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Attack strength (AS) is a numerical value that determines if, and how hard, an attack strikes an opponent.


Many things factor into how high a character or creature's attack strength is. Stance and training in a weapon skill or skills applicable to the weapon being used have the greatest effect on attack strength. Stats, spells, other skills (such as Combat Maneuvers and Perception), weapon enchantment, low health, low spirit, and having recently pulled muscles due to over-use of stamina also play a rather large effect on a character's attack strength.


For characters, stance multiplies overall attack strength by a factor between 50% (full defensive) to 100% (full offensive). For creatures, the stance effect on attack is much less pronounced, as it mostly affects their defensive strength.


Melee AS =   STR Bonus
           + Weapon Skill Bonus
           + [Combat Maneuvers Ranks / 2]
           + Weapon Enchantment
           + Modifiers

Weapon Skill Bonus uses the appropriate skill for the weapon. Certain hybrid weapons take the average of two separate skills, notably the katana if wielded one-handed (Edged Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons), and the katar (Brawling, Edged Weapons).

Ranged Weapons

Ranged AS =   DEX Bonus
            + Ranged Weapons Skill Bonus
            + [(Perception Ranks - 40) / 4]
            + [(Ambush Ranks - 40) / 4]
            + Weapon Enchantment
            + Modifiers

Perception and Ambush are beneficial above 40 ranks, but are not counted before then (their contributions are never negative).

Weapon Enchantment is determined by the bonus of the bow. As a result of ranged weapon changes in May 2020, enchant of the arrow or bolt being fired (either from material or spells like Elemental Blade) no longer has an affect on ranged attack strength.

Thrown Weapons

Thrown AS =   [(STR Bonus + DEX Bonus) / 2]
            + Thrown Weapons Skill Bonus
            + [(Perception Ranks + Combat Maneuvers Ranks) / 4]
            + Weapon Enchantment
            + Modifiers

Bolt Spells

Bolt AS =   DEX Bonus
          + Spell Aiming Skill Bonus
          + Modifiers


Spell Effects

Spell Base Effect Scaling
Spirit Strike (117) +75 AS on next attack 3% * (seed 5 summation of Spiritual Lore, Blessings) to persist for additional attack
Bravery (211) +15 AS
Heroism (215) +25 AS +1 AS per 10 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Blessings
Benediction (307) +5 AS +1 AS per 2 ranks of Cleric Base above 7, max +15 AS at 27 ranks
+1 Bolt AS per 2 ranks of Cleric Base above 27, max +51 Bolt AS at 99 ranks
1% * (seed 6 summation of Spiritual Lore, Blessings) to flare for additional +15 AS
Elemental Targeting (425) +25 AS +1 AS per 2 ranks of Minor Elemental above 25, max +50 AS at 75 ranks
Strength (509) +15 Melee AS +1 Melee AS per seed 4 summation of Elemental Lore, Earth
Elemental Focus (513) +20 Bolt AS +1 Bolt AS per 2 ranks of Major Elemental above 13
+1 Bolt AS (cumulative vs. target) per seed 4 summation of Elemental Lore, Fire, max +25 Bolt AS
Phoen's Strength (606) +10 Melee AS
Camouflage (608) +30 AS while hidden
Curse (715) +10 Bolt AS +1 Bolt AS per 3 ranks of Sorcerer Base above 15, max +38 Bolt AS at 99 ranks
Kai's Triumph Song (1007) +10 AS +1 AS per rank of Bard Base above 7, max +20 AS at 17 ranks
+1 AS per seed 3 summation of Mental Lore, Telepathy
Adrenal Surge (1107) +10 AS briefly
Empathic Focus (1109) +15 Melee AS
Intensity (1130) +20 AS +1 AS per 2 ranks of Empath Base above 30, max +55 at 100 ranks
Dauntless (1606) +10 AS
Patron's Blessing (1611) +10 Combat Maneuvers
(effectively +5 Melee AS)
+0.75 CM per rank of Paladin Base above 11
+1 CM per seed 3 summation of Spiritual Lore, Blessings
Zealot (1617) +30 Melee AS +1 Melee AS per seed 1 summation of Spiritual Lore, Religion
V'tull's Fury (1718) +30 Melee AS on attack

Combat Maneuvers

Some maneuvers are available through Warrior Guild skills, either exclusively or as an alternative to standard combat maneuvers (CMAN). A mastered guild skill is more effective than 5 ranks in the equivalent CMAN.

Maneuver Effect Availability
Berserk Variable based on rank, level Warriors (Guild)
Burst of Swiftness AGI, DEX Bonuses Monks
Coup de Grace Variable, max +40 AS Warriors, Rogues
Perfect Self Stat Bonuses Monks
Side by Side Variable All
Specialization +2 to +10 AS Warriors, Rogues, Paladins
Spin Attack +3 to +18 Melee AS Warriors (Guild), Rogues, Monks, Bards
Surge of Strength +8 to +16 Melee AS Warriors, Rogues, Paladins, Monks
War Cries: Seanette's Shout +20 AS Warriors (Guild)
Weapon Bonding +2 per rank, max +10 AS Warriors

Society Powers

Each society (Guardians of Sunfist, Council of Light, Order of Voln) has powers that provide bonuses to attack strength, some of which may be more effective against the society's favored enemies.

Power Effect
Sigil of Offense +1 AS per rank, max +20 AS
Sigil of Minor Bane +5 AS, additional damage vs. Grimswarm allies
Sigil of Major Bane +10 AS, additional critical vs. Grimswarm allies
Sign of Striking +5 AS
Sign of Smiting +10 AS
Sign of Swords +20 AS
Sign of Madness +50 AS briefly
Symbol of Courage +1 AS per rank, max +26 AS
Symbol of Supremacy +1 AS vs. undead per 2 ranks, max +13 AS

Martial Mastery

Martial Mastery is an AS Bonus granted for melee, ranged, hurled and UCS attacks.