Sweethen's Bakeshop

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Sweethen's Bakeshop is a food shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located on Emaereld Var, just west of the General Exchange, in a plain white building with a bright red door.

[Sweethen's Bakeshop]
The warm, sweet aroma of baking bread and delicate pastries wafts through the quaint bakeshop, inviting browsers to partake in the enticing goods sold here. Shimmering sunlight filters through a pair of wood-framed windows, and a pair of decorative brass sconces hold glowing candles that help to illuminate a counter crafted from highly polished birch. An open archway behind the counter leads to a partially obscured backroom, from which a mixture of sugary smells emanates. You also see the baker Sweethen and a sign.


  1. a crunchy anise-flavored cookie   11. a loaf of wheat bread
  2. a small frosting-topped cake      12. a honey-laden tart
  3. a crispy wafer                    13. a sugar-dusted chocolate cookie
  4. a sweetened oatcake               14. a crumbly wheat scone
  5. a peach dumpling                  15. a flaky berry-filled pastry
  6. a piece of cornmeal bread         16. some fragrant jasmine tea
  7. a flour-dusted sweet roll         17. a cup of chamomile tea
  8. a honey-dipped muffin             18. a small cup of ginger tea
  9. a loaf of toasted flatbread       19. a cup of black currant tea
  10. a sweet maple biscuit            20. a cup of warm brandy-spiked tea


She looks as if business has been prosperous for her.