Tillie's Treats

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Tillie's Treats is a food shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in the Eastern Harbor on Dolphin Lane. Tillie sells her ice cream right off the cart.

[Eastern Harbor, Dolphin Lane]
Nestled within verdant dog rose bushes, a series of white benches fashioned of wooden slats lines the cobblestone streets amid pillars fitted with glowing frosted globes that cheerfully dispel the dark. Occupying a space along one of the sidewalks, a young freckled merchant offers treats from her umbrella-covered wooden cart, while to the east, a series of dunes topped with high, green beach grasses provides easy access to the beach.


  1. a tall glass of boysenberry sherbert   5. a persimmon and honey ice cream
  2. a dish of sweet citrus sorbet          6. a small bowl of lavender ice cream
  3. a dish of honeydew sorbet              7. a pomegranate vanilla ice cream
  4. a dish of sweet mango sorbet           8. a dish of icy creamed fudge


Item Description Price
a tall glass of boysenberry sherbert
   Velvety smooth and rich in texture, the dark sherbet tingles on the tongue leaving traces of luscious summer berries and cool fresh mint.
   The taste of ripe juicy berries is punctuated by the refreshing tang of spearmint as the crystallized confection melts in your mouth.

a dish of sweet citrus sorbet
   Citrus and guava mingle enjoyably in the cold, creamy sorbet.
   A dash of honey infuses the sweet, delectable sweet citrus sorbet.

a dish of honeydew sorbet
   A hint of cognac accents the honeydew sorbet for a brisk, authoritative introduction that fades to a smooth aftertaste of softly spiced pears.
   Tiny flecks of ice chill your tongue as the ambrosial flavor of honeydew nectar sings across your palate.

a dish of sweet mango sorbet
   The sweet mango sorbet melts on your tongue in a rush of cool tropical flavor.
   The mint blends seamlessly with the cold, sweet mango.

a persimmon and honey ice cream
   Ribbons of honey float through the persimmon's burst of flavor. Tiny grains of frozen persimmon juice add extra flavor to the sweet, mild mixture.
   Sweet, and yet entertaining a subtle tang, the smooth ice cream melts on your tongue and glides down your throat.

a small bowl of lavender ice cream
   Pale in color and smooth in texture, the delicate floral flavor of lavender is almost overwhelmed by the suggestion of syrupy honey and creamy milk.
   Subtle hints of sweet honey and buttermilk meld with the delicate perfume of lavender to leave your taste buds craving more.

a pomegranate-infused vanilla ice cream
   Delicate, yet rich, the sweet flavors of the vanilla cream are mild and enticing. Bursting with flavor, the pomegranate seeds that are laced through the delicate concoction create a lively experience for the palate.
   Tart pomegranate flavoring assails your taste buds, only to be quickly tempered by the creamy sweetness of the vanilla ice cream.

a dish of icy creamed fudge
   Cool and creamy, the fudge tastes of sweet dark chocolate at first, then mellows with the richer flavoring of cocoa hiding beneath.
   Rich dark chocolate flavors this cool, creamy treat, deepening to almost bittersweet as it melts in your mouth.


Tillie is a young freckled merchant.

Shorter than average, the young aelotoi merchant has straw blonde hair drawn up into a bun that is barely visible beneath her wide-brimmed straw hat. Enormous green eyes flecked with gold gaze excitedly at the world around her and a thick smattering of freckles dusts her round, rosy cheeks. Slender in frame, the freckled merchant wears a simple sage green saephua with a floral-patterned matching wrap-skirt that complements the emerald green wings on her back.

Briefly kneeling in the shadows of her cart's umbrella, Tillie reties her sandals.

Laughing at as a young child runs up to her, Tillie politely chats with him until his parent catches up to them. With a wink and a smile, she accepts the silvers the parent offers and provides the child with a treat from her cart.

Round and large, a shimmering gate appears from out of nowhere and a tabby cat slips through.
Gazing at Tillie, the tabby cat's eyes twinkle with a strange intelligence moments before it begins to speak to her.
"How are you today, Tillie?" it asks.
Grinning, she replies, "Oh, very well, Neebert. How are you?"
Lifting one brow, the tabby replies, "I appear to be unchanged from our last communication."
Giggling, Tillie nods and looks as though she may say more, but the tabby slips back into the portal, which closes on its heels.

Slipping her hat from her brow, Tillie frowns as she gazes at the flowers that have wilted within its band. Moving slowly down the sidewalk, she stands in front of some verdant dog rose bushes and plucks several blossoms free. Returning to her cart, she removes the wilted pieces and replaces them with the newer flowers.

Slipping her hat from her brow, Tillie runs her forearm across her forehead and gazes up at the sky. Moments later, she tucks her hair back into her hat and settles it on her head.