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Fishing Shack is the fishing shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located at the southernmost point of town on the Mistydeep River Dock and sells fishing gear.

[Ta'Vaalor, Fishing Shack]
A small wooden counter with various shelves underneath is the only adornment to this cramped shack. Various fishing poles have been hung on the walls, and the counter shelves hold lures, weights, chests, and other fishing items. A withered looking elf mans the counter, muttering to himself on occasion. An opening lies on the east wall, through which a smoky aroma with an undercurrent of seared fish wafts.


Welcome to The Fishing Shack!

Thoythdeth offers his catalog to browse.
Thoythdeth exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a silver-chased black fishing rod   12. a fuzzy fly lure
  2. a long thin silver fishing rod      13. a small silver weight
  3. a gold-swept crimson fishing rod    14. a tiny silver weight
  4. a spool of thin wire                15. a spool of thin fishing line
  5. a spool of dark wire                16. a spool of dark fishing line
  6. a spool of thin steel wire          17. a spool of thick fishing line
  7. a glimmering silver fish lure       18. a fat wriggly nightcrawler
  8. a wriggly star-shaped lure          19. a tiny fish-head
  9. a dark beetle lure                  20. a tiny chunk of meat
  10. a shiny silver lure                21. a large rhimar-lined chest
  11. an opalescent mosquito lure        22. a small rhimar-lined chest