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Tennalnen Silverstar
Race Human
Culture Bourth
Profession Warrior
Religion Koar


Early Life:5097-5115

Work in Progress

Born in a small village outside Gallardshold in the County of Bourth. Mother, Myanara, was the local school teacher. Father, Jahrahn, was a soldier with the Imperial Army Reserves. Childhood was ordinary, and he grew up hearing tales of Knights and Warriors. When he was 15 his father was killed in battle. Overcome with grief and despair, his mother didn't last long. Within two years she passed away when she got sick.


This is a work in progress.

After the funeral of my mother, I could not stay at the house anymore. I decided to tour the Empire and visit some of the places my father told me about. I sold the house, and most of my possessions, keeping only my fathers sword, armor, knife, and the supplies for my journey. My first stop was Tamzzyr by way of Krestle. After spending the winter in Tamzzyr I thought a journey at sea would be fun. Was I wrong. I signed on as a shiphand with a merchant ship heading to Fairport. The entire journey I spent topside, over the railing, unable to sustain any sort of dignity. Upon reaching Fairport I decided I needed to spend a long time on solid ground. I heard of work with the farmers in Oire, so off I travelled. Signing on with the first farm I found looking for workers, I learned that I should be more careful what I sign up for. The particular farmer was not a nice man. I soon learned he was quick with his fist, and short on his temper. I had given my word to work a season, and so I stayed. The day my contract expired I left. While I was in town deciding where to head next, one of the farmhands ran into the Inn I was at begging for help. Since I knew the man, I offered my assistance. We ran down the street towards the farm when he veered off the trail. Leading me into the woods we came upon a clearing where two men were having there way with his wife. Only having a knife, I drew the blade and yelled for the men to stop. Turning towards me, the two men stopped what they were doing, but drew swords from there belts. Glancing around I noticed the man had hidden himself. I was alone, against two armed men, wielding only a knife. Unsure whether or not I would survive the night I prayed to Koar for the power to uphold Justice. Whether luck, or Koar himself, was with me I don't know, but the two men were inept with a blade. I dodged the first who stumbled past, and moved in towards the second. He swung, wildly, leaving me an opening and I struck. Stabbing him in the side, he fell out of the fight. I turned to see the other man rubbing his head. The husband had helped, throwing stones at the first man while I was occupied. Dazed and confused the first man was turning wildly between me and the husband. Suddenly he turned towards me, and screaming, charged wildly at me. A quick sidestep, a slow moving leg, and trip-he falls flat on his face. Rapping him good on the skull I rendered him unconscious. Checking on the second man, the one with the stab wound, I discovered he had bled out. After making sure the unconscious man was securely bound, I notified the authorities while the husband took his wife to the local healer. After a long night of interviews and telling the tale over and over I was finally allowed to leave. Stopping off at the healer I took heart that the wife was well, and with the husbands praises following me out the door, I took my leave. Deciding that I had seen enough of the world, I began heading back to Gallardshold and somewhere familiar. My journey took me through Waterford. There I was once again reminded of the glories of the Empire. I heard of a Monastery in Nydds, The Halls of Solace, so I travelled to Nydds. There I was sticken with a desire to go on Pilgrimage to Mestinor. I journeyed through Mensyl Keep, Helt, and Jentala before arriving in Mestinor.


This is a work in progress. Updates forthcoming

You see Tennalnen Silverstar.
He appears to be a Human from Bourth.
He is tall.  He appears to be very young.  He has piercing crystal blue eyes and fair skin.  He has raggedly cut, dark blonde hair.  He has a clean-shaven face and broad shoulders.
He is in good shape.
He is holding an onyx-hilted forest green claidhmore in his right hand.
He is wearing an enameled onyx night sky pendant, a crystal amulet, a rugged canvas mantle, a steel-framed dark grey wool pack, a hooded greatcloak fashioned from the full hide of a grizzly bear, some double leather, a braided gold ring, a veniom-laced scabbard, a large sack, some dark silver-buttoned breeches, and a pair of glazed leather boots.

Current Training and Skills

Work in Progress:stats will be set for cap at 19.99 trains

Level 0 Stats for Tennalnen, Human Warrior

    Strength (STR): 100
Constitution (CON): 100
   Dexterity (DEX): 70
     Agility (AGI): 70
  Discipline (DIS): 70
        Aura (AUR): 70
       Logic (LOG): 100
   Intuition (INT): 30
      Wisdom (WIS): 30
   Influence (INF): 20