he came. His livery bore worn colors of gules and or and his maille of sooty invar- at best light, he appeared some years our elder and wore a deep scar down the left of his face. One cannot immediately assume he hailed from Jantalar by colors alone, but the suspicion is there. Were that the case, I sincerely doubt he still swears allegiance to the Right Honorable Her Ladyship Baroness Delphinuria Hochstib, for what follows.

The conversation was brief- this Mureyk has warned us that, if we do not cease our operations in the wilderness and towards the other northern provinces, for as he claims we are not needed nor wanted, he would elicit a blood price against our kith and kin.
I still, however, hope that this Mureyk can be reasoned with and his men made to stand down peacefully, for the north needs no more bloodshed, something in which he has shared reluctance. I suggest a parley- one which I submit the Order of the Azure Sun to, in person and in good faith, attempt with Mureyk and his men, before hostilities have the opportunity to boil over and jeopardize her ladyship's efforts and our own in the troubled north.

Ever House Malwind's ardent vassal,

Sir Bristenn Colfren Mires, Imperial Knight


Posted by MAZEIKISJ 24 January 2017

Click to view log...

Out of nowhere a rock is thrown at you, and you move to knock it aside. However as your gauntlet strikes the rock it explodes, knocking you back and stunning you.
You are stunned.
Mynon discreetly removes a jagged glaes bastard axe with dual crescent-shaped blades from inside the ebonwood case.
You are still stunned.
As you stand there senseless of your feet, you hear footfalls behind you. Before you can do anything, something heavy strikes you in the head. As the world fades to black you hear a voice say, "Well look what we have here."
Mynon squints.
You feel yourself being pulled away...
[Northern Wilderness]
The wooded canopy above the road breaks open to reveal a natural clearing in the woods. A small brook runs along the edge of the far side of the woods, while some rocks have been placed into small circular arrangements. With minor debris scattered around the area, the rocks, and the easy acces to water, it is obvious this place is a frequent stopping point for travelers.
Also here: Mureyk
Obvious paths: none
You scrub your hand through your short-cropped deep cordovan hair in frustration.
You sullenly grumble, "Ow."
As you come to your senses, you find you are no longer in the caravan, and more troubling your arms are bound behind your back.
Mynon says, "Curious."
You glance over your shoulder.
You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.
You hear footsteps approaching from behind you.
Mureyk walks in from behind you.
Mynon squints at Mureyk.
Mureyk says, "Well well well. What do we have here."
You see Mureyk.
He appears to be a Human from Jantalar.
He is very tall and appears to be in the prime of life. He has steel grey eyes and tanned skin. He has cropped, black hair peppered with grey. He has a square-jawed face and a short dark beard with touches of grey. A thick pale scar mars his face, cutting from above his left eye straight down to his jawline.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a faded heavy coat with visible patches of gold and red, some battered black invar platemail with faded red rivets, some stained dark leather gauntlets with invar studded knuckles, a thick dark leather belt with a notched steel hatchet and an oak-hafted steel waraxe hanging from it, some dark red leather trousers, and some mud-splattered boots with reinforced invar toes.
Mureyk says, "A couple of troublesome birds that seem to have lost their way."
You ponder the meaning of Mureyk's existence.
You squint.
Mureyk says, "I told you to mind your own business. And yet you still keep at it."
You nonchalantly admit, "Rather."
Mynon says, "As opposed to..."
Mynon glances at Mureyk.
Mureyk says, "As opposed to staying where you belong and leaving people alone."
Mureyk says, "The North does not need you to try and save the day. We were just fine before you came along. And will be just fine after."
Bristenn shuffles in his binds quite a bit, trying to reach up and scratch his chin. Alack, it is of no use.
You give a sigh of resignation.
Mynon asks, "You represent the North, is that right?"
Mureyk says, "May even do better. As your work last time resulted in an entire town being wiped off the face of the map."
Mynon peers quizzically at Mureyk.
Mureyk says, "I represent the people who have been through enough and do not need people like you. Thinking you are better than us and know how to save us to come in and try and do just that."
You tiredly venture, "You seem to know much of our exploits. Might we have a name, master woodsman?"
Mureyk says, "I told you before I am no woodsman."
Mureyk says, "And the name is Mureyk."
You incline your head.
Mynon nods.
You simply observe, "Mureyk."
You reasonably add, "From whence?"
Bristenn is entirely aware of the Jantalarian colors Mureyk wears.
Mureyk asks, "Jantalar. Talador. Mestanir. Does it matter?"
Mureyk says, "Places where homes are gone and people are dead."
Mureyk says, "Places that have seen enough high and mighty people come in and claim they can save them."
Mureyk says, "Only to leave them in ruins behind them."
You slowly agree, "You have a point, at least in regards to the devastation."
Mureyk says, "That will not happen again."
Bristenn would still like to scratch that itch, though. It's maddening. Gradually, slowly but surely, maddening.
Mureyk says, "So I am here to give you a message. One I hope will sink in and be followed this time."
There are footsteps behind you, and you feel someone grab your bindings and adjust them.
You think to yourself, "Bother."
You wearily reply, "We are listening, Master Mureyk."
Mureyk says, "Even mighty knights such as yourself are not invincible. I hope this here proves you can be found if so wanted."
Mureyk says, "But types such as yourselves also are not ones to care much for being told what to do."
You give a sidelong glance around the area.
Mureyk says, "So I shall give you more simple reasons that even your likes can follow."
You slowly admit, "Well, we don't necessarily skulk about unseen and that."
Mynon adopts an agreeable expression.
Mureyk says, "Cease your support at once for what is happening in the North."
Speaking to Mureyk, Mynon asks, "Are you feeding those without food?"
Mureyk says, "We are doing what is necessary."
You simply observe, "We'd like to hear your plan, then."
Mureyk says, "There are hard times and they call for hard measures."
Mureyk says, "So if you should fail to follow this message."
Mureyk walks closer to where you stand, looking you both in the eye in turn.
You offhandedly add, "In fact, we did have a bit of a mind to parlay with you- reach an understanding, if you would, as to your intentions and motivations."
You settle your gaze on Mureyk, watching him intently.
Mureyk says, "If you fail to do so."
Mynon gets a blank look on his face.
Mureyk says, "Then I know people such as you have those you care for."
Mynon stares at Mureyk.
Mureyk says, "We will find them."
Mureyk says, "We will take them."
Mureyk says, "We will hurt them."
Mureyk says, "And if that is not enough to dissuade you, then we will kill them right in front of you."
Mureyk signals to someone behind you.
You blandly remark, "That sounds not only unpleasant but unreasonable."
Mureyk says, "I never said I was a pleasant man."
You ponder the meaning of Mureyk's existence.
Mureyk says, "I have made reasonable requests before. They have not be followed."
Mureyk says, "So now I will make requests which even you shall understand."
Mureyk says, "Do not test us on this. You will not enjoy the results."
Mynon says, "If you consider allowing people to starve and freeze reasonable, then we are aware of what you consider reasonable."
Mureyk says, "Say those who considered it reasonable to see a town destroyed to stop a man."
You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.
Speaking to Mureyk, Mynon says, "A story you seem to be seeing half of."
Mureyk says, "Perhaps you are the one who does not see it all."
Mureyk says, "And for now, you have seen enough."
Mureyk signals again to someone behind you both.
You slowly counter, "That was not our intent."
Speaking to Mureyk, Mynon asks, "You are aware of what his intent was, with that weapon, do you not?"
Mureyk says, "You can tell that to all those who died."
You quickly plead, "The man was mad. He was going to sacrifice the lot of the north, possibly the whole of the empire!"
Mureyk turns away from you.
A hood is suddenly pulled over your head, making it impossible to see anything. Before you can react further, something heavy strikes your head, rendering your senseless.
You are stunned.
Mynon says, "Mureyk, you need to hear more than what pleases you."
You feel hands grabbing you, dragging you away.
You feel yourself being pulled away...
[Outlands Manor, Well]
A fieldstone well stands in the middle of the manor yard, sheltered by its own wooden roof. A pulley hangs above the well, but there is no sign of the rope or any bucket.
Obvious paths: southwest
You feel yourself thrown to the ground, and the hood is ripped off your head, and bindings cut from your arms. You hear a voice say, "Best be listening to Mureyk if you know what is good for you."
(Bristenn lurches forward, and coughs something up that looks much like a black hairball.)
You wheeze, trying to catch your breath.
Mynon slowly empties his lungs.
You gently brush your deep cordovan hair away from your eyes and, with a deft twist of your wrist, tuck it behind one ear.
You run a hand through your short-cropped deep cordovan hair, trying to make yourself presentable.
Mynon says, "We had a good idea. It seems he wants something else."
You carefully remove your armored leather gauntlets and relax your hands, gently rubbing each palm in turn.
You rub your hand, trying to work the stiffness out.
You distractedly murmur, "Rather."
You slowly add, ".. that also did not go as planned."
Mynon adopts an agreeable expression.
You offhandedly remark, "Though I doubt, even without the Landing's bloodthirsty gits present at the last caravan run, we would've been received any better."
You tug on your armored leather gauntlets before raising your hands and clenching them into fists.
Mynon glances at you.
You hold up your hand and tilt it side to side in a so-so gesture.
You scratch your chin.
You think to yourself, "AH RIGHT, yes, there."
Mynon says, "This is clearly not our domain. If this is more than banditry, which it seems to be, this belongs to Early Jovery."
You rub your chin thoughtfully.
You slowly reason, "More than banditry, that much is certain."
Mynon says, "But we may not have the benefit of his hand, in the time needed."
You hold up your hand and tilt it side to side in a so-so gesture.
Mynon slowly empties his lungs.
You add, "The colors were suspect. Red and gold, even faded and muddy."
Mynon says, "His age..."
You slowly agree, "About ours, I think. Little older."
Mynon says, "Possibly a veteran of the Janatalatian troubles."
You nod in agreement at Mynon.
As you ponder the colors, knowing they were those of Jantalar, you also wonder if anyone might know of this Mureyk. Assuming he spoke truthfully and the colors meant anything.

Supply Run 5

Posted 25 January 2017
The Mercantyler's Guild has announced that the supply wagon scheduled to arrive from the relief camp tonight has been delayed due to inclement weather in Jantalar. The wagon is now scheduled to arrive tomorrow night (1/26) at around 9:30 pm. Click to view more...
A quick OOC note. Originally there were plans for a supply wagon to arrive tonight (as some were told by Duvernith last night). However due to some things that came up, I am not able to do this tonight as I intended. Instead this will be happening tomorrow night at around 9:30 pm (which hopefully will not conflict with other things happening earlier in the evening in Solhaven). Sorry for the change up and short notice. Hopefully the fun of the next few days will make up for it.

TLDR: No wagon tonight, wagon tomorrow.

Ashes on the Wind

Posted 27 January 2017
A harsh wind came out of the east, knocking snow off bare tree limbs, as it blew along the hard frozen ground. It caused snow to swirl and tumble, until it was broken up as it struck upon a wagon stopped in the middle of the road. Its occupants were huddled together upon the front seat of the wagon while four unsavory individuals stood before them. One stood closer to the wagon than the rest, a large ugly club held over one shoulder. Click to view more...
"I told you this would be an easy score," he gloated to his companions, "Because now they are going to give us everything they have."

"B...b...but these are supplies for the camp," whimpered the merchant, a dark bruise already evident on his face.

"Not anymore. Now get off that flaming wagon before we make ya."

Before the large thug could say anything further, a flicker of light drew everyone's attention to the surrounding woods. A tall torch stood burning in the middle of the ground, with a lone man standing before it, thumbs tucked into the thick belt around his waist.

"Vultures. Rats. Crows. I hate all of them, but not as much as interlopers like you," the newcomer said, the disdain on his words nearly as cold as the weather. "You come to a place and think you can pick something clean because it is dying. Too stupid to realize you picked the wrong mark."

"Don't know who ya are pal, but ya picked the wrong place to take a walk," spat the lead thug.

One of his companions reached out to grab his arm and hissed, "Grep, stop! Don't you know who he is?"

"The flaming fool who is about to be a blood splat, that's who," Grep snarled as he shoved the man back and brandished his club.

He got two steps towards the newcomer before the man smoothly drew two axes from the loops on his belt. On his third step the man flowed forward and threw one of the axes. On the fourth step Grep fell to his knee, screaming obscenities and clutching the bleeding stump where his right hand used to be. He never made it a fifth step. A moment later the axe flew back into the newcomer's hand.

"Ya rat bastard. Gonna make ya squeal like a pig for what ya did to my hand!"

The man just looked down at Grep, the nearby torch illuminating the pale scar running down one side of his face. Grep opened his mouth to continue his tirade, but with a flash of steel and crimson, Grep fell to the snow and never said another word again. The man stepped over the crimson stained snow and approached the wagon and three men standing before it.

"Maybe some of you are brighter than you look. Here's your chance to prove it," Mureyk stated as he calmly wiped the blood off his axe. "This is where you leave and do not come back. We don't need your types here and definitely don't need your mouths to feed. But if you would be dumb enough to come back, you are going to wish you were your friend over there."

He began to turn away from them and move towards the wagon when he stopped. "Oh, and if you might get the idea another body would solve this little problem for you, something else you might want to consider."

More torches flickered to life in the woods, one after another after another, until they formed a large half circle behind the wagon and Mureyk. Clearly visible standing near each torch were heavily cloaked figures, with many carrying a bow or crossbow. The three surviving brigands gave each other a silent look and slowly moved away from the wagon and the trouble they had discovered.

"Oh thank you, thank you so much!" the merchant cried out as Mureyk approached him, "I don't know what we would have done if you hadn't shown up when you did."

Mureyk let out a short smile as he looked up at the wagon. "We simply are doing what needs to be done. And speaking of that, we should discuss your payment."


"Tariff? Tithe? Tax? However you would like to frame it. For protection rendered. For crossing the border and travelling through here."

"You are just like them! You are just a bunch of robbers!"

"We are nothing like them. If we were, you would not be here to have this conversation," Mureyk responded as the smile faded from his face. His eyes scanning the wagon, and the crates visible upon it. "Now there is nothing to be afraid of, this is just a little talk."

He slid his axe back into the loop on his belt and continued to approach the wagon. "After all there is nothing to be afraid of. We're the good guys."

Out where the dreams all hide
Out here the wind don't blow
Out here the birds don't sing
Out here the fields don't grow
Out here the good guys die

Court Session in Vornavis 3

Posted 26 January 2017
This coming Day of the Huntress the 27th of Lormesta at 9:00 pm by the Empire Standard of Time, Lord Salnim Malwind of Vornavis will be holding an open session of court, while his father Baron Dunrith Malwind is away visiting the Northern Sentinel in Lolle. Those with ties to Vornavis are invited and encouraged to attend, and all residents of the region and friends of the barony are welcome at court. The focus of this session will be on the ongoing relief effort in the North, and recent news pertaining to it. Click to view more...
The chamberlain of the court would also like to remind all those who would attend this session of court that proper attire and behavior will be required.

(OOC: The Court session will be on Friday 1/27 at 9:00 pm EST)


Posted 28 January 2017
A brief Court recap:

-The two encounters with the man known as Mureyk were formally documented before the court, and assessments on him were given by the knights who encountered him. Click to view more...
-With the information provided, Captain Gurbah was able to provide some background on just who Mureyk is - a former conscript of Jantalar, extremely skilled, with a history of having survived battles where many others died.

-Captain Martohck staggered into Court, bleeding from many wounds, including a tree limb impaled through his side. Lady Kasendra's party was ambushed during their trip to Vornavis, where a wagon explosion separated Martohck from them. Upon making it back to them, he found Mureyk and his men had captured everyone. Mureyk's words to Kasendra made it clear they would be returning to the relief camp, and Mureyk would make everyone understand the North did not need help.

-Chaos broke out in the Court from this news. Salnim called for the Guard to be readied to march immediately. The chamberlain pointed out Salnim did not have the authority to dispatch the Guard. Realizing he was right, Salnim turned to those present and called upon those who were friends of Vornavis to ride with him instead. Captain Gurbah called for cooler heads and blood before mounting a rescue, and delay this until the next day (today)

-A rescue will be attempted tonight around 9 pm tonight.

Turning Into the Wind

Posted 28 January 2017
Salnim Malwind stood within the chamber, deep within the Vornavis Keep, in quiet contemplation. Only the flicking flames of the wall lamps, and the faint sound of wind blowing outside broke the silence. Upon the wall behind him hung a number of portraits of his family, and without turning he knew where each of them hung. One of father, of his sister, of himself, and even one of his mother from years ago. Each capturing their subject in a moment of joy, while was their eyes gaze across the room upon the detailed carving of the Rising Swan on the far wall. Click to view more...
On another day Salnim would take comfort in those paintings and what they represented, and pride in seeing the sigil of Vornavis. But today, today was a very different day. His focus was only on the carved wooden stand before him, and the sword that rested upon it. One hand was stretched out towards it, but hung there in hesitation. Just as it had for so many long minutes now.

"I knew I would find you here."

Salnim was pulled from his reverie and turned slowly to see his sister Athalia standing in the doorway. "It is a good place to come to think. And after last night...I just wonder if things had been different if father had been here."

Athalia walked into the room, her eyes looking to the portrait of their mother for a moment, as she moved to stand beside her brother. She said nothing as she rested a hand on his shoulder, and the two stood in silence for several minutes.

"Do you know why father always leaves it behind when he travels?" Athalia asked, looking up at Salnim as she did.

"To remind us he is coming home. And to make sure we do not cause trouble when he is gone." Salnim answered, his eyes focused on the family blade.

Athalia let out a small laugh, "When were younger, sure. But that isn't why he does it anymore, Salnim." She turned towards him, pulling his gaze towards her, "He isn't leaving it behind to keep us in line now. He leaves it because it is his way of telling us he knows we're ready for it. To take it up and the responsibility with it."

Salnim was quiet for a moment, then reached out a hand to pick up the weapon by its dark green scabbard. "I'm going to get her...them back, Athalia. We're going to get them back. The North needs them. It cannot end like this. We'll bring them home. All of them."

He smiled a moment and then leaned down to kiss her on the forehead, "Thank you."

Athalia returned the smile and watched as he walked towards the doorway, "Salnim. Just promise me one thing. The North does need them. But it also needs you too. Make sure you come home too."

Salnim looked back, his face somber, "Of course I will, Athalia."

Athalia stood there left alone with just the sound of his fading footfalls. Gazing at the Rising Swan at the wall, she closed her eyes and spoke softly to herself, "Why don't I believe you?"

Wait for me to come home
Because I'm going to bring them home


Posted by MOURNE 29 January 2017
Brief recap of tonight's shenanigans: Click to view more...
Gurbah and Salnim met those who assembled for the rescue mission at the north gate of Vornavis. Before we all hopped a wagon to the camp, planning some diplomacy, a guard popped up with news for Salnim - Martohck (Kasendra's guard captain) had disappeared, a horse was missing, it was speculated that he'd gone back to the camp in a fit of ill-considered hotheadedness. So we set out after him with our motley band. 

At the camp, we found Martohck and Mureyk (our brigand-ish not-so-good-guy) were locked in combat outside the gate. They disregarded the various suggestions that were made to disengage. Martohck was disarmed, knocked senseless, and dragged off to join the hostages inside the camp. 

Mureyk essentially refused to entertain the idea of working this out like rational people. Eventually Salnim traded himself for the whole lot of prisoners. However, their release was not secured before Salnim was taken into custody, and Mureyk altered the deal after getting what he wanted, in a great surprise to nobody who's ever seen The Empire Strikes Back. He brought Salnim to join Kasendra up on the wall, while the rest of us, and Gurbah, fumed outside. 

Raelee and Gurbah concocted a plan to deal with the wards on the gate and getting the gate down. It involved a familiar gate and Gurbah playing battering ram, so that was fun. That got us inside. We battered through barricades to advance through the camp while Salnim and Kasendra struggled with Mureyk up on the wall. Salnim was stabbed and fell off the wall. A fair bit of stuff was on fire at this point. 

We found cages full of prisoners, but were unable to break them or open them. Mureyk threatened us with harm to Kasendra, and a cadre of archers on the walls, if we didn't stand down. Eventually he came down off the wall, with Kasendra in tow. Words were traded, we seemed about to become pincushions, but Salnim tackled Mureyk from behind in proper dramatic fashion and everyone jumped in to help kill him. 

Unfortunately, he didn't stay dead. While we were trying to find a way to free the prisoners, he decayed and rallied. Salnim challenged him to single combat under the eyes of his men, and presumably Mureyk's pride (and perhaps anger?) let him agree to it. 

It went back and forth for a bit, one gaining the upper hand and then losing it to the other. Salnim was disarmed at one point, and later managed to re-acquire a sword and ran Mureyk through... but Mureyk was made of fairly stern stuff and headbutted Salnim when we were expecting him to fall over. In the end, though Salnim won the day and beat the bastard unconscious with his shield. 

Salnim had a speech of sympathy for the men Mureyk had collected, and they opted to stand down and go rather than kill us all. The prisoners were released, Martohck recovered his lost mace, and we all made it back to Vornavis. Gurbah took possession of the unconscious Mureyk and may have helped keep him that way a few times before heading back into Vornavis proper. 

Go team. \o/

Thank You and Feedback

Posted 4 February 2017
With the successful rescue last Saturday, it marked the formal conclusion to the Swan Song storyline. To all of you who came along for the ride these past couple of months I would like to offer you my thanks. Over the course of the entire story it was wonderful to see the different faces come out and participate, whether for a single encounter or for the duration. It is my sincere hope that you all enjoyed it as well. Click to view more...
I would be remiss if I did not also thank my compatriots and fellow conspirators on this side of the equation. Galene for all the support along the way, and making sure it happened in the first place. Kaikala for all the timely reviews and QC of things large and small. And last but certainly not least - Valyrka, Wakefield, and Mariath for all the work they did as NPCs and otherwise that helped bring Swan Song and its characters to life.

With all that said I would like to hear from you all about Swan Song. What specifically did you like about it? What didn't you like? Too much of any one thing? Too little of something? No storyline is ever completely perfect, and there is always room for improvement. So I would love to hear feedback from everyone so I can do better next time, whether by responding to this thread, or if you'd prefer to make your comments privately, feel free to send an email to my play.net address.

Regardless I thank you all again, and look forward to see you around Solhaven.


Court Session in Vornavis 4

Posted 30 March 2017
This coming Day of the Huntress, the 31st of Charlatos at 9 pm by the Empire Standard of Time, Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis will be holding an open session of court. Those with ties to Vornavis are invited and encouraged to attend, and all residents of the region and friends of the barony are welcome at court.

The chamberlain of the court would also like to remind all those who would attend this session of court that proper attire and behavior will be required.

(OOC: The Court session will be this Friday 3/31 at 9 pm EST)