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Category: Role-Playing (4)
Topic: The Gods of Elanthia (13)
Message #: 2765
Author: DRAGOSIS@PLAY.NET (Armaxis)
Date: 8/12/2001 10:04 PM
Subject: Re: Huntress

The story on the Icemule temple is still there, here it is:

This scene is divided into four parts. The first three depict the Huntress, a human still, saving the life of the King three times with heroic actions, risking her life to save his. In the fourth, she kneels before her sovereign, accepting the honor of being made his guardian. In the shadows, the Queen and her bodyguard Arachne look on in jealousy. By the way they are whispering, they seem to be plotting. A golden arrow points to the indigo scene.

The plot has reached fruition. Carefully the Queen slips a potion into the Huntress's drink, sending her into a deep sleep. Arachne plants a dagger in the Huntress's hand, then raises the alarm, accusing the Huntress of attempting to kill the King. The Huntress is arrested and thrown into the dungeons. A golden arrow points to the blue scene.

The Huntress stands in chains at her trial. The Queen and Arachne testify against her, and the King is moved by their speeches. Only a lone guardsman is willing to stand up for the Huntress, but it does no good. She is banished to the desert, clad in a black death-shroud with only two days worth of water. A golden arrow points to the green scene.

Tired and dehydrated, the Huntress stumbles through the desert until she finds a cave in an outcropping of rocks. Entering, she finds a hoarde of immense spiders. Fighting bravely she kills them, then drinks their blood to ease her thirst. But the blood is poison, and finally she slips into death. The spiders, impressed by her prowess, build an altar for her, and lay her body upon it. A golden arrow points to the yellow scene.

The Huntress's soul rises from the mortal realm to the stars, where she consulted with the gods. She swears her revenge to them, vowing to repay those who wronged her. Eventually she awakens to share her story with the arachnids, who vow to aid her plan. Silently, she steals back to the city. A golden arrow points to the orange scene.

A militia of citizens has been formed to protect the city. Not wishing to slay innocents, she steals a scythe and creeps into the castle. Efficiently, she kills the King's eight sons, and then the King himself. But the guards set upon her, forcing a retreat into the dungeons. The dungeons contain a surprise. The guardsman that attempted to defend her has been imprisoned there since the trial, as has Arachne for her knowledge of the truth. A golden arrow points to the red scene.

The guardsman tends the Huntress's wounds, while Arachne begs the Huntress for forgiveness. Together, they go to slay the Queen. But as the Huntress kills her, Arachne stabs the Huntress and the guard as well. Angered, the guardsman stabs Arachne, and they all fall to the floor, mortally wounded. Unwilling to face death, Arachne bends to drink the immortal blood of the Huntress. As she drinks, she is bitten on the lip by a black widow spider. A golden arrow points to the black scene.

The Huntress, her oath complete and her divinity assured, rises to the heavens and takes her place amid the stars. The faithful guardsman follows, ever to protect her in the night sky. However, the venom of the spider works within the blood swallowed by Arachne, twisting her now-immortal form into that of a giant spider. Thus the eternal rivalry was formed, to rage across the lands.


On a side note, most of the original player-formed cult insinuated that the Huntress had strong ties to spiders. This was the cult that essentially got her 'in' the official pantheon, but it looks like alot of what they established has been changed now in the official sense. This is a partial post by Kyrion's player, a key member in that cult. The date was shortly after the Gods document came out. The quotes he's responding to are Varevice's.

>I even more respectfully submit that I spoke to the person who "created" The Huntress, who told me at the time that she was indeed a Hunt goddesss.<

Varevice, did Derek even tell you the truth about the Huntress? IOW, her real name?

Proof in the pudding, such as it were. You see, the Huntress IS Hrassk. When the de-ICE-ing occurred, we were all peeved at the idiotic names chosen for the Gods. I mean, really: Lorminstra, as Kali put it, sounds like a welfare-mother from South Central LA. Eorgina sounds like something you drink.

Arachne? Could have been more original; in fact, we hated the name. More of the unoriginality that raises its head around here. So, Derek/Bleeds, even though he was a GM, protested by creating the Huntress, the mask behind which Hrassk still lived.

Hrassk was most assuredly not a Hunt deity.

Scott, letting out some OOC history of the Huntress which very few people know.


So if you ever wondered why Bleeds' room in Twilight was all spidery, that would seem to be the reason.

-- Armaxis' player