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Xa'ar is the northwestern peninsula of the continent Jaiman in the Shadow World history. It is the land immediately west of the Coastal Cliffs but does not exist in the modern history of Elanthia. It is flanked by Saralis to the southeast and the isle of Mur Fostisyr to the north, while its southern side is the Bay of Ulor. The warlord of Ulor, Lorgalis the White, historically controls Xa'ar through viceroys, as well as the southwestern peninsula of Ly-aran. This gives him control of the Bay of Ulor, as well as the ability to control Claedesbrim Bay (Darkstone Bay), especially if he seizes the Seolfar Strake (Lysierian Hills).

Rame Kelfour discovered the lost lands of Quellbourne after seeking out new hunting from Xa'ar and northern Saralis. This led to the founding of Kelfour's Landing, where GemStone III was originally set. The context of Lorgalis controlling the peninsula of Xa'ar, and so the naval access of Claedesbrim Bay, is relevant to the story of Kestrel Etrevion and the original background of the Council of Light.