Waggler's Warehouse

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Waggler's Warehouse is the alchemist shop in Zul Logoth. It is located through a pair of faux-wood doors in the Sapphire Tunnel in the east side of town.

[The Waggler's Warehouse]
Reflective tiles of polished steel have been deeply imbedded into the natural walls in a repeating pattern of diamonds. A navy blue wool curtain drapes across a small passageway leading into the shop's storage area, though access to it is restricted by an expansive granite counter. Prominently displayed on a series of wrought iron tables and racks are magical devices and tools of differing origin, each merely a small example of the wares for sale. You also see a pair of faux-wood doors.


Welcome to The Waggler's Warehouse!

Glorel offers his catalog to browse.
Glorel exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a crystal amulet               22. a sarmoc potion   
  2. a silver mining pick pendant   23. a sisfu potion
  3. an eostone toadstool pendant   24. a mottled pink marble mortar
  4. a bluerock snail amulet        25. a mottled pink marble pestle
  5. a carved stone amulet          26. a blackened glass vial
  6. a spiraled blue wand           27. a hammered invar cup
  7. a twisted wand                 28. a pale granite runestone
  8. a faceted crystal wand         29. a dark vial of rune ink
  9. a speckled aquamarine wand     30. a short black-striped brush
  10. a short oaken wand            31. a faceted crystal flask
  11. an etched metal wand          32. a mottle granite mortar 
  12. a burnished golden wand       33. a smooth granite pestle
  13. a dark silver wand            34. a polished glaes vial
  14. a smooth iron wand            35. a dark sphene-inset flask    
  15. an invar-banded wooden wand   36. some well-made translucent chalk
  16. a gnarled wooden wand         37. some shabby translucent chalk
  17. a pitted limestone rod        38. a leather book
  18. a mirtokh potion              39. an aish'vrak potion
  19. a dirtokh potion              40. a crude hexagonal runestone
  20. a grot t'kel potion           41. a long mithril tattooing needle
  21. a duqnuru potion              42. a bluerock flask of tattoo ink