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Use Weapons, Armor
Bonus +5
ST/DU 0/0
Rarity Rare
Weight Modifier 100%
Special Properties Lightning flares
Primary Color Bright White or Dark Blue
Dyeable ?

Veins of zorchar are often found atop high mountain peaks, forming vertical, arcing patterns down the sides of the peak. Appropriately, the mountains in which it is found are often the site of huge storms that rage with an almost unnatural fury. In color, it is bright white or dark blue, often giving off a dim glow that has no warmth, and it has a flat, unreflective surface. Its natural enchantment is equivalent to mithril. Zorchar can only be crafted into weapons, as armor made of the material is apt to give the wearer nasty jolts at random intervals.

Zorchar is an unusual metal, and tales concerning its creation abound, the most popular describing elementals of lightning striking a mountain and using up all their energy, becoming eternally infused into the surrounding rock and imbuing it with their qualities. When striking an opponent, a zorchar weapon will at times shock the foe, much akin to being struck by lightning. Smiths need to be cautious so as to not release this energy when striking the heated metal with a forging hammer.

The Grot'Karesh Hammer giantman clan were the first to discover zorchar, and have used it extensively in their workings to this day. It has since spread beyond their realm of influence, but they are among the most knowledgeable in it.

Zorchar is one of four materials that has an enchant bonus similar to mithril and this natural flaring property. The other natural flaring materials are rhimar (ice), drakar (fire), and gornar (vibration).

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