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Current Inventory

Last revised: 6/17/18

a pristine wrought iron gate, [Map Room 5], Lich #26897, go wrought gate, go well-kept building


[The Blood Red Rose, Salesroom]
The entryway of the structure immediately opens up into a wide space. Thick blood red carpeting streams across the floor, contrasting with the pristinely white walls, which are decorated with elaborate molding, and chandeliers dripping in black, red, and clear crystals create opulence within the spare, museum-like room. Scattered between the various gold-inlaid display racks and stands, cushioned benches provide respite. All but one door are shut and barred closed, and a rope hangs across the staircase leading upstairs.
Obvious exits: out
These traditional Iasha-style weapons have been enchanted five times.

On the gold-inlaid display racks you see:

a white ora naginata incised with blood red slashes on the shaft naginata 7000
a white ora falchion set with blood red barbs along the pommel falchion 5500
a slender white ora hook with a blood red rune-carved handle fist-scythe 4000
a white ora flamberge with spirals of blood red rubies on the handle flamberge 6000
a white ora trident with blood red sigils gouged into the shaft trident 5500
a blood red-handled white ora skull-crusher war hammer 5000
a thick-bladed white ora backsword with a blood red-enruned hilt backsword 5000
a white ora waraxe inset with blood red rubies along the haft handaxe 5000

On the stands you see:

a pair of dark kidskin gloves inset with white ora sigils UAC gloves 3500
a pair of dark kidskin boots inset with white ora sigils UAC boots 5000
a white ora razorpaw inset with deep blood red ruby veins razorpaw 3500
a white ora maul with a cluster of blood red rubies at the base maul 5500
an ensigiled white ora warsword hilt-wrapped with blood red suede bastard sword 6000
a tall white ora poleaxe with a blood red ruby-studded langet jeddart-axe 6000
a white ora mace accented with a blood red-foliated shaft mace 5000
a curved white ora dagger with a blood red leather-banded hilt dagger 3500


[The Blood Red Rose, Contracts]
Like the entryway, this room is styled with molding-accented white walls, a crystal-decked chandelier, and, underfoot, plush, blood red carpet. A glass case stands in the center of the area. Pushed up against one wall, a large statue is situated in such a way as to block a partially boarded-up doorway.

In the glass case you see:

a bronze Iasha certificate Add all-profession upgrade to T1 or T2 5000
a metallic Iasha certificate Unlock T1 to T2 7500