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Illustration of the Huntress - Arachne legend, as rendered by HATESHI.

Arachne was a Lesser Spirit, and was also known as The Betrayer.

Arachne was the mortal enemy of The Huntress, whom she betrayed before ascending as a Lesser Spirit. She was also the patroness of betrayal and spiders. As a human, Arachne had served as a bodyguard to a powerful queen. Likewise, the Huntress served as the bodyguard to the king. The Queen, jealous of the Huntress' beauty, arranged to have Arachne setup the Huntress to appear as if she planned to commit regicide. The Huntress was banished, though Arachne was imprisoned for her knowledge of the plot.

The Huntress eventually returned, then immortal, to gain her revenge on the Queen. Arachne begged the Huntress to free her, which she did, only to have Arachne stab her in the back. Arachne then greedily drank the immortal blood of the Huntress, but at the same time, was bit by a black widow spider. Thus, Arachne was transformed into a gross creature, mixed of woman and spider. She had since been worshiped by various cults.

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