The Rone Resurgence - 2018-08-16 - Dual Decisions on the Elven Village (log)

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Phoenatos 16-17, 5118

by Florania Autumnwind of the [[::The_TownCrier|TownCrier]]


  • Outside of Moot Hall, a town clerk brings two announcements regarding the elven village near the Red Forest and Vipershroud. First is a statement from Thadston Andrews on behalf of the Town Council, which has concluded that the [[::Wehnimer's Landing|Landing]]:
    • Has no territorial claim to the village
    • Supports Ta'Vaalor in constructing the outpost near or in the village and hopes that it solidifies trade between the west and east
    • Will honor an agreement between the "red elves" and Ta'Vaalor if one should be made
    • Requests time to move the red elves to a more suitable location if they do not wish to be among a new outpost
  • The second statement comes from Breshon Caulfield, speaking as a Bourthian noble with authority in the Turamzzyrian Empire, who writes that the Empire:
    • Declares recognition of the Elven Nations' right to build an outpost at the elven village, welcoming the chance for trade
    • Will consider any further "encroachment or advancement of influence" in the region of the Landing--a protectorate of the Empire--an act of aggression and dealt with "appropriately"
  • Afterward Thadston arrives in person and informs everyone that they're invited to a dinner with Breshon and Praxopius the following night, regarding [[::Larsya_Caulfield|Larsya]]--a dinner that he (Thadston) will politely decline to attend
  • Thadston then asks if anyone has questions for him:
    • Hapenlok inquires about the recent raid by the [[::Orders_of_the_Turamzzyrian_Empire#The_White_Sparrows|White Sparrows]] and Thadston says that he's sent a letter demanding answers
    • Beldannon asks if the council has been preparing for Frontier Days and Thadston says to expect news tomorrow
    • Zosopage says the outpost will become a town, then a village, then a city; Thadston says the same complaints about the elven outpost were directed toward him and the [[::Kingdom of Hendor|Hendoran]] outpost and jokes that it's not like they've infiltrated the Town Council
    • Thadston says that the elves aren't our enemies and we have enough enemies: Raznel, [[::Grishom Stone|Stone]], the krolvin, Rhayveign
    • Hap says he looks forward to a solution to Raznel and Thadston says he'll be digging through [[::Dennet Kestrel|Dennet]]'s notes to learn more about her
    • Telum says the Landing and [[::Icemule Trace|Icemule]] mayors have agreed to be conduits to ferry Vaalorian troops and Thadston says that Mayor Tawariell did but that the Landing did not


A Decision Reached

Thunder rumbles in the distance.

A town clerk's voice can be heard nearby talking to someone, "...and so I hear that some decision on the elven village will be announced shortly, outside of Moot Hall. I am not sure if I should get a loaf of bread to break, or a pitchfork and torch..."

[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see a black imperial wagon with a glowing blue-white pylon on it, a bone-framed bulletin board and a large purple wooden barrel.

A town clerk arrives, carrying two scrolls in his hands.

The town clerk is sweating. Or is it rain? Or both? Swain?

The town clerk clears his throat.

The town clerk says, "I've two declarations to read tonight."

The town clerk says, "The Town Council has made their decision on the Elven Village debate. In addition, Lord Breshon Caulfield has issued a statement as well."

The town clerk says, "I also saw Lord Praxopius wheeling around earlier, I wonder if he'll be about later after this...maybe."

The Town Council's Statement on the Elven Village

The town clerk says, "Ahem...first...Sir Thadston has prepared the council's statement."

The town clerk says, "...and it's words, not sketches, hah!"

The town clerk snickers.

The town clerk reads, "The recent demand disguised as a request by House Ta'Vaalor for Wehnimer's Landing to surrender any claims to the Elven Village by the Red Forest, in recognition of the development of a new elven outpost has been considered and debated at length among the Town Council. At this time, the Town Council has voted and declared that the town of Wehnimer's Landing has no territorial claim to the Elven Village. We do however have a distinct duty to protect the lives of noble and innocent allies in the region."

The town clerk reads, "To that end, Wehnimer's Landing supports Ta'Vaalor and its cousins in their construction of an elven outpost near or in the village. Furthermore, Wehnimer's Landing hopes that this mutual agreement of the importance of such an undertaking helps to further solidify open and abundant trade between the west and east."

The town clerk reads, "While we do not control the land in question, we are concerned with the wellbeing of the red elves who call it home. As such, should the red elves agree to Ta'Vaalor's request, then we will honor it with no disagreement. Should the red elves not wish to be among a new outpost, then we politely request an appropriate time frame to help move the red elves to a more suitable location acceptable to them and the life and protections they've experienced thus far."

The town clerk says, "We look forward to the presence of a considerable ally in the region and welcome the trade and enrichment that both cultures can bring to one another."

The town clerk reads, "Signed, Lord Thadston. Marshal of the Landing Militia."

Breshon's Statement on the Elven Village

The clerk rolls up one scroll, and unfolds another.

The town clerk says, "This next scroll, is Lord Breshon's statement."

The town clerk clears his throat.

The town clerk reads, "As a son of Bourth, I am no stranger to the culture and heart of the elves. I have grown up with the sun in my face, and the lush stretch of Wyrdeep at my back. I have seen firsthand the struggles that intolerance bring, and the tragedy of hatred festering in the hearts of both man and elf. In contrast, I have seen the overwhelming beauty when those things do not exist. Our future is ours to decide. Unity and trust are ours to take, casting aside war and fear."

The town clerk reads, "When corners of the Empire heard of Ta'Vaalor's plan to erect an outpost at the elven village on the western side of the spines, it was met with a range of responses as one can imagine. I have been given full authority to speak as the prominent noble in the area, and who better to judge such actions and reactions than a child of Bourth. A Caulfield."

The town clerk reads, "But while we have an eye to the future, we can never lose sight of the past. Compassion is not the absence of caution. As acting commander of the imperial outpost in the protectorate of the Turamzzyrian Empire, I officially declare recognition of the Elven Nations' right to construct an outpost at the Elven Village in the shadow of the Red Forest. We welcome the chance for trade and camaraderie not to be broken by an expanse of ice and rock."

The town clerk reads, "But make no mistake. While this development is agreeable, any further encroachment or advancement of influence in the region of Wehnimer's Landing and its environs, widely known as a protectorate of the Empire, will be considered an act of aggression and dealt with appropriately."

The town clerk reads, "By my hand, Lord Breshon Caulfield of the Barony of Bourth. "

The town clerk rolls up the scroll and darts off!

Early Reactions

Xorus says, "Clever."

Celros asks, "So it's like an embassy then?"

Cruxophim bemusedly remarks, "No wonder he looked nervous."

Clairette says, "I don't like it."

Hussf says, "My allegiance is still with the Empire."

Roblar deeply says, "Well, will be alot of work in da forest soon."

Puptilian asks, "Now the real question I been asking and wondering. What does the village think?"

Roblar deeply says, "Dat Hendoran outpost took a long time to contruct."

Speaking to Roblar, Evician says, "Oh I'm fairly certain, the Vaalorians will construct post-haste."

Speaking to Puptilian, Fahlo asks, "Who wants to leave their home because someone decides to put an outpost in it?"

Cryheart says, "Interesting, but welcoming for the beginning, we shall see."

Roelaren says, "So no matter what the village thinks it will be thrust upon themm."

Cruxophim coolly remarks, "I'm sure it will be fine."

Oelarin asks, "So is this like the next stage in the teleportation roadmap? Are we getting easier access to the Elven Nations?"

Speaking to Cruxophim, Evician says, "What could go wrong."

Speaking to Roelaren, Puptilian says, "They may welcome it. I don't know."

Cruxophim affably states, "Guess we'll see."

Tlaja says, "I suppose it depends on the amenities."

Speaking to Puptilian, Roelaren says, "Maybe but obviously it doesn't matter what they think."

Zosopage says, "I wonder if we'll have to pass through the new outpost to get to Zul or the Nations or just skirt around it."

Breshon's Invitation

Lord Thadston just arrived.

Thadston says, "Evenin'."

Thadston twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Thadston stretches, and tiny blue-white sparks dance along his kroderine gauntlets.

Thadston says, "I had to escort the little wheeled boy to his chambers in the outpost. Seems he will not be about this night."

Thadston says, "But I just got invited to Breshon's dinner session tomorrow eve."

Thadston says, "As did you all."

Thadston says, "I will politely not be in attendance."

Thadston says, "I've been told the wheeled man is going to discuss some of Larsya too."

Thadston says, "Captains, please keep me informed."

Thadston nods at Stormyrain.

Thadston nods at Shinann.

Speaking to Thadston, Raelee asks, "... and why is Praxopius unavailable to do so tonight?"

Thadston says, "He claimed he was tired after a long week."

Thadston says, "I didn't press."

Thadston says, "I didn't care."

Thadston says, "I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to impress him tomorrow night."

Thadston nods at Raelee.

Speaking slowly to Thadston, Raelee says, "... impress."

Thadston Takes Questions

Thadston says, "Now before I retire for the night myself..."

Thadston says, "I'm glad the clerk's work is done."

Thadston says, "Did anyone have..."

Thadston sighs.

Thadston grumbles.

Thadston asks, "Questions?"

Speaking to Thadston, Hapenlok asks, "Your opinion on the recent raid?"

Speaking softly to Thadston, Beldannon says, "Has the council started making preparations for Frontier Days."

Thadston asks, "By the Sparrows?"

Hapenlok nods at Thadston.

Thadston says, "I've sent a letter south. Demanding some answers."

Thadston says, "I'm still waiting."

Thadston says, "Yes. I would expect some news on Frontier Days tomorrow."

Thadston nods at Beldannon.

Zosopage says, "I'm sure the outpost will become a village, then town, then city...."

Beldannon grins at Thadston.

Thadston says, "The town council has been very busy last few weeks, and a little behind."

Beldannon softly says, "Good I am planning some fishing contests for that fun time next month."

Thadston begins chuckling at Zosopage!

Thadston says, "I hope you realize the irony..."

Thadston says, "The same crap you're complaining about now with the elven outpost..."

Thadston says, "You said about me and the Hendoran outpost."

Thadston says, "And look? It isn't like we're infiltrating your ranks and town council..."

Thadston says, "Oh wait."

Thadston smirks.

Thadston says, "The elves were going to build their little dollhouse no matter what."

Thadston says, "I've read Breshon's statement. It's well enough."

Thadston says, "Little sappy but he's young and dumb."

Thadston says, "But enough of a warning."

Thadston says, "The elves aren't our enemies at this time."

Thadston says, "We've enough enemies."

Thadston says, "Raznel, Stone, the krolvin, Rhayveign."

Mayor Tawariell just arrived.

Thadston says, "Ah. Mayor Ta'Wariell, the new elven house of the north. Welcome."

Thadston bows to Tawariell.

Thadston snickers.

Tawariell amusedly says, "Fancy tha', naming a house after a lil' ol' half-breed like me."

Tawariell hoots.

(Tawariell slaps her knee!)

Tawariell playfully says, "Something t'write home about."

Speaking to Thadston, Hapenlok says, "As to the Raznel problem, I eagerly await the solution to it. For more reasons than one."

Thadston nods at Hapenlok.

Thadston says, "Soon I'll be digging through some of Dennet's old crap."

Speaking to Thadston, Hapenlok says, "Would be nice not having to worry about that ...'puppet' routine she liked to use on me."

Thadston says, "Learn what I can of Raznel, before Raznel."

Thadston nods at Hapenlok.

Speaking evenly to Thadston, Raelee says, "Yes. Do let me know when you will be wanting that."

Speaking slowly to Thadston, Raelee adds, "... we can discuss it then."

Thadston nods at Raelee.

Thadston says, "A brief discussion I bet."

Speaking to Thadston, Hapenlok says, "Either way, I'll be exploring ways to combat that. Would be nice not having to worry about being used to kill you all, potentially."

Speaking to Thadston, Raelee says, "... we will see."

Thadston grins at Raelee.

Telum says, "And it has been agreed on by both Landing and mule's mayors as a conduit to ferry their troops."

Thadston begins chuckling at Telum!

Telum says, "To something they have neglected to mention the need for."

Thadston says, "You're not really Telum like it is."

Telum asks, "Am I wrong?"

Thadston says, "Yes."

Telum says, "I mean this in all earnest."

Telum says, "What did I miss."

Telum says, "Cause that's what I have heard."

Thadston says, "Mayor Tawariell, with all due respect....definitely approved to be Ta'Vaalor's staging ground for all things any things."

Thadston says, "We did not."

Thadston says, "We merely politely recognized what was already going to happen."

Thadston says, "If you think otherwise, yer an idiot."

Telum says, "You created an inevitability."

Telum says, "And you did it with, let's agree, the deal in your favor."

Thadston says, "None of this region is in my favor."

Telum says, "Why be here."

Thadston says, "I've a task to finish."

Speaking quietly to Lylia, Saranja asks, "Yes or no, Vaalor builds a fort for troops near us?"

Thadston says, "I believe sleep beckons."

Thadston says, "Enjoy your dinner tomorrow."

Lylia nods once at Thadston.

Thadston nods at Lylia.

Thadston twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Lord Thadston just marched stiffly into the Moot Hall.