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The Granto'k Clan of Dwarves constructed the city of Haalkitaine in the ICE Age kingdom of Rhakhaan on the continent Jaiman. They were contracted by the wizard Loul The Enchanter to work on the mountain now called Melgorehn's Reach. In the past they charged for the right to pass its draw bridge, but they abandoned this enterprise due to too many dragon casualties. Among the work they performed in designing the mountain was a puzzle that made use of runes in the dead language of Vesknot. Most Shadow World dwarves, unlike the Granto'k, were from continents far to the south.

Behind the Scenes

The Granto'k Clan does not exist in modern history of Elanthia. They were from the Grey Mountains bordering the realms of Zor and Rhakhaan in the Shadow World history.