Wandering Kraken's Mail Shop

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Wandering Kraken's Mail Shop is the post office in Kraken's Fall.

[Wandering Kraken's Mail Shop]
Neat as a pin and cozy, the shop has several mail-related wares stacked on shelves behind a polished driftwood counter with crystalline sides, and red-bricked walls are painted with cheerful images of absinthe green krakens juggling packages, letters, and books of stamps in their many, ocean blue tentacles. Several tropical plants in terracotta vases line the walls, and a bright red hibiscus shrub flourishes next to piles of stacked mail.


Kylvrenna offers her catalog to browse.
Kylvrenna exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  Mail Supplies Catalog
  1. a map-inked aged vellum envelope      7. a page of torn map parchment
  2. a leathery kraken-shaped envelope     8. a page of watery blue vellum
  3. a rope-knotted grey burlap package    9. a sheet of fine-grained paper
  4. a hempen cannon ball-shaped package   10. a galleon-inked taupe vellum stampbook
  5. a page of tentacle-edged parchment    11. a carrack-inked light pink stampbook
  6. a sheet of sunbleached paper          12. a sloop-inked mint green stampbook
  Kraken Falls Backroom Mail Supplies Catalog
  13. an orange and ivory pelican quill   17. a cylinder of sanguine wax
  14. a metallic black raven quill        18. a tentacle-set pewter signet ring
  15. a cylinder of pale aquamarine wax   19. a fused coin signet ring
  16. a cylinder of azure and black wax   20. a wing-framed faenor signet ring

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