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Vesknot was a dead language of the dwarves whose only known instance is the rune puzzle on Melgorehn's Reach.

The meaning of the rune puzzle is obscure. The Granto'k lived on the southeast side of Zor.

Behind the Scenes

Vesknot does not correspond to any obvious I.C.E. Age source material language. It is a fairly direct allusion to The Hobbit (the Smaug inhabited mountain of Erebor), with the secret language of Khuzdul and its Cirth runes or "moon letters." The Dwarves of Shadow World did not have an established language, and they were known as "Nom-ri" in the dead language of Iruaric.

There are five protrusions with rune markings.  You recognize them as letters from the dead dwarven language Vesknot; something you picked up early in your childhood.  Four of the runes are lined up in a row, labeled: R, S, Z and O, in dwarven.  The last one, labeled E, is directly under the S rune.  The purpose of all this is vague to you.