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Wisteria Winery is a food shop in Mist Harbor. Equipped with a cafe for sampling the various beverages they sell, this winery specializes in wines by the bottle or by the case, as well as specialty wineglasses, wine-bowls, chalices, and more. Wisteria Winery is located at the corner of Wisteria Lane and Daisy Avenue, in a sprawling white stucco shop.

[Wisteria Winery, Entry]
Wide windows, paned with rainbow glaes, glitter softly as the daylight strikes them and create swirls of color upon the polished teak floors that spread outward in into the various directions of the shop. Brightly painted signs hang upon the smooth white stucco wall opposite the entry, their flat surfaces describing the various areas of the shop.


Wisteria Winery, Cafe

Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
a short vineyard-motif glass 300 <2 Tootie's Summer Sangria
a short spiral glass 300 <2 Limoncello
a short opaque glass 300 <2 Grumbleberry Wine
a short cylindrical glass 300 <2 Anise Liqueur
a short pumpkin-shaped glass 300 <2 Happy Jack Ale
a short dark amber glass 300 <2 Frost Acres Ale
a short milky white glass 300 <2 Coconut Brandy
a short pale pink glass 300 <2 Wild Strawberry Wine
a short dark brown glass 300 <2 Frost Acres's Own
a short crystal clear glass 300 <2 Pariah's Revenge
a short frosted blue glass 300 <2 Winter Wine
a short ivy-painted glass 300 <2 Flaeshorn Wine
a short sanguine glass 300 <2 Boggle's Finest

Wisteria Winery, Bulk Products

Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
a plum-hued polished oak case 30000 9 Sanguine Dream
a glossy purple lacquer case 30000 11 Grumbleberry Wine
a pale painted pink case 30000 11 Wild Strawberry Wine
a silver-banded green oak case 30000 11 Frost Acres' Own
a snowflake and icicle-painted case 30000 11 Winter Wine
an ivy-painted golden oak case 30000 10 Flaeshorn Wine
a ramshackle warped oak case 30000 9 Boggle's Finest
a copper-banded dark mahogany case 30000 10 Frost Acres Ale
a bright orange pumpkin-painted case 30000 11 Happy Jack Ale
a whorl-painted golden oak case 30000 10 Limoncello
a glossy black lacquer case 30000 10 Anise Liqueur
a coconut-motif polished teak case 30000 10 Coconut Brandy
a water-logged warped oak case 30000 11 Pariah's Revenge

Wisteria Winery, Vintage

Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
a painted vineyard-motif bottle 7500 <2 Tootie's Summer Sangria
a frosted opaque glass bottle 7500 <2 Grumbleberry Wine
a frosted pale pink glass bottle 7500 <2 Wild Strawberry Wine
a squat dark brown bottle 7500 <2 Frost Acres's Own
a frosted blue glass bottle 7500 <2 Winter Wine
an ivy-painted blown glass bottle 7500 <2 Flaeshorn Wine
a tall sanguine glass bottle 7500 <2 Boggle's Finest.
a bulbous dark amber jug 7500 <2 Frost Acres Ale
a squat pumpkin-shaped bottle 7500 <2 Happy Jack Ale
a sinuous spiral glass bottle 7500 <2 Limoncello
a cylindrical frosted glass bottle 7500 <2 Anise Liquor
a frosted milky white bottle 7500 <2 Coconut Brandy
a crystal clear glass bottle 7500 <2 Pariah's Revenge

Wisteria Winery, Vessels

Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
an oak-handled polished steel stein 1350 <2
a ram-etched sterling silver stein 1350 <2
a copper-inlaid black glass goblet 1350 <2
a polished haon goblet 1350 <2
a gem-encrusted silver chalice 1350 <2
a star-etched golden chalice 1350 <2
a smooth red porcelain wine-bowl 1350 <2
a small ebonwood wine-bowl 1350 <2

Wisteria Winery, Stemware

Item Description Price Location Capacity Weight Special Ability
a delicate wine glass 1350 <2
a long-stemmed wine glass 1350 <2
a frosted blue wine glass 1350 <2
a ruby red wine glass 1350 <2
a deep verdant green wine glass 1350 <2
a flower-etched wine glass 1350 <2
a wren-etched violet wine glass 1350 <2
a shield-etched wine glass 1350 <2
a sun-etched yellow wine glass 1350 <2
a moon-etched mist grey wine glass 1350 <2


Tootie's Summer Sangria

The light, crisp taste of riesling is enhanced by the undertones of muddled fruits.
You pick out the sweet tastes of apple, orange, and peach juices infused into the wine.


Assaulting your taste buds with tangy and sweet, the lemon infusion is powerful.
Sugary at first, the tart flavor afterwards makes your lips pucker a little.

Grumbleberry Wine

The syrup-like wine spreads across your palette, the sweetness of the grumbleberry overwhelms any subtle additions to the wine.
The exceptionally sweet wine leaves a pleasantly soft after-taste of grumbleberry causing causing relaxation throughout your body.

Anise Liqueur

The swig of liqueur burns intensely on the way down, leaving behind the powerful taste of anise. That cleared the sinuses!
The taste is strongly medicinal and not at all sweet, filling your chest with a soothing warmth and causing your whole body to relax.

Happy Jack Ale

Thick and rich, the ale pours over your tongue, leaving behind the faintly sweet aftertaste of pumpkin and spices.
The bubbly ale fizzes on the way down, infusing your mouth with the mingled flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.

Frost Acres Ale

A nice balance of malt and hops greets your palate. Tangy and sweet with a crisp citrus appeal, the spice hits your tongue first, followed by honey and cloves.
The full flavor of mild hops and lemon peel linger on the palate long after you have swallowed the ale.

Coconut Brandy

Created by Dhask's player
Smooth yet strong, the subtle overtones of coconut provide an almost sweet counterpoint to the strength of the alcoholic liquid.
Clear and thin, the strength of the glass is poignant and instantly relaxing.

Wild Strawberry Wine

Essences of orange peel and banana are overcome by the sweet flavor of wild strawberries. A woody aftertaste indicates the many years of aging while in oak barrels.
The full, mature flavor of wild strawberries greets your lips as the smooth texture of the wine flows across your palate.

Frost Acres's Own

The wash of rose dances neatly over your tongue. As the scent of an aged faewood tree tickles your nose, the subtle sense of wild woods and cool waters washes over you.
As the soft sweetness of elderberries caresses your palate, you catch a hint of faewood smoke underneath it. The scent of fresh cut rose breezes through your nose as a warm feeling fills your body from the inside.

Pariah's Revenge

A hint of spice tickles your sinuses and burns on the way down.
A burning sensation immediately assaults the back of your throat, and the taste of burnt sugar cane lingers on your tongue.

Winter Wine

<i>A mixture of berries and sugar crystals dance across your tongueas you let the crisp taste sit in your mouth long enough to bring out the subtle hints of iceblossom.
The icy wine is sweet enough to make your teeth ache, but the sugary assault is balanced with subtle hints of the scent of iceblossom. The floral addition only serves to bring out the taste of blueberry even more, creating a fragile balance of sweet and tangy.

Flaeshorn Wine

The golden flaeshorn wine has a brilliantly sweet flavor that is finished with a touch of anise that brings a balanced subtle finish to the beverage.
A wonderfully sweet aroma wafts from the bottle as the smell of flaeshorn berries intertwines with that of anise leaving a hint of both flavors on your palate.

Boggle's Finest

The overwhelming taste of cinnamon and nutmeg fills your mouth as you take a sip of the wine, though it quickly fades into something resembling worn leather.
The wine blossoms into the faint taste of chocolate and earthy berries. At least you hope that was the taste of berries.