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Use Weapons/Armors/Shields
Bonus +22
ST/DU 8/45
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier Unknown
Level Required 80
Special Properties Dispels opponents
Primary Color Steely
Dyeable Yes

Like krodera, kroderine is anti-magical in nature. Unlike krodera, kroderine absorbs magic rather than reflects it. As such, a weapon that is crafted of kroderine randomly dispels those that it is used on. At its base, kroderine handheld items (weapons/shields) dispel up to 3 spells, and worn items dispel up to 5.

Kroderine appears fairly similar to steel in its natural state. It has a tendency to blacken over time as a side effect of its special magic-consuming properties, though this can be concealed with dye.

Items made of kroderine cannot be used by anyone that "cannot survive an attack by a dhu goleras," which is about level 80.

Holding a kroderine shield reduces the wearer's maximum mana by 50% and provides a 15% chance to absorb an offensive spell. Wearing kroderine armor reduces maximum mana to 0 and provides a 30% chance to absorb an offensive spell. Wielding both results in them attempting to absorb the offensive spell in sequence beginning with the shield. Combined, they provide a ~40.5% chance to absorb an offensive spell.


Kroderine was released during Ebon Gate, in the year 5106; one longsword was released (a blackened kroderine longsword with a heavily enruned hilt). The only kroderine known to be in adventurer's hands was used to disable a complex series of magical wards created by the Hall of Mages to protect the Venquinor household in Solhaven in 5108.

At the Ebon Gate auction in the year 5109, a blackened kroderine full plate and a pitch-black kroderine aegis were available on the auction block. A few kroderine items have been made available via raffle or prizes in subsequent Ebon Gate festivals, as well as Droughtman's Challenge. Base kroderine items were available at the high end scrip shop at Duskruin Arena in April 2017.


Kroderine items cannot be enchanted or otherwise magically enhanced through most means, as the material absorbs the magic instantly.

  • Kroderine cannot be enchanted by Enchant (925), the premium points system, merchant services, or Duskruin enchant certs.
  • Kroderine items cannot be loresung by bards. If a bard does attempt to sing to it, the item stuns them and drains all of their mana. The bard will not be able to regain mana for approximately ten minutes.
  • Kroderine can have banes added to it.


Absorbing spells cast on kroderine (such as Weapon Fire):

Wizard gestures at you.
  CS: +XXX - TD: +XXX + CvA: +25 + d100: +7 - -5 == +104
  Warding failed!
Your kroderine longsword is struck with Wizard's cast.  The magic of the spell is instantly devoured by the longsword!

Dispel flares:

You leap from hiding to attack!
You take aim and swing a blasted kroderine sica at a twisted being!

 ** Your kroderine sica glows brightly for a moment, consuming the magical energies around the twisted being! **
The light blue glow leaves a twisted being.
The elemental aura around a twisted being wavers.

  AS: +414 vs DS: +185 with AvD: +24 + d100 roll: +55 = +308
   ... and hit for 67 points of damage!
   Slash strikes the twisted being's left eye.
   Seems there was a brain there after all.
A twisted being lets out a final, shrill shriek and dies.
A twisted being appears to recover some strength.
The deep blue glow leaves a twisted being.
The white light leaves a twisted being.
The very powerful look leaves a twisted being.
Roundtime: 4 sec.

You leap from hiding to attack!
You take aim and swing a blasted kroderine sica at a gnarled being!

  **Your kroderine sica glows brightly for a moment, consuming the magical energies around the gnarled being! **
[SMR result: 216 (Open d100: 50, Bonus: 84)]
   ... 30 points of damage!
   Vertebrae ripped from body!  The gnarled being's head falls into shoulders.
A gnarled being coughs up some blood and dies.
A gnarled being appears to recover some strength.

Roundtime: 4 sec. 

Absorbing loresinging:

The magic of your song begins to penetrate the kroderine full plate when something goes horribly wrong!  The normally faint resonating vibration is instead a cacophonous roar that not only readily consumes the magic of your song, but also begins to work its way into your very being.  Your mana is ripped away from you in an instant as you collapse to the ground, drained and feeling a horrible emptiness inside you!

Roundtime: 30 sec.

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