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Iasha white ora weapons were originally sold off the shelf at the pay-for auction the Wavedancer. They are a special kind of white ora weaponry. They are separated into three tiers: locked, unlocked, and 6x with special properties. Five 5x and one 6x weapon were auctioned off at each of the first four runs of the Wavedancer. Three fourth tier weapons were auctioned off at the Foehn's Promise. Tier one weapons were available for sale at Duskruin Arena.

Tier one

  • a gleaming white ora pike
  • a gleaming white ora awl-pike
  • a ruic-shafted gleaming white ora glaive
  • a black oak shafted white ora Hammer-of-Kai
  • a fel-shafted sweeping white ora beaked axe
  • a fearsome white ora sledgehammer
  • a white ora flamberge
  • a double-bladed white ora adze
  • a ruic-handled white ora flail
  • a illthorn-hafted white ora military pick
  • a back-spiked white ora war mattock
  • a white ora falchion
  • a white ora bastard sword
  • a white ora handaxe
  • a white ora whip-blade
  • a white ora estoc
  • a white ora mace
  • a white ora morning star
  • a white ora quoit
  • a white ora dagger
  • a white ora katar
  • a white ora sai
  • a white ora troll-claw
  • a white ora yierka-spur
  • a white ora jackblade

Tier three

  • a white ora flamberge (Went out first run of the Wavedancer, won by Bluehand)
  • a white ora no-dachi (Went out the second run of the Wavedancer, won by Spendel)
  • a white ora sledgehammer (Went out the third run of the Wavedancer, won by Gyp)
  • a white ora morning star (Went out the fourth run of the Wavedancer)
  • a white ora awl-pike (Went out at the second Foehn's Promise)
  • a white ora lance (Went out at the second Foehn's Promise, only one that was 4x (cared for by Eaglezaon) instead of 6x)
  • a white ora katar (Went out at the second Foehn's Promise)
  • a slender white ora lance (Possibly the 4x lance enchanted to 6x)
  • a thin-bladed white ora espadon with downswept falcon wing quillons (6x bastard sword)
  • a regal white ora longsword (Created on the Wavedancer for Katara)


  • Tier One: Locked - has holy fire flares (2-75 damage) and random messaging in the hands of a paladin or cleric. Only has two verbs available for use
  • Tier Two: Unlocked - has holy fire flares (2-75 damage) and random messaging in the hands of a paladin or cleric. Has all verbs except attend unlocked
  • Tier Three: has holy fire flares (2-75 damage) and random messaging in the hands of a paladin or cleric. Has all verbs unlocked. +3 Wisdom Stat bonus. 1x/day teleportation to your deities temple.
  • Lesser All-Profession upgrade: allows Tier One and Tier Two Iasha weapon to be used (in terms of the flares and verb traps) by any profession.
  • Greater All-Profession upgrade: allows Tier Three weapons to be used (in terms of the WIS bonus and teleporting ability) by any profession. These can only be applied to weapons that have an existing Lesser All-Profession upgrade on them.


As you gaze on the haft of your white ora sledgehammer, your eyes mist over and you see the holy symbol of <deity> burn in your mind.
As you wave the white ora sledgehammer in the air, bursts of white-hot baneful flames fly from it in every direction.
You sets the tip of his white ora sledgehammer on the ground, bowing your head and murmuring a prayer to his patron.
You lovingly trace your fingers along the veins of white-ora folded into the sledgehammer.
You run a finger down the surface of the sledgehammer. You stop to admire its flawless craftsmanship, all of it crafted from gleaming white ora and meticulously maintained. Unfortunately, you forgot about the flames surrounding it, and it is hot!
You point your weapon into the sky and roar a battlecry to <deity>.
Holding your white ora sledgehammer, you cry out, "<deity>, aid me in my hour of need!"
As you pray over your white ora sledgehammer, a shining white pillar of light appears. A gateway opens inviting you in, and you step forward into it.
Teleports you once a day if you're a cleric or paladin.

The raise verb trap is deity-based. Some deities have multiple raise messages. Not all deities have special messaging, including at least Ivas and Koar.
  • As you raise your white ora sledgehammer high over your head, pulsing crimson light glows from your hands and your white ora sledgehammer shimmers briefly into a twin headed purple serpent, hissing with seeming anticipation.
  • As you raise your blade high, you feel your features twisting into a cruel mask. A writhing sensation on your arm causes you to look over in alarm, and your face pales as you notice a two-headed purple snake working its way slowly up your white ora sledgehammer. When the snake reaches the tip of it, it melts slowly into it without a trace.
  • As you raise your white ora troll-claw, the sound of a distant, rolling surf echoes in your mind.
  • A low peal of thunder is heard in the distance as damp sea-scented fog flows into the room. The luminescent fog briefly obscures the area from sight as it tickles the tongue with the faintest taste of salt. Feeling your faith restored by the Ocean Lord's glory, you resolve to continue your fight for honor of the Six Seas.
  • As you raise your white ora falchion, the loud ringing of a hammer upon metal reverberates through your head.
  • Sweat beads on your face, and the sound of hammers ringing on anvils fills your ears as you heft the white ora falchion above your head. The white ora falchion glows as red as a forge for a moment, bathing the area in its glow before you lower it again.
  • As you raise your white ora pike, for a brief moment a swirling darkness washes through the area.
  • You raise your white ora no-dachi. You gain a moment of clarity, and you realize just how to make good use of this white ora no-dachi.
  • As you raise your white ora no-dachi it grows dark and deep within you catch a brief glimpse of a long dead secret.
  • As you raise your white ora sledgehammer a sudden sense of finality sparks a moment of inner reflection.
  • Third: As <person> raises his white ora sledgehammer a sudden sense of finality sparks a moment of inner reflection.
  • As your raise your footman's lance a gentle breeze bearing the scent of wheat and barley blows through the area.
  • As you raise your white ora troll-claw a dark, forboding feeling comes over you.
  • As you raise your white ora falchion high, a deep blue aura surrounds the falchion and flows along the surface. Reaching the base, it dims to a soft ivory light before fading slowly away.
  • You thrust your falchion into the air, and your arm begins to vibrate from a jarring force. The sound of hooves reaches your ears moments before you are nearly blinded by the ivory light that travels up your falchion. Blinking into the light, you note the ivory image of a stallion launching itself from the tip of your weapon, only to transform into an owl. The owl beats its wings once only and then fades into nothingness.
  • As you raise your white ora no-dachi, you feel the the gentle caress of the Lady's hand run over your soul.
  • As you raise your white ora no-dachi softly whispered secrets drift past the edge of your conciousness.
  • As you raise your white ora falchion, a horrible feeling of hunger works its way into your throat.
  • As Thresher raises his white ora falchion, a horrible feeling of hunger works its way into your throat.
  • As you raise your white ora falchion, a warm feeling spreads outward from it and washes over you.
  • You raise your fingerless gloves in triumph. Pure white flames leap from them into the air.
  • As you raise your white ora pike, a flash a of bright light bursts forth briefly from it.
  • As you kick out with your white ora-inset boots, an image from your last dream rises up in your mind.
  • As you kick out with your white ora-inset boots, they seem to shift and darken to a midnight color. A soft silver nimbus surrounds the boots for a brief instant, then slowly dissipates into the sky.
  • You slash the air before you, a fading trail of tiny stars following in the white ora-inset boots's wake.
  • As Chaqual raises his white ora espadon, the disturbing call of a jackal sends a shiver down your spine.
  • You lift your sledgehammer above your head and are suddenly surrounded by the gentle sound of chimes ringing in the air. Rolling blue and yellow light bounces across your sledgehammer, each strike sounding like the ring of a perfectly pitched chime. When your arm reaches to its fullest extension, a final resonating chord is struck. You lower your arm, allowing the beautiful sound to fade into heavy silence.
  • You raise your sledgehammer and a burst of white energy extends from the weapon to momentarily form a white shield symbol over your head.
  • You thrust your arm high into the air and feel a cold determination filling you. Ebony lights glitter with golden speckles as they rise from the hilt of your weapon towards the tip of your sledgehammer. Several golden shields break through the ebony surface for a moment before the sledgehammer is consumed in darkness. Your sledgehammer resonates loudly for a mere moment then the light bursts into a shower of ebony and golden sparks that shower down around you when you lower your sledgehammer.
  • As your raise your white ora naginata, there is a prickling feeling in the back of your mind, as if someone is trying to set something free.

Random messaging

  • The crimson flames surrounding your white ora sledgehammer flare up a brilliant orange for a moment.
  • Waves of heat rise from the surface of your white ora sledgehammer, creating a hazy aura about it.
  • Fiery sparks from the surface of your white ora sledgehammer hiss as they fade in the nearby air.
  • The white ora sledgehammer pulses in your hand, as if seeking something.
  • You flich as the flames surrounding your white ora sledgehammer flare out suddenly!
  • The flames surrounding your white ora sledgehammer blaze up for a moment.
  • Burning low, the flames encasing your white ora sledgehammer emit an angry hiss.
  • The flames surrounding your white ora sledgehammer swirl around and a low murmuring can be faintly heard. You think one of them was, "Release."

Flare messaging

  • As you attack, the baneful white flames surrounding your white ora maul flare off and strike, bathing the ghostly pooka in fiery death!
  • A peal of thunder cracks from your white ora maul as baneful white light streams forth to surround ghostly pooka, assaulting it with flames of white-hot fury!
  • As your white ora maul connects with the kiramon worker, baneful white flames stream off the maul and strike, leaving smoking, ragged burns behind!
  • As you land your blow, the flames surrounding the white ora maul begin to swirl and burn and set the kiramon worker alight! It falls to the floor and rolls to put the blaze out!
  • Baneful white flames dance from your white ora maul as an unseen wind fans them into a raging conflaguration that assault the kiramon worker!


As you begin to sing, your vision clouds over and a scene unfolds before you. The image of a scarred dwarf in white leathers laboring deep in a dark, dank mine, grunting as he extracts precious white ora ore.

As you continue to sing, you can see the dwarf laboring over a hot iron forge. He mops his brow continually as he pumps the bellows then returns to the anvil, coaxing a weapon from the white-hot metal. As he hammers again and again with a perfect eonake forging-hammer he looks more and more pleased with his work. He now and again sticks it into a trough filled with a shimmering oil. After a few more minutes of hammering, he begins to look unsatisfied with his results, and then suddenly tosses it back into the fire. "I can do better than that, for Eonak's glory!"

As you continue to sing, your inner vision once again focuses on the scarred dwarf, carefully polishing the (WEAPON) before handing it to an imposing priest. His raiment is of the finest quality, from the magnificent cloth-of-silver cope, his bejeweled miter, and gleaming amethyst on his hand marking him as one of the ecclesiastical hierarchy. He sets the weapon on the altar and cries, "In the name of (BARD'S DEITY), I consecrate this weapon."

As your song comes to an end, you see the (WEAPON NOUN) being used in combat training in the monastery. A burly dwarven acolyte rains down blow after blow versus an obviously overmatched elven clark. Finally, the white ora awl-pike bursts into flames and sets the elf's shield alight! He cries out, "The day is yours M'laird Dwarf. I prostrate myself to your superior skills and must atone for my lack." He glances at the knotted scourge on the training wall and grimaces.

The Merchant

You see Brother Iasha Lisirion the Elf Cleric.
He appears to be in his 180's, has long, braided golden blond hair, multihued eyes, and tanned skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a jewel-inlaid eonake adze in his right hand.
He is wearing a shimmering glaesine orb, some scuffed black leather sandals, a high-collared silk vestment, a bejewelled miter, a wide silk crimson alb, and a golden scroll satchel. 

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