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Just like in real life, people can get hitched in Elanthia with GameMaster assistance for a fee. See below for the WEDDING verb specifics, but first, find a much needed list of specific rooms in each town in which you can find wedding tents that open about an hour before a ceremony commences.

Town Location Lich#
Teras Plaza Southeast 1845
Wehnimer's Landing Wedding Glade (just outside of town) 6315
River's Rest Commons Circle 10853
Icemule Trace Tavern Burrow, Ale Street 2399
Solhaven Liabo Plaza 1481
Zul Logoth Hall of Arches 9408
Ta'Illistim Fraendel Court 193
Ta'Vaalor Amaranth Court 3487



  WEDDING LIST       -  Lists all upcoming weddings.
  WEDDING REGISTER #|HELP -  Allows you to register for an available
                        wedding.  HELP displays instructions.
  WEDDING DATES      -  Lists available wedding dates.
  WEDDING INFO <#>   -  Displays information about a particular wedding.
  WEDDING NOTIFY     -  Select this option if you wish to be notified
                        when new weddings are added to the list of
                        available weddings (or to remove yourself from
                        the notification list).
  WEDDING HELP       -  Provides help with the wedding system.

Wedding help

ABC's of Cathedral Weddings

For general information on weddings and what is included with a wedding, please visit the wedding portion of our website:

Once you've decided that the Cathedral Wedding option is for you, you'll need to follow these steps:

1.  Purchase a Wedding Ticket.  Go to and login, then follow the Box Office link to Weddings.  Alternatively, you can simply follow this link:  Tickets will expire ONE year from date of purchase.

2.  Contact Information.  Once you have purchased your ticket, send an email to with the following information:
    a. Bride's Character Name and email address
    b. Groom's Character Name and email address

     Generally, a Wedding Manager will contact you within a week or two after the purchase of your ticket to ask for this information if you do not supply it first.  Once the information is received, a Wedding Manager will communicate with you regarding  general wedding and alteration guidelines.

3.  Wedding List Submission.  As part of your wedding, you receive 22 items.   Additionally, both the bride and the groom receive a feature alteration.

     The list of requested items and feature alterations is submitted after initial contact with your Wedding Manager, and it should be noted that the list must adhere to both wedding item guidelines and Quality Control standards.  Negotiation of the list generally takes place before the items are ready to submit to QC, and couples should note that this can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

4.  Wedding Food and Location Selection.  Select your wedding food from a preset menu, and then choose your wedding location.  This is done with the help of the Wedding Manager.

5.  Choose a Wedding Date and Time.  This is done only after your Wedding Manager has confirmed that steps 3 and 4 are complete.  Available wedding dates are listed in WEDDING DATES, and they are always at least 3 weeks out from the current date.

     To select a date for your wedding, the purchaser of the ticket holds the hand of their betrothed and types WEDDING DATES.  When you see a date that works for you type WEDDING REGISTER "#", where "#" is the number of the wedding date you wish to select.  At that time you will get a confirmation and each of you will receive a purse with 50 wedding invitations.  Remember that everyone who attends the wedding must have an invitation, so make sure to keep one for both yourself and your fiance!

    To be notified when new dates become available type WEDDING NOTIFY.  In cases where none of the available wedding dates work for you, it is best to communicate this to your Wedding Manager.

6.  Prepare the Ceremony and Special Effects.  It should be noted that special effects requests can be submitted throughout the wedding negotiation process, but that shortly after a date is selected, all requests need to be submitted to allow ample planning time and determination as to whether the requests are appropriate for an Elanthian wedding or not.  Couples are responsible for the ceremony itself.

7.  Communicate with your Wedding Manager and Wedding Coordinator as necessary.

8.  Wedding Day!  Relax and enjoy your wedding!  Our job is to make this a wonderful, unforgettable event for you; your job is to have fun!

If you have any questions or comments regarding Cathedral Weddings, please direct them to

Wedding register help

To successfully register for a wedding, you must follow these steps:
 1) Your Wedding Negotiator MUST have submitted your FINALIZED list
    of wedding items to your Wedding Builder, and then told you to go
    ahead and register for a wedding.  Registering for a wedding date
    BEFORE this step is completed will result in a loss of that date.
 2) The Bride or Groom must have a valid ticket for the wedding
    purchased from our website.  (only customers may
    register for a wedding)
 3) The bride and groom to be must together in a group with no one
    else in the group with them.
 4) Your wedding must be listed in the WEDDING LIST.
 5) The person who purchased the ticket on the website must be the
    one who types in the WEDDING REGISTER (Date #) command.

If all of these steps are taken, then you'll soon be on your way to wedded bliss!

Please view WEDDING HELP for the overall steps in the wedding process.  Registering for your wedding date is one of the LAST steps in the process, make sure you've completed steps 1-4 listed in WEDDING HELP before coming here.