The Sea Hag's Roost

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The Sea Hag's Roost is a tavern in Kraken's Fall. It is located on Mantle's Landing on the western side of town in a whitewashed inn. The kitchen is through an arch through the double doors from the entrance. The inn also contains tables and is the place to get tasks for Open Sea Adventures.

[The Sea Hag's Roost, Kitchen] RNUM: 28951
As busy as this kitchen is, every effort appears to have been made to keep it as tidy as possible. All manner of herbs, vegetables and fruit sit sorted into a variety of woven baskets and bowls stacked high to the ceiling. Uniformed cooks tend to numerous pots and pans, while stoking and feeding the fires that keep them simmering.


Welcome to The Sea Hag's Roost!

Gigi the hostess offers her Tavern Menu to browse.
Gigi exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  Tavern Menu
  1. a glass of mint-infused water   7. a skewer of spicy grilled shrimp
  2. a jar of New Myssar Delight     8. some rich lobster bisque
  3. a glass of Oirean port          9. a bowl of pitted cherries
  4. a tankard of malty ale          10. a slice of banana rum cake
  5. a chunk of garlic bread         11. a cup of amaretto coffee
  6. a fried spiny sea urchin