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The United City-States Bank serves citizens of and visitors to the city-states and villages that form the Elven Nations. Deposits made in one branch may be accessed in any other across the Nations.


The United City-States Bank has known branches in Ta'Illistim, Ta'Vaalor, Sylvarraend, and the Ravelin. While Cysaegir was once an Illistimi village, and was founded by a charter from Queen Myasara Illistim, the Aelotoi have founded their own bank, the appropriately-named Cysaegir Bank.

F2P Mechanics

In general, a F2P character has access to only a single bank. Because the UCSB serves multiple major cities, F2P characters can only access their accounts on one side of the Lake of Fear: In Ta'Illistim and Sylvarraend or in Ta'Vaalor and the Ravelin.

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