Witchful Thinking - 5119-11-29 - An Impossible, Imposterous, Preposterous Proposition (log)

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Eoantos 29-30, 5119

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Purple lightning flashes overhead, and soon enough Pylasar comes running to Moot Hall! ...wait, running? He brings bad news that we shouldn't attack the Bleaklands tomorrow, as he's peeked into the future and it ends poorly; the following year would give a greater chance. People raise suspicions over the way he's acting, but he says he'll go inform Thadston...
  • ...right before a sphere of purple lightning arrives and zaps him through the chest. The real Pylasar arrives and says Raznel's desperate, but his theory seems more real now. We need to end Raznel and Brumas, but he suspects if all goes accordingly, she'd end him herself--no longer having need of paragons, but being one herself and projecting herself through time, tied to every being of blood she's ever taken or controlled. In short, end Raznel tomorrow or it's too late.
  • Pylasar also gives warning to be mindful of Thadston. Lazaryth asks for more details and gets them: Thadston had returned a year and a half ago with a wound caused by Disean's blade, cursed by the witch, and it's recently gotten worse. Pylasar suspects the kroderine gauntlets had helped him out. Darcena notes that that's why Thadston smells like rot.
  • Magister Raelee inquires if Pylasar knew Raznel designed the coffins. He says she did many things and he doesn't know all of them; she says it was a yes or no question; he says it was, then kisses her nose and vanishes.


Lord Pylasar just arrived.
Pylasar pants.
Speaking to Pylasar, Leafiara observes, "Uh-oh, no grand entrance."
Speaking tentatively to Pylasar, Leafiara asks, "Any bad news?"
Pylasar says, "No news you will like."
Leafiara admits, "Well, we hear enough of it around here, so might as well hear a bit more."
Maags says, "Has not heard a bad news in at least ten minutes."
Pylasar says, "I...I do not glimpse forward often. I try not to know."
Pukk says, "I try not to know all the time...and it works."


Awaiting Pylasar

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see some stone benches with some stuff on it and an herbal remedy donation bin.

The sky is filled with a blanket of low clouds, pale and unmoving. Sounds seem muffled and the air feels thick and takes on a quiet stillness.

Maags exclaims, "Everybodies is prepared hopes!"

Maags says, "For who."

A streak of purple lightning burns across the snow-filled sky.

Speaking adamantly to Maags, Leafiara exclaims, "More prepared than ever!"

Leafiara curiously says, "Oh, maybe I'll get my answer to whether Pylasar has more theories."

Bernadette softly says, "Mebbe so."

Pukk asks, "Where is Cryheart?"

Speaking to Pukk, Maags says, "Visiting a friend. But he shall return by tomorrow eve."

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk says, "You're it."

Pukk recites:

"Everybody join Leafiara!"

Kaskha curiously asks, "Why..?"

Balley softly says, "Why not."

Leafiara amicably says, "Alright, we'll head over to Moot Hall in five."

Leafiara recites:

"Join up for Moot Hall if ya want!"

Maags exclaims, "Yous might gets lost if yous do not!"

Speaking curiously to Maags, Leafiara requests, "Countdown?"

Kaskha asks, "What is there?"

Maags quickly prompts, "Threetwoone!"


[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see the Balley disk, the violet Kaskha disk, a volatile aurora spirit that is flying around, a forest wolf, a polished bleakstone statue and a large purple wooden barrel.

Also here: Gypsy Scribe Balley, Maags, Bernadette, Kaskha, Pukk, Lord Chamorr, Event Planner Leafiara, Magister Raelee, Puptilian, Ysharra, Shinann

Kaskha asks, "Is this a moment where I die a horrific death?"

Speaking thoughtfully to Kaskha, Leafiara says, "No, that would be tomorrow."

Puptilian says, "Not tonight."

Darcena asks, "Well, where is he?"

Puptilian says, "This is the calm before the storm coming in tomorrow."

Darcena yells, "We aren't going to wait all night for you!"

Ysharra says, "I'm sure he'll be about soon."

Sairai: "Boo."

Speaking to Ysharra, Darcena gushes, "You should see the layer of ensorcelling Melikor put on my staff!"

The voice of Thrassus says, "Indeed, a storm of unecessary deaths I would even go as far as to say."

Speaking to Darcena, Ysharra says, "He does good work."

Speaking to Leafiara, Naylani says, "I was hoping you all were celebrating."

Speaking curiously to Naylani, Leafiara asks, "Er.. celebrating what?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Naylani says, "Being alive."

Speaking thoughtfully to Naylani, Leafiara says, "...that's most every day, in a sense."

The streak of purple light nears the sky above Moot Hall.

Darcena yells, "Faster!"

Naylani says, "This woman is pretty."

Pukk asks, "Purple lightning! You know what that means?"

Pukk exclaims, "Purple Rain!"

Balley softly says, "Need to be ready."

Maylan raises her Faendryl absinthe in a toast!

Speaking to Maylan, Lylia says, "I see you have developed a taste for it."

Darcena yells, "You'd better be bringing me a stout, Pylasar!"

Darcena says, "Or a coffee."

Speaking to Lylia, Maylan says, "It tastes like free hooch."

Lylia says, "'Free,' as in 'imported at great personal expense.'"

Speaking to Darcena, Melikor says, "A stout would be nice."

Maags whispers something to Lylia.

Pukk says, "I need to remember to keep some nice juicy raw meat around for Darcena."

Speaking eagerly to Pukk, Darcena chants, "Yes, yes, yes!"

Speaking to Darcena, Pukk says, "If it was Madmountan too...then I couldn't buy enough."

Speaking to Pukk, Darcena says, "We do eat one out of house and home."

Speaking to Darcena, Pukk says, "He can eat a lot."

Dubious Pylasar News

Lord Pylasar just arrived.

Pylasar pants.

Darcena mournfully says, "Not a single stout in hand."

Pylasar pants.

Speaking to Pylasar, Leafiara observes, "Uh-oh, no grand entrance."

Speaking heartily to Pylasar, Chamorr says, "Evenin."

Speaking tentatively to Pylasar, Leafiara asks, "Any bad news?"

Balley softly says, "Hi Pylasar."

Speaking to Pylasar, Thrassus asks, "You actually just walked in this time?"

Pylasar nods.

Diamondelille says, "I drempt I knowed ye."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "Hello, Peter."

Pylasar says, "No news you will like."

Naylani says, "He's the purple little guy."

Speaking to Pylasar, Puptilian asks, "Landed in the wrong part of Town Square?"

Leafiara admits, "Well, we hear enough of it around here, so might as well hear a bit more."

Bernadette softly asks, "Aye wot ye gotta tell us?"

Naylani says, "Love your colorful lights in the sky."

Speaking to a tearful mountain spirit, Darcena says, "If you were really here, you could get me a stout."

Naylani says, "Very pretty."

Pylasar says, "We cannot attack the witch in the Bleaklands."

Maags says, "Has not heard a bad news in at least ten minutes."

Balley softly asks, "Oh?"

Pylasar says, "There's too much danger, we need to find another way."

Speaking flatly to Pylasar, Darcena growls, "What?"

Leafiara curiously asks, "Portal problems?"

Pylasar nods at Leafiara.

Maylan asks, "After all that planning?"

Maags exclaims, "We lives for danger!"

Pylasar says, "Among other things, yes."

Balley softly exclaims, "I told you we should NOT trust the portal!"

Pylasar says, "We'll need time."

Maags says, "We are prepared for it."

Lylia asks, "This is sudden. What has happened?"

Pukk unconvincingly says, "Oh darn...I was so looking forward to that."

Speaking to Balley, Maylan says, "I thought you said THRUST the portal. I spose not trusting it makes more sense."

Pylasar says, "I...I do not glimpse forward often. I try not to know."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra asks, "When was it not dangerous?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Puptilian asks, "If she is able to project herself, could we use that same power to send the injuries of the projection back to the original body?"

Darcena suspiciously says, "I do not believe this is really Pylasar."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "Tell us what you saw."

Pylasar says, "It ends poorly, if we strike so soon."

Leafiara offers, "I still think Ayred could open a portal if we need a fresh one, though--"

Leafiara looks thoughtfully at Darcena.

Pukk says, "I try not to know all the time...and it works."

Balley softly asks, "What are your suggestions then?"

Bernadette softly says, "Cap'n."

Pylasar says, "I glimpsed the following year. We stand a greater chance. There's risk, but, a higher chance."

Speaking cautiously to Pylasar, Leafiara asks, "Define poorly?"

Speaking flatly to Pylasar, Darcena says, "No."

Darcena says, "I will not wait another year."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Puptilian says, "The new recruits are about as ready as I can get them. I made them all get rest early tonight."

Balley softly says, "That seems like a long time."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "If we wait a year the town will starve."

Lylia flatly says, "In a year, there will be no Wehnimer's Landing if the blight continues apace."

Speaking to Pylasar, Maylan says, "I don't think our food will last a year."

Pylasar says, "By spring. We can manage. We'll do what we can to survive the blight."

Speaking to Leafiara, Darcena cajoles, "No fancy entrance? No stout?"

Maags says, "The townfolk will all starve before a year is out."

Bernadette softly says, "If we waits too long we won't has a town left."

Speaking to Leafiara, Darcena says, "It can't be him."

Speaking heartily to Pylasar, Chamorr says, "She could make another paragon by then."

Speaking lightly to Darcena, Leafiara agrees, "Hey, I brought up the lack of entrance myself."

Speaking to Pylasar, Pukk exclaims, "If we wait anymore they might try to recruit me in the milia!"

Balley softly exclaims, "Something is not right here!"

Pylasar says, "I've seen our victory. By spring."

Speaking to Darcena, Leafiara admits, "It is a bit odd."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "No, it won't. The blight will spread, as it has already. It'll kill off the food stores that are already too meager."

Speaking to Maags, Naylani says, "The ground and critters around the town look so ill."

Darcena furiously asks, "Do we actually need him to do this?"

Pylasar says, "But we'll end Raznel. We'll end her for good."

Speaking curiously to Pylasar, Raelee asks, "Do you think she has seen what you have seen?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Puptilian asks, "You have always been iffy on your dates every time we see you. Why are you so sure this time of the date?"

Shinann asks, "Are you sure the future you saw was not tomorrow?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra asks, "Do you think what you saw was on purpose?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia says, "I do not believe you."

Balley softly asks, "What else did you see?"

Maags says, "Or maybes yous saw las year."

Maags exclaims, "So now is next year!"

Balley softly asks, "Anyone or anything else worth noting?"

Lazaryth says, "I'm suspicious, and I don't mind saying so."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra asks, "What are you trying to avoid, in truth?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Pukk says, "Is Thaddy bullying you? Is this why you want to put it off? You can tell us...well...you can tell some of us anyways."

Speaking to Maags, Maylan says, "Smart thinkin."

Pylasar says, "I'm sorry. We were so close. We still are."

Pylasar says, "We just have to do this right."

Darcena flatly says, "No."

Maags whispers something to Maylan.

Lylia says, "You have no proof of what you say. You are not acting like yourself, in fact. Not very much at all..."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra asks, "Do we need Thadston to come stick your head back under the cold waters?"

Puptilian asks, "So who do we trust. One that was in love with the witch or one that is so obsessed with the witch he can't see the forest from the trees?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra asks, "Or will you be plain with us?"

Xorus just arrived.

Lylia says, "Or perhaps we should do it ourselves."

Balley softly says, "He is lying."

Chamorr heartily says, "Maybe to end Raznel is to end pylasar."

Raelee whispers something to Lylia.

Balley softly exclaims, "Something is not right!"

Alasatia whispers something to Stormyrain.

Pylasar says, "I know it may seem off, or that I'm suddenly a coward."

Diamondelille asks, "What are you not telling us?"

Pukk says, "Oh good you're here. Peter is trying to postpone everything. Talk sense into him."

Speaking heartily to Pylasar, Chamorr says, "Out with it."

Speaking to himself, Pukk asks, "Wait...what am I doing?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "It seems like you are trying to keep her safe."

Balley softly asks, "Are you protecting her?"

Darcena suspiciously asks, "Remember how suddenly Walkar, a projection, was walking around town?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Puptilian asks, "You have always done the undoable in the past. You never told us something was not possible. What are you not telling us?"

Darcena asks, "And I asked if Pylasar could just be a projection?"

Pylasar says, "No. I want her dead."

Lazaryth whispers something to Leafiara.

Leafiara speculates, "Maybe trying to convince us of this was part of the deal with Quinshon."

Speaking to Xorus, Pukk says, "Maybe you can talk sense into him after all."

Pylasar sighs.

Leafiara whispers something to Lazaryth.

Lylia insists, "Prove it. Prove any of this. You have given us no solid answers."

Balley softly exclaims, "Not good!"

Pylasar says, "I'm sorry. I'll go inform Thadston."

Pylasar says, "Winter will thaw, we'll do it right."

Ysharra asks, "You think you're going to change his mind?"

Shinann asks, "What does the Chronomage have to say about this?"

Ysharra says, "You will get yourself drowned."

Darcena growls, "No."

Leafiara adds, "Or get a kroderine gauntlet to the face."

Speaking to Pylasar, Maags exclaims, "We has always trusted yous. Do not break it!"

Ysharra says, "He'll boil you in your own sweat, Peter."

Xorus says, "I did not hear enough of it to argue against it."

Reality Strikes

A sphere of purple lightning slowly floats into the area.

Pylasar furrows his brow.

Leafiara musingly says, "Uh-huh."

Lazaryth says, "Interesting, that."

Avalera says, "Mmmhhmm."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra asks, "So. Who are you?"

Speaking angrily to Pylasar, Darcena growls, "Who are you?"

The sphere of purple lightning crackles with energy.

Pukk says, "More lightning....this isn't good."

Balley softly exclaims, "You are not who you say!"

Pylasar exclaims, "The witch! Be ready!"

Speaking to Pylasar, Leafiara assures, "Oh, we're ready alright..."

Speaking to Lylia, Raelee says, "You were correct, I believe."

Stormyrain whispers something to Raelee.

Chamorr heartily says, "Web himn."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "I would say nice try..."

Speaking to Lylia, Maylan says, "I'd best sound the alarm."

Balley softly exclaims, "I think he is the witch in disguise!"

A thin blast of purple lightning leaps out from the sphere and burns through Pylasar's chest, and he looks down in shock.

Pukk says, "I will protect your back."

Pylasar kneels down.

Lazaryth murmurs, "Nice aim."

Punt cautiously says, "I'm not ready."

Pylasar gasps.

Ysharra says, "No one believed you, anyway."

Pylasar flickers and disappears.

Leafiarar admits, "I'm surprised that didn't dispel it immediately, though--"

Leafiara corrects, "Oh, slightly delayed reaction then."

Maylan exclaims, "Phony!"

Pukk asks, "Okay, what just happened?"

Maags says, "We knew."

Last Warnings

The purple sphere crackles with energy and begins to sprout a tiny arm, then a tiny leg, then a tiny arm, then a tiny leg.

Pukk asks, "That was a fake Peter?"

Ysharra says, "Like lightning flickering before the thunder booms."

Alasatia says, "There we go."

Bernadette softly asks, "Was that really him?"

Balley softly says, "No."

Maags says, "No."

The purple sphere of lightning begins to do little cartwheels.

Speaking amusedly to Bernadette, Leafiara says, "Nope."

Darcena flatly says, "No."

Balley softly says, "I saw it as a Wraith."

Tetreves says, "Ummm..."

Aserak asks, "Should we form a group?"

Pukk says, "I hate magic."

Balley softly says, "That is what the bowl told me."

Lazaryth says, "An interesting tactic. But we know him a little too well."

Speaking to Darcena, Melikor says, "You might get your stout after all."

Bernadette softly says, "I dint tink so."

Speaking to Pukk, Maylan exclaims, "Aye, he just walked in. THat was a dead give-away. The real Pylasar would never arrive without a show!"

Speaking heartily to Pukk, Chamorr asks, "Who should we join?"

Puptilian says, "Would be interesting if it was more convincing."

Maylan says, "A little razzle dazzle."

Maags exclaims, "Cartwheels or purple ponies!"

Speaking to Maylan, Pukk says, "Oh yeah. When has he ever done anything so plain before."

Thrassus asks, "But what if she knew we would know that?"

Speaking to Maylan, Lazaryth says, "Much like yourself, my dear."

The sphere begin to expand further and grows into a humanoid form of elemental purple lightning. Then it glows brighter and brighter until it turns into Pylasar.

Pukk recites:

"Everybody join Leafi!"

Speaking to Pylasar, Maylan says, "Now THAT was a proper entrance."

Speaking to Thrassus, Ysharra says, "It did seem a little obvious."

Speaking flatly to Pylasar, Darcena says, "Still no stout."

Speaking amicably to Pylasar, Leafiara asks, "Well, that's a bit better. What brings you here tonight?"

Diamondelille says, "Im fumbuzzled."

Pylasar says, "Well, she's desperate."

Balley softly asks, "Who was the imposter Peter?"

Pylasar says, "...and she doesn't know me anymore."

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia says, "Good."

Speaking to Pylasar, Puptilian asks, "What year is it?"

Pylasar says, "That's for certain."

Pylasar exclaims, "5119!"

Speaking to Pylasar, Maags exclaims, "It it impossible for anybodies to fake yous!"

Pylasar says, "For now."

Maylan asks, "This seems like a good sign, eh? That she is frightened?"

Speaking to Stormyrain, Puptilian says, "He said the right date..."

Speaking to Puptilian, Stormyrain says, "He's been better at it, as of late."

Puptilian says, "True."

Puptilian says, "Still not used to it."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "Hello, Peter."

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk asks, "Are we sure that's the real Peter?"

Pylasar twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Speaking to Pukk, Leafiara acknowledges, "Around here, never. But at least he got the entrance right."

Balley softly says, "Yes this is the real one I believe Pukk."

Pylasar says, "I will not linger long. We've much work to do tomorrow."

Lazaryth says, "If a third Pylasar arrives, I'm leaving."

Pukk says, "I don't know."

Pylasar says, "But my theory I suppose, is more real now."

Lylia says, "Glad to hear that."

Speaking to Pukk, Puptilian says, "The real Peter never failed to at least make it to the right location while traveling by lighting. The fake one didn't land here."

Speaking to Pylasar, Pukk asks, "What number am I thinking of?"

Pylasar says, "We need to end Raznel. That much is certain."

Speaking flatly to Pylasar, Darcena says, "Soon."

Leafiara agrees, "Mm-hmm."

Pylasar says, "And we need to end Brumas to do it...but..."

Balley softly asks, "But?"

Maags says, "And permanentlies."

Lylia whispers something to Ysharra.

Pylasar says, "I suspect if all goes accordingly, she'll end him eventually herself."

Pylasar says, "I suspect soon she will not need paragons."

Chamorr heartily says, "That would be bad."

Balley softly asks, "Is the Portal safe Peter?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Shinann asks, "You speak as if we will not be ending her tomorrow?"

Leafiara acknowledges, "That would explain a lot about why she threw so little in our way as we ended them."

Pylasar says, "...and in fact, she will be one herself, in some shape or form. Projecting not only herself but.."

Balley softly asks, "But?"

Darcena exclaims, "Out with it!"

Xorus whispers something to Lylia.

Pylasar says, "If she can project herself through time..."

Balley softly says, "Oh."

Pylasar says, "No longer needing bodies hidden away in valences."

Balley softly asks, "You think she has her essence hidden elsewhere then?"

Pylasar says, "But tied to...everything. Every being of blood she has taken, controlled..."

Pylasar says, "Then we'll never end her."

Leafiara slowly says, "Ahhhh, I see."

Zosopage says, "Well as bad as it will be, at least there will be only one to deal with. Raznel herself."

Balley softly asks, "You are saying those who had her scarabs must be dead too?"

Pylasar says, "No."

Pylasar says, "I'm saying we end Raznel tomorrow eve, or I'm afraid we're too late."

Speaking quietly to herself, Darcena murmurs, "That is good."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "We understand."

Maags exclaims, "Then we shant be late!"

Pylasar says, "If she has created a projection of me already."

Pylasar says, "Then she's close."

Speaking to Pylasar, Thrassus asks, "How do you know it's not already too late, then?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "...it was not a very good projection."

Pylasar says, "The Wellington sister and the goblin were likely a test."

Maags says, "It was weak tho, if that is some consolation."

Pylasar says, "No. Which means, we have time."

Pylasar nods at Ysharra.

Zosopage says, "Then we must double our efforts tomorrow and some."

Xorus says, "With any luck we will get to kill ourselves."

Punt says, "A little Raznel daznel."

Speaking wistfully to Xorus, Leafiara says, "Wouldn't miss it."

Speaking flatly to Xorus, Darcena states, "I expect to live and at least one other with me."

Speaking to Xorus, Puptilian says, "Did that last week already. Do not want a repeat."

Speaking to Darcena, Lazaryth says, "Thank you, I knew you'd always look out for me."

Hukk just arrived.

Hukk just went south.

Pukk says, "I still don't like that Hukk guy..."

Pylasar sighs.

Speaking heartily to Razanetika, Dwi asks, "Free ale here?"

Razanetika softly says, "I brought a party."

Speaking heartily to Razanetika, Dwi says, "Pukk's here."

Pylasar says, "Let us be ready for anything tomorrow."

Pylasar nods.

Speaking warmly in Faendryl to Lylia, Kobane greets something you don't understand.

Speaking to Pylasar, Maylan says, "I am ready."

Balley softly asks, "It the portal safe?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "You speak as if we have a choice."

Speaking in Faendryl to Kobane, Lylia replies something you don't understand.

Speaking to a white-tailed broom hare, Ysharra says, "You shouldn't come, Prince."

Balley softly asks, "Or is it a trap?"

Ysharra says, "It's always a trap."

Speaking quietly in Faendryl to Lylia, Kobane queries something you don't understand.

Puptilian says, "Expect a trap. She is expecting us to show up."

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia says, "Thank you for the warning that time is short."

Leafiara adds, "And we go through it anyway."

Speaking slowly to Ysharra, Darcena says, "Sometimes you can wiggle your way out of traps."

Lylia says, "We knew this, of course..."

Speaking heartily to Pylasar, Chamorr says, "How do we know you is you know."

Chamorr heartily says, "Now."

Ysharra says, "...chances are fair to middling she won't kill -all- of us with it."

Lylia pointedly remarks, "Which is why I hoped we would have more of our townsfolk out of harm's way."

Ysharra says, "Though a couple of times it's been rather close."

Speaking to Chamorr, Maags says, "The cartwheels."

Speaking heartily to Chamorr, Dwi says, "Ask ye da same...but ye'd prolley make me clean stables."

Balley softly says, "I agree he feels like himself not a phony."

Speaking to Lylia, Thrassus says, "Don't worry, they'll be able to martyr themselves gloriously instead."

Speaking heartily to Dwi, Chamorr says, "If you kin finds dem."

Thadston Watch

Pylasar nods at Lylia.

Pylasar nods at Stormyrain.

Pylasar nods at Shinann.

Speaking to Lylia, Darcena whispers aloud, "We don't need all of them."

Speaking suspiciously to Balley, Pukk asks, "But are you the real Balley?"

Pylasar says, "Watch for him."

Zosopage asks, "Will Thadston be joining us tomorrow?"

Pylasar nods.

Lylia says, "Their blood is not on my hands. I remain unstained by it."

Balley softly says, "Whatever Pukk."

Pylasar says, "Be mindful for Thadston, and protective."

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Dwi asks, "Aint dat yer thing tho mayer?"

Pukk exclaims, "See! Balley wouldn't say that!"

Balley softly asks, "Protective?"

Pylasar says, "He and I will both go into the Bleak tomorrow."

Speaking to herself, Darcena mutters, "Why should we protect that man?"

Pylasar says, "Since...since it was mentioned..."

Pylasar says, "Just, just keep an eye on him please."

Ysharra asks, "At least six ways she's killed each of us just the past two weeks, no?"

Leafiara dubiously says, "...okay."

Balley softly asks, "Is he being controlled?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee asks, "And who is keeping an eye on you?"

Lazaryth asks, "Don't you think a little information ought to help us out?"

Stormyrain says, "We will as much as he will allow it. The Marshal is very---stubborn."

Pylasar says, "I will be fine."

Pylasar says, "Yes..sorry."

Pylasar nods at Lazaryth.

Speaking to Ysharra, Melikor says, "Yes, she is quite... diverse."

Xorus says, "His monomania on the matter may get the best of him."

Speaking to Raelee, Pukk says, "Owly."

Lylia says, "My 'thing' is to lead the way and to implore our people to heed the wisdom of those who seek their safety. When others gainsay this and convince them to stay and 'fight' something they cannot fight, then I cannot stop them."

Pylasar asks, "Thadston returned with a wound a year ago now?"

Pylasar says, "Given to him by Disean's cursed blade...which was so cursed by the witch."

Speaking to Lylia, Maylan says, "If you are to lead, this will aide you."

Maags says, "He said he is not worried whether he returns from there. I suspects he will has no caution at all."

Darcena asks, "Is that why he smells like rot all the time?"

Maylan grabs a pale gold astrolabe inset with polished bleakstone gears from one of the hollowed kiramon mandibles hanging from her leather bandolier.

Leafiara recalls, "Sounds about right. Maybe a little longer than that."

Maylan offers Lylia a pale gold astrolabe inset with polished bleakstone gears.

Lylia accepts Maylan's pale gold astrolabe.

Speaking heartily to Pukk, Dwi says, "We aint follerin owly...dontcha start."

Pylasar says, "It has brought him pain, but, contained, if you will."

Speaking to Darcena, Stormyrain says, "It is."

Darcena asks, "Somewhere on the side of his abdomen?"

Pylasar says, "It has recently gotten worse."

Speaking to Dwi, Pukk exclaims, "Owly is the smartest and bestest!"

Pylasar shrugs.

Darcena says, "It reeks."

Pylasar nods at Darcena.

Speaking warmly to Maylan, Lylia says, "Thank you for this."

Maags says, "Wonder where Owlies is tonight."

Dwi recites heartily:

"Join Cryheart!"

Maags exclaims, "Oh!"

Pylasar says, "I suspect his gauntlets helped him more than he thought."

Pylasar shrugs.

Speaking to Lylia, Maylan says, "It is infused with my spirit magic. The spirits will guide you tomorrow."

Pukk yells, "Owly, we need you to keep an eye on Peter!"

Pylasar says, "Goodnight everyone. Be prepared for tomorrow. We dance with the witch."

Zosopage says, "Any edge we can get will be welcome."

Zosopage says, "Rest well."

Darcena fiercely says, "I can't wait."

Lylia says, "I enjoy dancing. I prefer to lead."

Raelee's Inquiry

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "I want to know something."

Pylasar says, "We all do RaeRae, we all do."

Speaking heartily to Pukk, Dwi says, "Ye start talkin tactics...folks is gonna wunder who ye is."

Pylasar turns an inquisitive ear toward Raelee.

Balley softly says, "Thank you Peter."

Pylasar grins at Balley.

Speaking to Dwi, Tetreves says, "The real Dwi would never say that."

Xorus remarks, "It was a year and a half ago."

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee asks, "Were you aware that Raznel designed the bane coffins?"

Speaking to Tetreves, Pukk says, "Oh yeah."

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "And I believe I was eight the first time I reminded you that my name is 'Raelee'."

Speaking quietly in Faendryl to Tetreves, Kobane asks something you don't understand.

Speaking quietly to Tetreves, Kobane asks, "Are you even the real Tetreves?"

Speaking heartily to Tetreves, Dwi says, "Imma thumbtack Sergent anna ye knows it."

Speaking to Raelee, Pukk asks, "RaeRae eh?"

Pylasar says, "Rachel did many things. I don't know everything she did."

Speaking to Raelee, Pukk says, "I'm just sorry I didn't come up with it first."

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "That was a yes or no question, Pylasar."

Pylasar says, "It was, wasn't it."

Leafiara agrees, "You did dodge it pretty well."

Pylasar kisses Raelee on the nose.

Speaking to Raelee, Pukk exclaims, "I dub thee RaeRae!"

Pylasar snaps his fingers and vanishes in a cloud of purple smoke.

Raelee wrinkles her nose.

Raelee takes a few steps back.

Discussion Afterward

Punt says, "Might start calling you Pupu."

Razanetika softly says, "Aww purple smoke."

Speaking to Shinann, Stormyrain whispers aloud, "Have you found any measure of success with your attempts at healing Thadston's wound? Is there anything we can use to pack it, or give him some relief for what's coming tomorrow?"

Pukk says, "That made it so much worth it tonight."

Aeith says, "And he's gone, with less cartwheels than he arrived with."

Raelee slowly says, "... I take that as an affirmative."

Pukk yells, "Thanks Peter! I will forever remember RaeRae's name!"

Speaking to Stormyrain, Lylia says, "I have been concerned about him too. He is too important to be allowed to die if at all possible to save him."

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra says, "I certainly hope it was some sort of consent."

Faint golden lines trace across Raelee's skin as she appears to focus...

Raelee gestures at Pukk.

Water sprays forth and scours Pukk clean!

A large splash of water drenches Pukk from head to toe!

Speaking to Lylia, Stormyrain says, "But he's ..stubborn."

Razanetika softly says, "Oh my."

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra says, "Or I'll slap him silly in the middle of the Bleak for you."

Speaking to Raelee, Pukk exclaims, "I just had my bath last night!"

Razanetika softly says, "She's breaking out with the water."

Speaking curtly to Pukk, Raelee says, "You are welcome, then. An extra."

Speaking eagerly to Raelee, Darcena asks, "Rocks next?"

Speaking heartily to Bernadette, Dwi says, "Ye encourage him...he'll ne'er go way."

Darcena says, "A little tenderizing."

Speaking to Raelee, Pukk exclaims, "You..you..!"

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra says, "You're a fair shot."

Lylia says, "Sadly, it is not something I can affect much myself."

Shinann says, "I have tried."

Speaking to Raelee, Pukk exclaims, "I will spread your name far and wide. RaeRae the water sprayer!"

Shinann says, "Nothing works. Just common herbs to numb the pain some."

Pukk exclaims, "There!"

Speaking slowly to Pukk, Raelee says, "I have other elements in my arsenal."

Speaking to Pukk, Thrassus says, "You had best be careful or it'll be fire next."

Dwi heartily asks, "Do any ye idjits know where dat witch is?"

Speaking to Raelee, Pukk says, "I will still spread your name far and wide."

Lylia says, "In the Bleaklands."

Balley softly asks, "Do you think the Portal is secure?"

Speaking to Raelee, Darcena says, "I'll pay your fine."

Speaking to Balley, Raelee says, "Of course it is not."

Lylia says, "Presumably, at least."

Balley softly says, "She knows we are headed that way."

Speaking to Raelee, Pukk says, "Just wait until I tell Owly, he will tell others too."

Speaking to Lylia, Raelee asks, "Will Darcena need to pay my fine or can I expect a pardon?"

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Dwi asks, "Kin ye gits some axes der?"

Lazaryth says, "I'm exhausted. Pardon me, all."

Balley softly says, "If that first body knew about it."

Ysharra says, "There is a great deal she can and will do to take us down, or shake us off."

Balley softly asks, "Any other way we can get there?"

Lylia says, "I shall pay your fine personally."

Maags asks, "Pylasar left?"

Speaking to Lazaryth, Maylan says, "Yes, get a good rest."

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Dwi says, "Cause dis's gone on long nuff."

Speaking to Lazaryth, Leafiara agrees, "Saving your strength for tomorrow is good!"

Puptilian says, "Just missed him."

Speaking to Darcena, Raelee says, "I believe it will not be an issue."

Lylia says, "I agree."

Speaking to Maags, Pukk asks, "Is he truly ever gone?"

Speaking to Maags, Stormyrain says, "Right after kissing Raelee's nose."

Maags asks, "Anys last words for the night?"

Speaking simply to Balley, Raelee states, "Walk."

Stormyrain offers, "Because he's not an idiot."

Speaking to Pukk, Maags exclaims, "Onlies until yesterday!"

Speaking to Maags, Puptilian says, "And calling her RaeRae."

Speaking to Maags, Pukk says, "He is spooky that way."

Ysharra says, "It's not that far."

Dwi heartily exclaims, "I say...let's tell dat witch to bring her lunch...anna haff at it!"

Maags says, "Better than Magmag."

Speaking seriously to Pukk, Darcena says, "If you ever call me by a nickname I don't approve of, I will crack every single one of your bones and slurp the marrow out."

Speaking seriously to Pukk, Darcena says, "And if you keep doing it to Raelee, I will help her as well."

Lylia muses, "I have never understood the appeal of doing the very thing someone wishes you not to do. It is a subtle form of malice masquerading as humor. I should look into it more, perhaps, if I ever wish to needle someone I dislike."

Speaking to himself, Pukk says, "RaeRae the Magister."

Lylia dryly remarks, "And if I have that much time to spare."

Kobane quietly approves, "That sounds a lot better than eating my cat."

Balley softly asks, "I anyone else have thoughts on what he said about what she is going to do with the blood she has collected?"

Speaking to Lylia, Maags says, "Usuallies is a form of flirting."

Speaking to Darcena, Pukk says, "I won't give you a nickname Darcy...I promise."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "My children used to do it as toddlers. To test and see if I'd feed them to the demons, I guess."

Speaking heartily to Maags, Dwi says, "Also issa punchline."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "It was a close thing."

Razanetika whispers something to Darcena.

Speaking to Dwi, Maags says, "I will not call yous something yous hate."

Speaking to Darcena, Pukk asks, "I can call you Darcy right?"

Speaking flatly to Pukk, Darcena says, "No."

Speaking to Darcena, Pukk exclaims, "Perfect!"

Speaking to Balley, Zosopage says, "It will fuel her magic. What she intends to do is a mystery."

Raelee slowly says, "... there are far more important questions at hand that what who calls who."

Dwi heartily says, "Dont let him call ye at all...if'ne yer smart."

Darcena flatly asks, "What do I need to do to prepare for tomorrow?"

Speaking to Raelee, Puptilian asks, "Do you really think Pukk is capable of worrying about anything beyond giving people names?"

Speaking to Darcena, Lylia says, "Good question."

Speaking to Darcena, Stormyrain says, "Rest. Feed. And come with everything you have when it's time."

Zosopage says, "Visit the temple."

Speaking to Xorus, Darcena says, "Don't send that look at me."

Speaking to Puptilian, Pukk exclaims, "Never!"

Speaking to Puptilian, Raelee says, "Yes, though nothing important."

Speaking to Darcena, Leafiara suggests, "Unload extra weight since Strength spells will get dispelled uness you're a wizard."

Shinann says, "We do not know what to expect."

Shinann says, "So expect everything."

Speaking to Raelee, Pukk says, "You madam, give me far too much credit."

Maylan says, "I spose I'll go get some rest. Take good care of my navigator. If you have any nightmares, it's just the Bleakland spirits. Pay them no mind."

Mist drains from Darcena's eyes, momentarily covering her fair cheeks in off-white before dissipating.

Shinann says, "Except rest."

Lylia says, "All of these are excellent suggestions, but -- yes. As Captain Shinann notes, we do not know what to expect and should therefore be prepared for as many eventualities as possible."

Speaking to Maylan, Lylia says, "Thank you."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Puptilian says, "Unless you need me for anything tonight, the militia trainees are resting so I am off to the shrine to meditate."

Speaking to Pukk, Raelee retorts, "You seemed rather concerned about bathing too often."

Speaking to Puptilian, Stormyrain says, "Dismissed, and thank you."

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Dwi says, "Mayer...gits some axes where dey needs to be...dis chatterin is ...."

Dwi heartily says, "Chattery."

Speaking to Darcena, Leafiara observes, "Interesting magic there."

Speaking to Raelee, Pukk says, "I do have to control the pest population on my body. I can't let them over breed, but I don't want to wipe them out either."

Speaking to Leafiara, Puptilian says, "Thank you for your help this week. It was greatly needed."

Speaking earnestly to Puptilian, Leafiara exclaims, "Was a pleasure!"

Speaking to Leafiara, Darcena says, "It allows me to see... more."

Xorus asks, "What?"

Speaking heartily to Leafiara, Dwi asks, "I should prolley jus foller ye rite?"

Speaking to Darcena, Lylia says, "If you can find the time to convince anyone else to leave town, you should."

Chamorr heartily says, "I wonder if they be a town to return to."

Speaking to Lylia, Darcena says, "I can try, but these rabble rousers made them think they'd more more than corpses for me to eat late at night."

Puptilian says, "Took me back to my time with my first sword master. I am sure i'll dream about sword patterns for the next month."

Lylia says, "That is what we are going to do."

Bernadette softly says, "Good thought."

Shinann says, "Leaving is still the best idea."

Dwi whispers to the group, "Onwards! Dibs onna witch hand!"

Shinann says, "For the townspeople."

Speaking coldly to Puptilian, Lylia says, "You will dream of those you have killed in the name of 'goodness' in telling them to stay and fight and die."

Lylia snaps, "Fool."

Maags says, "That was not reallies fair."

Speaking to Shinann, Ysharra says, "The witch will murder them just to make us suffer."

Dwi heartily says, "It's fireproof...we tried."

Zosopage says, "If the pattern contines and we get sent back to town if we die then there will be people there to defend if necessary."

Balley softly asks, "You do not think she already has the power to project do you? Using the blood she collected from those who she gave scarabs?"

Speaking to Balley, Leafiara acknowledges, "She very well might."

Speaking flatly to Balley, Darcena says, "I do."

Speaking to Ysharra, Thrassus says, "Likely in more horrible ways than she has ever done so far."

Puptilian says, "To this day she never understood the passion nor the spirit of this town and its people. I am not the one to kill them but the witch. It was only their passion to stay and protect what is theirs. Not run."

Speaking to Thrassus, Ysharra says, "I'm still thinking about the spiders."

Speaking to Balley, Leafiara adds, "She *did* just project Pylasar, unless that was Brumas doing it."

Balley softly says, "True."

Stormyrain asks, "No, it was not. There will be deaths either way. Not all of us can choose our time, and place, but if some of us can--why should we disallow that?"

Shinann says, "Well, take that up with the masked one. She is the one that used terrorist tactics to appear benevolent."

Balley softly says, "I want to know why she wanted my blood."

Speaking to Balley, Pukk says, "She wanted your blood because it was so sweet."

Bernadette softly says, "An mine."

Speaking softly to Balley, Darcena adds, "And mine."

Speaking heartily to Balley, Dwi asks, "Cookies?"

Speaking to Balley, Zosopage says, "Only she can answer that one."

Balley softly says, "Maybe that is why I was in chains in the vision I had when future Stormy told me to kill them all even..."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Puptilian says, "All I did was trained those that wanted to stay. I never once convince anyone to stay or go. It was their choice and during my training I made sure they knew what was going to happen. Not everyone that initially stayed stayed to the end."

Balley softly says, "I want to know who would be the even..."

Balley softly says, "In that vision."

Balley softly asks, "Stormyrain do you have any ideas?"

Speaking to Puptilian, Stormyrain says, "I know."

Shinann says, "If it were the witch, she would have killed us, I am thinking. So, I do not know who we actually saw before the real Pylasar."

Speaking to Balley, Stormyrain says, "I do not, I still do not know who the four in the background of the last vision are, either."

Speaking angrily to Puptilian, Darcena says, "I did my part. I helped prepare things."

Darcena says, "They're still going to die."

Speaking heartily to Balley, Dwi says, "Ye gotta know dem bisions is allegoricall.... Spite ne'er really wanted to kill me."

Speaking to Puptilian, Pukk says, "Where you stay, they will follow....I mean...stay too."

Speaking heartily to Puptilian, Chamorr says, "We all prolly gonna die anyways."

Balley softly asks, "Will you share that vision with me?"

Leafiara whispers something to Shinann.

Balley softly says, "I have not heard it in detail."

Speaking heartily to Puptilian, Chamorr says, "Least they have a sword in their hands."

Darcena says, "I need to go home and see if my rolton wool blankets are cold or warm. And cast the Ikarrak."

Puptilian says, "We all did our parts and those that stay in town know what is likely to happen. That said I thank you for what you have done to prepare."

Speaking to Chamorr, Puptilian says, "Agree."

Speaking slyly to Stormyrain, Darcena says, "I missed you earlier."

Balley softly asks, "Would the 4 have been the 4 of us who got scarabs? Out of nowhere or from Disean?"

Speaking flatly to Raelee, Darcena says, "Kill him."

Speaking to Darcena, Raelee asks, "Why can you not?"

Speaking to Darcena, Stormyrain asks, "What happened to make you miss me?"

Speaking surprisedly to Raelee, Darcena says, "I am not as powerful as you."

Pukk says, "Now I have to let Owly know RaeRae's name."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Darcena says, "Later."

Speaking to Raelee, Puptilian says, "I have said for a year or more we need to hang him from the North Gate. I bet at least you agree with me now."

Speaking to Puptilian, Raelee says, "I will not pay him so much mind, but do as you will."

Puptilian says, "Says enough."

Balley softly asks, "Pup do you think he is being controlled too?"

Speaking to Balley, Puptilian asks, "Pylasar?"

Balley softly says, "No, Thadston."

Balley softly says, "His energies feel off to me."

Chamorr heartily says, "What if Thadston is Pylasar's paragon."

Puptilian says, "He lost his wife, he lost his son. The person that took the image of his wife and controls his son is right in front of him."

Puptilian says, "He gave up his whole life to save his son."

Puptilian says, "His title."

Puptilian says, "His land."

Balley softly says, "Yes that is true."

Stormyrain says, "If you will all excuse me, I have to prepare for tomorrow."

Puptilian says, "I think more than anything it's his obession that is controlling him."

Puptilian says, "Not some outside source."

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk says, "I told Owly, he will tell a couple of pidgeons...then word will be out."

Puptilian says, "Obsession can blind a man."

Balley softly says, "Ok his energies just feel altered."

Balley softly says, "I do not trust him or Pylasar."

Balley softly says, "Or this portal."

Speaking to Balley, Pukk asks, "You don't trust me?"

Balley softly says, "I did not say that."

Speaking to Balley, Puptilian says, "Because he is so fixed on his goal he isn't himself anymore. He doesn't think like he used to. Probably doesn't take care of himself anymore."

Puptilian says, "Plus he has that curse from the injuries."

Balley softly says, "You are not Pylasar, the portal or Thadston."

Speaking to Balley, Pukk says, "Oh good..I was worried that I was for a few seconds there."

Balley softly says, "I wonder if that is being made worse or is how he is being controlled."

Puptilian says, "Desperate men do desperate things. I am sure he isn't thinking right."

Balley softly says, "I guess we will find out tomorrow."

Puptilian says, "That is wht you probably feel."

Balley softly says, "I really do think he is the even..."

Speaking heartily to Balley, Chamorr says, "Controlled or not, we is goin tomorrow."

Balley softly says, "Yep."

Zosopage says, "He still listens to reason as he did with stopping the sweep of the town and forcing people to leave."

Balley softly says, "We are heading into a certain trap."

Speaking to Balley, Puptilian says, "Yes."

Bernadette softly says, "Aye."

Balley softly says, "I think the portal is a trap."

Speaking heartily to Balley, Chamorr says, "Don't worry what ya can't do anything about."

Speaking heartily to Balley, Dwi says, "Should take a un-trapper den."

Balley softly says, "I wish we could get there another way by surprise."

Puptilian says, "Last week we seen where she can manupulate portals."

Zosopage says, "Pukk can disarm the trap."

Shinann says, "She altered it. Raznel did."

Puptilian says, "Best we can do is hope Pylasar is better again."

Balley softly says, "Have her waiting at one place and we enter at another."

Speaking to Zosopage, Pukk says, "Most likely."

Dwi heartily says, "But...."

Shinann says, "That is really not a secret."

Speaking to Balley, Shinann says, "That she altered the portal."

Balley softly says, "She has done a lot of things."

Xorus says, "There is no real choice but to use the portal, regardless of what she did to it."

Balley softly says, "I want her dead as much as everyone else."

Shinann says, "She used my blood to do something to it, also. No way to know what is going to happen."

Speaking confidently to Balley, Leafiara says, "Just one day to go."

Balley softly says, "I just hope to find all the answers I seek."

Balley softly says, "I would feel better if I knew what she used my blood for."

Speaking to Shinann, Raelee says, "I would argue there are many ways to know what may happen. We simply do not have time."

Balley softly says, "Why I got a scarab."

Dwi heartily says, "Ye folks sure is hung up onna yer blood."

Speaking to Raelee, Shinann says, "Possibly."

Speaking to Xorus, Pukk asks, "We didn't ask you your opinion. What are your thoughts on the economical impact of the pus-covered rolton wool on the Landing free trade market and how will that affect the tart prices that are imported from Icemule?"

Shinann says, "If we had time."

Balley softly says, "Blood is powerful stuff Dwi."

Speaking heartily to Balley, Dwi says, "I bleed mos days."

Pukk says, "Oh wait....that was the wrong question."

Pukk says, "I forget."

Puptilian says, "Let's be honest. The defenders of this town does its best work when pushed against the wall using its brute force. A lot better than subtle work anyway."

Balley softly says, "If it is taken and used.."

Speaking slowly to Shinann, Raelee adds, "... of course, simply... going through ought to answer the question."

Puptilian says, "Granted we break a lot of things on the way."

Soneiken says, "Tart, tart."

Speaking heartily to Balley, Dwi says, "Is not."

Rasson says, "Somethimes the why is you were just in the right place and the right time."

Balley softly says, "It used a lot."

Puptilian says, "Ok off to see if my Lady Imaera will listen to my prayers tonight."

Chamorr heartily says, "Ok, time to get ready fer tomorrow, drink scotch pass out on the rug."

Speaking heartily to Balley, Dwi says, "Well den...mine's gonna be half ale."

Puptilian says, "Despite what some think, I won't be able to sleep."

Balley softly says, "We will see what happens."

Speaking to Balley, Zosopage says, "You may have been chosen because you are an empath and can easily replenish blood."

Xorus says, "It will make a trade deficit and imbalance of payments with Icemule, so they will take our rotten wool or suffer with the cold."

Puptilian says, "Let's go Aatu."

Bernadette softly says, "Sometimes ye gotta break somepin to fix somepin else."

Leafiara wishes, "Have a good eve all. Especially since it could be our last."