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Wedding Packages come in several varieties and can be purchased during specific Pay Events from the Simucoin Store.

You can look at each individual package by visiting their detailed page, listed below.

Classic Wedding Package Choice Wedding Package Deluxe Wedding Package
Simucoin Item a white marriage license a beige marriage license a crisp marriage license
Verbs 24 24 24
Hours in Glade 3 4 5
Invitations 25 50 100
Food Items at Wedding 3 6 12
Confetti at Wedding 1 from stock listing 2 from stock listing 3 Customized or stock
Wedding Cake Stock Option Stock Option Customized
Bouquet or Boutonniere
Customized with Florist
1 per person 1 per person 1 per person
Wedding Ring or Band
(attuned to each other)
1 per partner 1 per partner 1 per partner
Alteration Book Slips 2 per partner 4 per partner 8 per partner
Perfume or Cologne
Select from 10 Fragrance options
Bottomless Bottle from Selection
1 per partner 1 per partner 1 per partner
Espousal Clothing Items 2 per partner 4 per partner 8 per partner
Signature Drink
Customized in Crave Dining
5 in special crate
10 in special crate
25 in special crate
Wedding Toasting Glass 1 per partner 1 per partner
4 in crate
1 per partner
6 in crate
Person of Honor Clothing None None 2 per partner
Ring Box None None 1 per partner
Keepsake Album None None 1 for wedding party
Once Sealed, spouse obtains copy
Honeymoon Village
10 Days
None None 1 key per partner providing
Transportation to Village
(back and forth throughout stay)
Access to Private Cottage
Village Amenities