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Arrival and Rivals

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1355
Date: 07/20/2011 09:29 PM CDT
Subject: WL Storyline Updates

Councilman Juramis stopped by the Hearthstone Porch to chat for a few this evening with Greganth and others who came by.

You see Councilman Juramis Du'Lasfeur the Delegate.
He appears to be a Human from Seareach.
He is short and appears to be middle-aged. He has heavy-lidded brown eyes and ruddy skin. He has short, curly ginger hair. He has a plump face and heavy jowls. He is rotund.
He is in good shape.
He is holding an urglaes-capped enruned ironwood scepter branded with ancient sigils in his right hand.
He is wearing an intricate black ora rose suspended from a slender veil iron chain, a mottled morduska skin reticule, some crimson watered silk vestments trimmed with gold and silver thread, a tiny black coin pouch emblazoned with a pair of crossed silvery scimitars, and some cork and snakeskin sandals decorated with polished golvern beads.

Juramis is a trader in metals and supplies armies. He profits from wars, in particular, and supplies both the Empire and the enemies of the Empire's enemies, he claims. He is particularly on the lookout for urnon ore for a client he would not name, though he stated that it was presumptuous to refer to the client as a he and that the client was becoming demanding, and that s/he perhaps wanted the ore for a birthday present for a child. He is offering an unspecified sum or trade for ore of the right purity. His company previously had some urnon some years ago, but there was some sort of accident where the volatile metal killed the dwarves tending it, who had it in Juramis's warehouse at "Brisker's Cove."

Juramis came to the Landing because he prefers the lower taxes and lesser oversight of the border town. He has recently taken up a council seat at Barnom Slim's suggestion, and he wishes to ensure that the voices of the merchants are heard. He is implicitly gathering political and local support against Mayor Walkar.

Based on the guy's trading, his silent client, his quest for urnon, the things he's wearing, and his animus for Walkar, Nuadjha trusts him about as far as you can throw him.

~ Nuadjha, the Briar Fox
Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1361
Date: 07/21/2011 12:24 PM CDT
Subject: Re: WL Storyline Updates

>>Also, is it just that simple to get a council seat?

GM Marstreforn is playing the role of Councilman Juramis, so that's definitely one more NPC name to be on the lookout for.

Wehnimer's Landing politics have always been shady and questionable in the past, which is something I hope to remedy in the future. Currently the Wordsmiths are helping me work up a document detailing the official politics of Wehnimer's Landing, which would detail mayoral elections, terms, council appointments, etc. So while there will still no doubt be shady things going on from time to time, at least they'll be a reference for the laws being broken, heh.

For those who don't recall, before the troll army arrived, allies of the summoners teleported into town and assassinated five council members. Oddly enough, those were the only council members who were very openly supportive of Mayor Walkar. A handful of council members remain, including Barnom Slim and Juramis Du'Lasfeur. I'd wager a few more of the surviving council members will at least make a few appearances as the last two chapters unfold.

-GM Kenstrom-

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1399
Date: 08/04/2011 02:36 PM CDT
Subject: Motion at Moot Hall

Early this morning, a group of citizens met with the Wehnimer's Landing Town Council behind closed doors. Their spokesman, an old huntsman named Colson, spoke on behalf of the small group. An hour later, the townspeople emerged from the council chambers and seemed rather pleased before dispersing.

When later questioned, Councilman Barnom Slim shed some light on the meeting, "The citizens we spoke with have requested a motion be formed to allow townspeople the chance to sign a local petition to remove Mayor Walkar from office. The town council has listened to their arguments and we will spend the next few days considering it before making any decisions."

Mayor Walkar was found in his office and commented, "I'm not naïve. I've heard the rumors, I've seen the anger. I also know I have few friends, if any, among the town council. But I have a backbone, and I have the courage to stand up to our real enemies. I have nothing to hide and nothing to be afraid of. If they want to have their petition, they can have it. I'll be busy actually working to keep our town safe, not fueling division."

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1414
Author: EJKATZ
Date: 08/07/2011 11:20 PM CDT
Subject: A torn sheet of parchment, inscribed with ink, pegged to the front door of Moot Hall with a dagger.

A torn sheet of parchment, inscribed with ink, pegged to the front door of Moot Hall with a dagger. on 08/07/2011 11:20 PM CDT [A raggedly torn parchment has been tacked to the front door of the Moot Hall. Scrawled in hurried letters are the following words:]

To the populace:

At the behest of the ever so helpful suggestion of Councilman Juramis, this petition has been formulated to lend an opposing voice the the official petition seeking the recall of Mayor Walkar.

Those who sign below are voicing their support for the Mayor's continuing service to the town of Wehnimer's Landing, as he was charged in democratic election. We oppose that he should be thusly stripped of his position without the opposing opinion being heard, against the free democratic process, and as such, should be noted for posterity.

[The parchment hangs down several feet with blank space available for signatures. The first signature, scrawled with angry penstrokes reads:]

  • Mohrgan Leyah, Master at Arms of the Warrior's Guild.

(OOC note: Since mechanics prevent us from actually getting a real petition in place, I vote that we should sign here, until a suitable mechanically viable petition be placed, as per our request)

  • Mohrgan grins cheerfully*
Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1414
Date: 08/08/2011 12:47 PM CDT
Subject: Wehnimer's Merchants Speak Out

In the growing debate regarding Mayor Walkar and the uprising of angry citizens, many well known local merchants have also taken a stand on both sides of the argument.

To the surprise of many, the merchants Tykel, Dakris and even Larton signed the petition outside of Moot Hall. While Tykel refused to comment, Dakris did say the mayor's Jantalarian past played a role in his opposition, and Larton expressed his deep seeded hatred for orcs and questioned the mayor's decisions involving them.

On the other hand, many town merchants have now also openly expressed their support for Mayor Walkar.

Beldrin, the Gaming Hall owner replied, "Walkar captures the true spirit of this town. I don't care for the rumors. I judge the leader I see and I see a warrior who will die if necessary to defend our town, and of course keep gambling taxes low."

Brother Wuldreth, the cleric shop proprietor defended the mayor as well, saying, "Mayor Walkar, along with our courageous people, have stood up against the evil that has threatened this town. To sign a petition against Walkar is a slap in the face of our heroes and their sacrifice. I pray the shadows will be lifted from the eyes of the misguided sheep."

Even Edwina, Lartons' ex-wife threw her support behind the Mayor, "Larton's a fool for signing that petition. If we weren't divorced already, we'd be divorced now. I heard a rumor some citizens are putting together their own petition to keep Walkar? You tell me when and where, I'll be there to sign it."

Other merchants, such as Murdos, Aznell and Iron Jack confirmed they supported the mayor but would not add their names to any petition.

Due to the request of players, I will be setting up a pro-mayor petition outside of Thrak's Inn tonight, when I get home from work and able to log in. The petition can hold 100 names. I will add another petition if it gets full. Remember to READ the heading on the petition before you WRITE on the petition.

Happy signing!

-GM Kenstrom-

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1414
Date: 08/10/2011 10:24 AM CDT
Subject: Ambush at the Docks

Late into last evening, one of Lord Grishom Stone's merchant vessels arrived at the north docks of Wehnimer's Landing. While crew members were unloading crates of wares, shadowy figures ambushed them and carted off many of the supplies and even set fire to the ship. Militia members and other crew men were able to put out the fire but the mysterious assailants escaped into the night with reportedly millions in merchandise.

Found shortly after the attack, Grishom commented, "I will use all resources available to myself to discover the identity behind these thieves. I would hope the town's authorities will do the same. I have only Wehnimer's Landing's best interest in mind and these shipments are critical to further renovations in the town. I do not understand why people would try to undermine the prosperity of the Landing, but yet in a way, I am not surprised."

Khylon, the town's marshal said that he would increase the amount of guards at the docks and encouraged anyone with any information to come forward.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1414
Date: 08/13/2011 10:04 AM CDT
Subject: Wehnimer's Landing Petition Results!

A week ago, the town council of Wehnimer's Landing approved a petition to be formed outside of Moot Hall, at the behest of a group of angry citizens led by an old huntsman named Colson. The petition was to remove Mayor Walkar from his office and be replaced by an interim mayor until new elections could be held.

Days later, a group of citizens who defended the mayor setup their own petition outside of Thrak's Inn which had been formed to demonstrate their support for Mayor Walkar. The petition filled up fast.

Late last evening, Mayor Walkar himself appeared outside of Moot Hall and confronted a gathered crowd. He verbally sparred with a few protestors and known outlaws, defended his positions and decisions once more, and thanked those present who were supporting him. After the mayor left, town officials arrived and removed the petition, along with the one outside of Thrak's Inn.

The town council weighed the petitions early this morning and after a few hours of record checking, Councilman Barnom Slim issued a comment, "We have gone through the signatures on each petition and found some discrepancies on both having the names of non-citizens. Even in light of that, the petition against Mayor Walkar did not receive the number of signatures required. While I am proud to have listened to the request of some of our outspoken citizens, under our rules established their motion to remove the mayor has failed. Let us hope we can move on from here."

Merely moments after hearing the news, the old huntsman Colson began shouting outside of Moot Hall and demanding justice and the removal of the mayor. "Walkar's sittin' high and mighty in his office upstairs, lookin' down on us with his smug Jantalarian face! This isn't over! Hear me when I tell you that much! This ain't over!" The huntsman was seen storming off with a group of angry townspeople.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1447
Date: 08/15/2011 08:35 AM CDT
Subject: Town Council Addresses Merchant Violence

Two evenings ago, the esteemed merchant Lord Grishom Stone was assaulted in the Stone Baths by a citizen, Vivaldi. Witnesses later confirmed the identity. With Lorminstra's favor and the ressurection performed by the cleric Nevik, Grishom was back up moments later.

The incident was taken before the Wehnimer's town council and Councilman Barnom Slim announced a decision this morning.

"The citizen in question has been arrested and paid his fine. While Lord Stone is not pressing for further action at this time, the rest of the town council and I have put in place a new protection for all members of the town's Merchant Guild. The anger of some of our townspeople continues to grow, but we cannot have the flaring tempers of citizens jeopardize losing important business in the Landing. Nor do we wish to weaken our alliance with the Baron in Mestanir. With safety in mind, any future assaults on members of the Merchant's Guild will result in banishment from Wehnimer's Landing. There is danger everywhere these days, we wish to minimize it within our own walls."


Speaking to Juramis, Demyse says, "It would appear if something is not done soon enough.. the people we riot."

Juramis turns over his ironwood scepter.

Juramis leans on his scepter.

Juramis huskily says, "The riot is a matter that must be addressed immediately.  A few have mentioned an outraged citizen named Colson."

Speaking to Juramis, Demyse says, "In the current mindset of the people and defenders these days. It would not be wise to travel the streets unprotected."

Speaking to Juramis, Maetriks says, "Aye. He was the one who asked for the petitions."

Speaking to Juramis, Nazca asks, "Isnt colson some farmer who's son died during the troll invasions?"

Speaking to Juramis, Maetriks says, "And it sounds as if he has started his own little "group"."

Juramis huskily says, "Yes, rumor has it there are some known as Liberators."

Juramis huskily says, "They plot against Walkar.  This is not good for the town either.  It seems half the town is in arms over Walkar being in office, and the other half are in arms to defend it from those who attack us."

Juramis huskily says, "Good for business, if Tykel's doors stay open."

Juramis huskily says, "As long as my ship can make it to dock safely."

Juramis huskily says, "This news of the riot is not going to bode well with my peers in the Guild."

Juramis sighs.

Speaking to Juramis, Demyse says, "Indeed. And several of Walkar's own men have spoken about lifting blades against the people they've been hired to help."

Juramis huskily says, "Mercenaries that he hired."

Juramis huskily says, "Those with the silvers invested in the town pay the greatest taxes to afford these mercenaries, it should only be fair that we are able to make sure they are doing a proper job."

Speaking to Juramis, Demyse says, "This town needs men from the Baron."

Juramis huskily says, "I see no reason to bring the Empire into this."

Juramis huskily says, "As a councilman, I serve as a delegate for my peers in the Guild.  I have no ties to the Empire myself, only then being a citizen of Brisker's Cove."

Juramis huskily says, "Hopefully we don't see any shops closing their doors in fear."

Juramis huskily says, "It would be a shame if Dakris, Tykel and Larton decided to lock up their doors."

Juramis huskily says, "There is enough concern."

Juramis nods.

Speaking to Juramis, you ask, "And th' merchants who supported Walkar?"

Juramis slowly empties his lungs.

Juramis huskily says, "They have good hearts."

You make a horrendous warthog-like noise.

Juramis huskily says, "Perhaps too good."

Maetriks says, "Or they fear..."

You say, "They outnumbered those who opposed him."

Juramis huskily says, "I would hope our mayor does not resort to using fear."

Juramis frowns.

Speaking to Juramis, Demyse says, "Several did express fear.. felt that HAD to sign the petition for Walkar."

Speaking to Juramis, Maetriks says, "The confectioner, Middala, signed her name of the petition calling for Walkar's removal and she was attacked on her way home the other night."

You shake your head.

Speaking huskily to you, Juramis says, "As a man who has worked in the trade and shipping business for many years, I can tell you without doubt that those who are unhappy are often heard more loudly then those who are content."

Speaking to Juramis, you say, "Perhaps a fund raiser is in order for Larton, Dakris, and Tykel. All th' town really. Frontier Days is nearly upon us and it will be most profitable for them all."

Speaking huskily to you, Juramis says, "Ah, you said what every merchant would like to hear."

Juramis huskily says, "Perhaps I will use this festival as a way to calm my peers."

Juramis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to you, Anru says, "He said that those who gave ear to to those criticizing him, and calling for hs removal were, in his eyes, servants of the summoners. Not exactly an olive branch to those angry with some of his choices."

You say, "Mayor Walkar is an elected official. His time in that role will expire, but it seems that someone has a very time sensitive agenda and would rather incite certain subsets of th' population to move that agenda along more quickly."

Juramis huskily says, "When I mention profits they always seem to smile."

Juramis huskily says, "More sales, more profits."

Demyse says, "He speaks against the Council."

Speaking huskily to Demyse, Juramis asks, "What has he said against the council?"

Speaking to Juramis, Maetriks says, "That the entire council was bought."

Speaking huskily to Maetriks, Juramis asks, "Hopefully enough profit to offset the costs, that is usually the way of a successful trade yes?"

(Grishom Stone arrives)

Speaking huskily to Grishom, Juramis asks, "Good evening, Lord Stone.  I heard a farmer attacked you in your own establishment?"

(more to this one)
Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1452
Date: 08/18/2011 04:10 PM CDT
Subject: The Landing Liberators

Hushed whispers in dark alleys and inns speak of a growing movement in Wehnimer's, calling themselves the Landing Liberators. Some are even so bold as to speak openly in public, actively recruiting and handing our membership bracers and sticking up anti-mayor signs around town.

Some say they answer to Colson, an angry citizen who recently failed in petitioning for the mayor to be removed. Others deny that and swear they answer to no one, "especially that Mayor Walkar!" as one member claimed. Regardless, they all say that if any angry citizens wish membership, they should seek out Colson or look for the red and black bracers of freedom.

Mayor Walkar, despite his haggard and scruffy appearance as of late, has ordered increased mercenary patrols to begin by the weekend, especially in light of the upcoming Frontier Days festival. The dwarf Khylon Oakspear, the Marshal of Wehnimer's commented on the added watch, "We've got many things goin' on and merchants comin' into town for the next two weeks. We want citizens and visitors alike to know we're protectin' 'em. Those naïve "liberators" can yammer all they want, but if they're to be endangerin' folks, then that's when we'll be steppin' in."

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1492
Date: 08/25/2011 07:39 PM CDT
Subject: Ambush Outside Wehnimer's Landing

Last evening a number of bandits snuck into Wehnimer's Landing and ambushed people in the streets. Each bandit wore a matching scarlet sash and a gold pin that read, "I Support Mayor Walkar."

Shortly after the initial attack, an explosion erupted in the night sky above Lower Dragonsclaw and a number of citizens and heroes rushed to the scene. A wagon, presumably on its way to Wehnimer's, was found on the trail, scorched from fire. When the heroes arrived, some bandits attacked them and a number of them made away with some of the wagon's inventory. Left behind were some treasure chests and two crates.

Marshal Khylon Oakspear arrived shortly after the wagon fire and questioned witnesses present. Inside one crate were a number of elven gems, a few blazestars, despanals and a viridian soulstone. There was also a black case containing ten black daggers etched with a green serpent. The second crate contained only a few broken shards of glass, but the bottom was stained with an oily substance. Dwarven guards arrived and carried off the second crate for further investigation.

Less than an hour ago, after the local alchemist finished examining the oily substance, Councilman Barnom Slim released a statement, "The archmage Krylonna has finished her conclusive work and has informed the council that what was once inside that broken crate was the unholy poison, Luukosian deathwort. Such a revelation goes hand in hand with the daggers found in the wagon as well. We believe the bandits were after the poison, and may have made off with some before the rest was destroyed. We also have reason to believe these same bandit strikes are linked to the thugs who attacked one of Lord Grishom's ships off the dock. We're still investigating where the wagon was traveling from and who it belonged too, as no driver or guards were found."

Mayor Walkar added his own comments about the situation as well, "I do not want the townspeople to be alarmed, and encourage everyone to press on and enjoy the rest of Frontier Days. Guards will continue to patrol the streets and we're going to be adding a presence in the forest for the protection of our citizens and merchants. We are also offering a reward to anyone with information that leads to the whereabouts of who might have stolen the deathwort."

When the mayor was asked about why the bandits were wearing pins in support of him, he growled and stormed off, muttering about not wasting time with such obvious ruses.


A group of women walk past, carrying wooden signs and saying, ''Our husbands were killed by an orc Walkar pardoned. He has made his choice. Now we must send him back to Jantalar!''

An old decrepit man stumbles in, his one eye scanning the area before saying, ''Ol' Mayor Walkar is nothin' but a puppet for the Empire. Born in Jantalar, making nice with Mestanir? It's only a matter of time until we're sucked into Turam...Tur...zyr...whatever.'' The old man mumbles and wanders off.

A cloaked figure arrives and in a hushed tone says, ''We're taking back our town. We're always welcoming more into the Landing Liberators. Seek out Colson and let's send this Mayor packing.''

A group of militiamen march through the area, each carrying a painted wooden sign. Their voices carry as they shout, ''Mayor Walkar pardons murderers! He chooses orcs over citizens! The Mayor's got to go!''

A cloaked figure arrives and says, ''Colson's petition to the town council has failed, but it won't stop us. We won't go away until the mayor does.''

Shouts rise up from somewhere nearby, as a chorus of angry voices yell, ''Down with Mayor Walkar! Down with Mayor Walkar!'

A group of townspeople gather and begin to protest, shouting obscenities about the town mayor before a squad of dwarven mercenaries arrive. The dwarves break up the crowd, pushing them around as they send the protesters running.
Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1492
Date: 09/04/2011 01:36 PM CDT
Subject: Frontier Days Ends in Tragedy

Over the last month, civil unrest has been rising within Wehnimer's Landing as a movement against Mayor Walkar became more and more vocal. A petition was formed to remove the mayor from office, but it failed. Crowds began to form and protest the mayor, even waving around signs with anti-mayor slogans, planting some of them in the ground around town.

During Frontier Days, the anti-mayor movement seemed to go into a lull, with only the occasional group of townspeople protesting or wandering around muttering propaganda. However, last evening as Lord Grishom Stone did merchant work for a large gathering of people, a disgruntled citizen ran into the crowd, tossed down a magical crimson orb and ran off. The orb suddenly exploded, sending a ring of fire rippling outward and killing dozens and dozens of people and wounding the rest.

Healers and clerics were quick to arrive and help the bodies as fast as they could. Officials were alerted and dwarven sentinels took to the streets, searching for a man named Vaurus, who up until recently was part of the town's militia, before he angrily resigned over protest of the mayor. Vaurus has currently eluded officials, but the hunt continues. Lord Grishom later returned that evening to offer more merchant services without any further conflict.

Moments ago, Mayor Walkar issued a statement regarding the recent violence. "Perhaps I have been too tolerant of those who hated me. The last thing I wanted was to be seen as a cruel leader, like some haughty elven king or corrupt emperor. So logical citizens and myself suffered these protests and propaganda. We were wrong to think it'd go away. These Landing Liberators are self-proclaimed heroes, but in truth, they are just as savage, if not more so, than the trolls we fought months ago. Innocent people have died now, and so we cannot endure this movement further. I will use all resources available to crush this uprising, because the security of our town and the safety of our citizens depend on it. You have been warned."


A cloaked figure moves through the crowd, slipping out of sight.

Vaurus exclaims, "Walkar must go!"

Vaurus yells, "Walkar MUST GO!"

Vaurus yells, "Down with Walkar!"

Vaurus yells, "Fools! Walkar supporters!"

Vaurus removes a small crimson glass orb from in his dark azure cloak.

Vaurus runs a finger across a faint rune on his orb and it begins to flash with a brilliant light. Crimson energy within the orb begins to churn rapidly.

Vaurus leans forward and rolls his flashing crimson glass orb across the ground.

A brilliant crimson light shines out of the crimson glass orb.

The crimson glass orb suddenly explodes, tiny shards of glass scattering as a ring of crimson flames bursts forth, rippling out in every direction!

58 people die, countless others wounded.
Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1492
Date: Dakris the Furrier Closes Shop!
Subject: 09/06/2011 10:38 PM CDT

Angry citizens have been rioting in the streets of Wehnimer's Landing, clashing with other citizens and even hired dwarven mercenaries. Numerous buildings have been set on fire, including the mayor's office, all of which were put out by local heroes using buckets provided in a few establishments around town. While the angry mobs continue to come out mostly at night, there are still pockets of conflict throughout the city.

The uprising has been unsettling for many local merchants. Earlier in the evening, Dakris the Furrier officially closed his doors for business, citing that he would re-open them once Mayor Walkar was no longer in office. The furrier was quoted as saying, "Your axe can't save the town this time Walkar, you need to go."

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1624
Date: 09/09/2011 12:08 AM CDT
Subject: Kilron's Pawnshop Closes!

Armored dwarven sentinels continue to clash with angry citizens in the streets of Wehnimer's Landing. A handful of disgruntled townspeople have also been mysteriously supplied with magical crimson orbs that when activated create devastating outcomes and many corpses. Whether for or against Mayor Walkar, the town is becoming divided.

Days after Dakris closed up the furrier in protest over the mayor, the merchant Kilron has now followed suit and closed up the pawnshop in Wehnimer's Landing. "Do I enjoy the prospect of losing business?" Kilron said, "No, I don't. But I also don't enjoy watching people die in our streets, towns people turn on each other, and chaos grow all because our lousy mayor just won't leave already. You want my business open? Get rid of Mayor Walkar."

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1650
Date: 09/10/2011 12:11 AM CDT
Subject: Mayor Walkar Issues Bounty

Populated areas in town continue to be the target of an ex-militia member who is using magical crimson glass orbs to cause devastation. In response to the growing threat, Mayor Walkar has issued a bounty on the criminal Vaurus.

While there are now reports that a handful of other disgruntled citizens have gotten their hands on these crimson orbs, Vaurus is the prime suspect and the mayor feels his capture can provide useful, not only in stopping his destruction but in supplying information about the town's true enemies.

The mayor has gone through some of the town's coffers and is officially offering up a reward of 2,000,000 silvers for the capture of Vaurus.

The apprehension attempts in bringing to justice the fugitive militiaman, Vaurus, took another turn today just past the noon hour. Vaurus, though hurt by one of his own bombs, was able to escape through smoke and shadow, it's unconfirmed if this is magical or some kind of escape smoke bomb.

Four confirmed bombings occured starting in East Tower, followed by Town Square, the Thrak's Inn trophy room, and the Small park. City residents as individuals or in small groups scoured the streets looking for the culprit. All of the catacomb entrances were checked, all city streets combed, and shops were scoured, but no sign of Vaurus was found in the initial sweeps.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1662
Date: 09/11/2011 01:37 PM CDT
Subject: Dakris Reconsiders, Furrier Reopened!

On behalf of the merchant's guild, Lord Grishom Stone met with Dakris early this morning and discussed the recent closure of the furrier. After what one member of the guild described as an "extremely heated argument", both Grishom and Dakris left the meeting, shaking hands and relatively docile.

Moments later, Lord Grishom Stone announced the re-opening of the furrier, "I am pleased to say that after a lengthy discussion with Dakris, he has agreed to re-open the furrier. He has made it abundantly clear that this move in no way shows his support for Mayor Walkar, but instead demonstrates his support of the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing. Dakris is a hard working man and it pained me to see him losing business and risking his own well being. While Kilron has ignored my requests to talk, I have hope that reason can win in the end with him as well."

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1673
Date: 09/12/2011 03:53 PM CDT
Subject: Wehnimer's Mayor Arrested!

Last evening a flood of rioters took to the streets again, igniting buildings and even trying to burn down the eastern bridge in Wehnimer's Landing. As the conflict escalated inside the walls, bandits appeared in the Lower Dragonsclaw forest and began attacking citizens. The bandits tried to burn down the archery towers and were only successful in destroying one.

Citizens and allies rushed to meet the threat of both bandits and angry townspeople and not long after, Mayor Walkar joined the fight, dropping bandits in the forest and then attacking disgruntled townsfolk in the streets of Wehnimer's. Taken by surprise, many heroes tried to convince Walkar to stop attacking the citizens and that he needed to disarm or apprehend them. Witnesses report that the mayor was in a berserker rage and when he finally calmed, he appeared to have been drinking.

Mayor Walkar regained his composure before the crowd of people and announced he would seek out Colson to try to negotiate an end to the violence and that hopefully their two voices united would be enough to turn the tide of riots. Half an hour later, witnesses claimed they saw a body fly out of the mayor's window and land on the street in front of Moot Hall. Those present identified the corpse as that of Colson, who had a jagged wound in his chest and greenish-black veins along his torso and neck.

Armored guards arrived at Moot Hall shortly after and accompanied some heroes to the second floor of Moot Hall. The mayor's office was locked. The guards bashed down the door and stormed in to find Mayor Walkar asleep on the floor, his axe in his hand and caked with fresh blood. Some citizens woke up Walkar, who appeared to be quite bewildered. The mayor stumbled out of the office and Moot Hall, trying to escape before he was tackled by guards and dragged off to jail.

This afternoon, Councilman Barnom Slim commented on the event, "By now, many of us are aware of what happened, either by witnessing the event or hearing about it. Walkar remains in prison now, protected but highly guarded. He appears to still be recovering from a drunken stupor, so our investigation and questioning will continue. Meanwhile, the alchemist Krylonna has determined that Colson was indeed killed by Walkar's axe, which had an ample amount of poisonous deathwort applied to it. Many questions remain unanswered, so the town council assures everyone that we will be fair and just in our proceedings. When we learn more, so too will you."

The councilman went on to say how he hoped the riots would cease during this troubling time and that the burial of Colson was being organized and his final resting place would be next to his son in the Temple Graveyard.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
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Message #: 1675
Date: 09/13/2011 09:59 AM CDT
Subject: Jailbreak in Wehnimer's Landing!

Late last evening a group of individuals, all wearing black masks, stormed the prison along South Ring Road and attacked guards and sentries that had been posted. The invaders pushed further inside the prison and engaged a great deal of guardsmen in the halls, killing many of them before moving down into the depths of the structure where they broke into the interrogation room. The masked attackers freed Mayor Walkar from his holding and escaped out of town.

A number of sentries revealed they saw Khylon, the dwarven town marshal and friend of Walkar's, leading the group. Other surviving guards, many of whom suffered injuries, tried their best to describe the invaders, but many details were foggy. Questioning of the guards is still underway as there are a number of suspicions, but none being publically released at this time. The town marshal was apprehended first thing this morning.

Shortly after Walkar was broken out of jail, a number of reports came in about bandits and golems attacking in the forest. The town council has not determined whether those events were linked to the prison break.

Addressing the turn of events, Councilman Barnom Slim said, "We have tried to pursue justice, but it seems there are those among us who wish to ignore our laws. The town council will do everything in our power to track down Walkar and those responsible for helping him escape. The attack on our prison was the act of murderous barbarians who claimed the lives of innocent guards who were just doing their jobs. Instead these criminals decided brutality was the key to supporting their blind ideology in our corrupt ex-mayor. In the meantime, our town needs commanding leadership and the council will convene this day and by tomorrow announce an interim mayor until new elections can be scheduled."

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
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Message #: 1688
Date: 09/14/2011 09:31 AM CDT
Subject: Order Returns to Wehnimer's Landing

Yesterday the town council convened and voted on new leadership for Wehnimer's Landing, after Mayor Walkar was arrested for murder and then escaped from prison. Judge Renpaw appeared last night outside Moot Hall, to make the announcement where a crowd of citizens had gathered. In a unanimous council vote, Barnom Slim was named the new interim mayor and Lord Juramis was voted as the new head of the town council.

The judge retired for the evening shortly after the announcement, and Interim Mayor Barnom arrived to answer a few questions from the crowd. Many among those gathered began to grow disgruntled and shout out a number of accusations and even death threats. One person was even arrested for demanding the interim mayor be hung. Lord Juramis appeared not long after and he too was heckled by many in the crowd before he was attacked near Hearthstone Manor.

Early this morning, Interim Mayor Barnom Slim released another statement addressing the future of Wehnimer's Landing, "I hope the dust has settled from last night and that we as citizens can continue to move forward. While last year's election put Walkar into power, clearly his downfall has been a long time coming. We will continue to pursue him and those who helped him escape, but our main focus is to restoring peace to the town. Already Kilron has re-opened the pawnshop and the riots in the streets have subsided. The signs around town have been torn down and over the next few weeks we'll be repairing the damages to many shops and buildings from the fires. It is up to our citizens now, to repair the damage within ourselves. I will not be tolerating vicious behavior and words. We all saw what rumors and threats have done. Order has returned to Wehnimer's Landing. Will you be a part of it?"

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 1688
Date: 09/14/2011 12:03 PM CDT
Subject: The Uprising Concluded!

The Uprising was the 5th chapter of my storyline and it has officially concluded!

I hope everyone had fun role playing and dealing with the uprising as it slowly built up and then exploded into a violent frenzy after Frontier Days. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed watching you all during this chapter and I was excited to see folks get engaged, include others and openly debate or argue about which side to take. The heavy focus on role playing was a nice change of pace from the last chapter, which was all out war.

So I'd like to first and foremost thank all of you guys, the players, who continue to keep coming back for more and who continue to keep things just as entertaining for me, as I hope it is for you. I'd also like to thank GM's Izzea, Alyias and Kaikala for always supporting me and approving my mad schemes. There were some other GM's involved in various levels, and so I also want to thank GM's Marstreforn, Wyrom and Paersi for their help! In addition I'm very, very thankful for the help of the Game Hosts who filled the role of some of the angry NPC townspeople and spent hours role playing and spreading rumors.

There is only one chapter left in my storyline and it will kick more into high gear probably around the middle to end of November. Originally my storyline was scheduled to end in December, but I'll be pushing it back to January because of some other storylines going on during the last quarter of this year. I want to make sure every story gets the attention it deserves. That being said, there's still going to be many developments in Wehnimer's Landing over the next few months, but it'll be more spread out until the storyline goes into epic finale mode.

Secrecy still surrounds the merchant Grishom Stone. Is he just an innocent man, or truly the monster many imply? If so, what are his plans for the town? Walkar's no longer mayor, having claimed to be framed for murder and now escaped from prison and on the run. Corruption has risen to power within Wehnimer's Landing, as Barnom and Juramis ascend to authority, all under the guise of order and peace. Who really is Elithain Cross, and will his ghost daughter Madelyne ever find her peace and end Grishom's life? Wehnimer's Landing has found itself interwoven into a web of shadows, blood magic, ghosts, golems, urnon shards, mystery and political intrigue. The stage has been set for the final chapter, and while it's title is "Set in Stone", know that nothing ever is…

-GM Kenstrom-

Drangell's Prison

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
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Message #: 2140
Date: 03/03/2012 07:48 PM CST
Subject: Drangell's Prison

This evening, a group of town militia escorted the prisoner Drangell from an undisclosed location, and transported him into a new cell in the depths of the town's prison. Almost a year ago, Drangell came to the town in the form of a troll and led an army of his kind to siege Wehnimer's Landing. He did so under the command of Grishom Stone.

After almost two months of battling the troll siege, the heroes of Wehnimer's and their allies defeated Drangell, unraveling his dark curse that returned him from an immortal troll to his old giantman form.

Drangell had originally been secreted away in a location known only to Mayor Walkar and Marshal Khylon, in fear that the summoner Grishom would try to free him. With the threat of Stone no longer around, Drangell has now been returned to the prison in Wehnimer's Landing.

A few townspeople ventured into the prison and saw his cell, claiming he was filled with rage and threatened people as they passed. When guards were asked if he would stand trial, they had no comment.


Inside the town prison, you will find the new cell of Drangell. It might require a bit of…exploring to find. Hang out a bit, and he just might insult you too!

-GM Kenstrom-

Edwina Kidnapped!

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Message #: 7287
Date: 06/18/2015 01:34 PM CDT
Subject: Edwina Kidnapped!

Last evening, Drangell and his band of loyal Rooks once again terrorized the people of Wehnimer's Landing. Instead of his shadowy thugs sniping people from the shadows, this time they instead captured two adventurers at a time, and Drangell would publically call for a vote on who would live and die! This went on for over an hour as local adventurers kept getting captured, until finally a Rook Lair was discovered via a hidden passage in the Upper Trollfang. Drangell was confronted, beat down a few times, but due to his near immortality, he rose again and eventually escaped. Not long after, Larton was attacked in the Locksmith shop and it was discovered Edwina had been kidnapped by Drangell's forces! Her location and well being have not been discovered at this time, and no demands have become known.

Thrayzar, the town marshal, has already dispatched his best scouts to try to locate Edwina, in fears of a repeat tragedy such as befell Cosima. Rumors also have circulated that the other faction of the Brotherhood of Rooks, those who oppose Drangell, are also working to help discover her location.

Rumblings in Town

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 7332
Date: 06/25/2015 12:11 PM CDT
Subject: Rumblings in Town
After the controversial arrest of the town marshal Thrayzar, there have been a number of rumblings, and outright protest among the townspeople of Wehnimer's Landing. Many citizens have begun to question how long their independence will last, while others passionately defend the Hendorans, praising them for their support and fairness. Many members of the Wehnimer's militia have grown disgruntled, some even picking a few fights with the Hendorans outside of town. Despite the unrest, no great riots or violence have occured just yet.

However, whispered among the shadows of alleys and around the well in town, it is rumored that there has been an overnight increase in activity among the Brotherhood of Rooks, whether it is of those loyal to Drangell, or those loyal to Alendrial and Rysus, or perhaps both, remains to be seen. Mayor Puptilian and the Town Council have urged all citizens and adventurers to remain on high alert during this volatile time until the matters regarding Thrayzar's alleged crimes and investigation are settled.

OOC Note:

Something, may or may not occur late tomorrow evening (Friday night, my usual time). So, you know, whether something happens or not, you may want to buy deeds. Or not.

-GM Kenstrom-
Waylayer of Wehnimer's Landing
Human Guru

A Dance with Drangell

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Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 7354
Date: 06/27/2015 12:01 PM CDT
Subject: A Dance with Drangell

Days ago, the town marshal Thrayzar had been apprehended by Hendoran soldiers on charges of conspiracy to murder Sir Thadston, and subsequently held in a magical crystal coffin within the Gryphon Holding. Late last night, upon hearing word of the orc’s imprisonment, Drangell, his age old rival, launched a massive attack of Grimswarm on Wehnimer's Landing, distracting the town defenders in the hopes of breaking into the Silver Gryphon’s stronghold and killing the vulnerable Thrayzar.

Adventurers and heroes of Wehnimer’s Landing bravely stood sentry at the gates of town, fighting off wave after wave of Grimswarm and even Drangell as he would appear in battle from time to time. Eventually some of the fighting split off, as Drangell and some of his trolls and orcs attacked the Gryphon Holding, finally breaking inside and into the underground dwarven tunnels where Thrayzar had been held captive. Waiting for Drangell were a number of heroes, who had set up a trap to lure Drangell into a crystal coffin. It was revealed that Thrayzar had willingly agreed to a plan established by some heroic adventurers to use himself as bait, knowing Drangell would come try to kill him in his blinded arrogance.

Drangell put up a fierce fight, but the gathered heroes were able to continuously beat him down, between spells and steel, eventually for a time slowing his regeneration ability, enough to have his bloody body thrown into one of the Bane Coffins, as they are called. In the end, Drangell was sealed within one of the coffins before he could fully heal, and a short time later Thrayzar was freed from his magical containment, but was quite shaken and weak, barely able to talk or move. Drangell, inside his new magical prison, was carried off by Hendoran knights to an unknown location.

Quickly after the neutralization of Drangell, a group of adventurers were tipped off to the possible location of Alendrial DeArchon in an underground hideout near the Abandoned Inn. A number of Rooks were present and put up a fight, but were quickly dispatched and the rest were sent scattering. Alendrial was located, and was quite surprised, but only remained defiant momentarily before she surrendered. Currently she is being held by Sir Thadston and the Hendorans in an unknown location.

As the dust has settled from the battle with Drangell, a number of things have come to light. In the moments leading up to the conflict, it is said that one of the empty Bane Coffins beneath the Gryphon Holding was stolen by members and allies of the Brotherhood of Rooks, those loyal to Alendrial and Rysus. In addition, a handful of Hendorans and Wehnimer’s militiamen lost their lives in the battle, but one Hendoran soldier who was temporarily housed in the Onoir Fortress has gone missing. The search has begun this morning for any details surrounding his whereabouts.

The news of the elaborate ruse has spread across Wehnimer’s Landing, and a majority of the town militia is now relieved, along with the townspeople, that their town marshal had actually been in on the plan originally. Some townspeople are still angry that they were lied to and manipulated, but most are relieved that the threat of Drangell has been removed, regardless of the cost. In the coming day or so, Sir Thadston is expected to announce his plans for both Drangell and Alendrial DeArchon. With both figureheads of the warring sides of the Brotherhood of Rooks officially in captivity, many wonder if the threat of the Rooks will subside.

Others however fear the worse, and warn that these events may only strengthen the Brotherhood of Rooks and their influence.

OOC Note:

I plan to do a follow up post as Thadston soon, but I wanted to make sure I did a little non-bias recap, since we all know how arrogant Sir Thadston is, heh. But I just wanted to also say, last night was awesome. First and foremost, thank you to everyone for your patience, as I was at all times running like 4-5 windows to keep up on all aspects of the conflict. Secondly, big shout out to the players, because many of you got together to put into motion this little idea of yours, with the ruse of Thrayzar arrested, to bait Drangell into a trap, etc etc. In fact, every single aspect of this entire thing was all player driven, I just helped to respond and play along. So thanks to all of those involved, and I hope everyone had fun, whether it was defending town, fighting in the Holding, or other nefarious and secretive things that may or may not have happened.

Tonight I will be online, but mostly just some role playing with some NPC’s, and not super late, so feel free to get some rest if needed.

-GM Kenstrom-
Waylayer of Wehnimer's Landing
Human Guru

To Wehnimer's: Riddance of Rysus

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 7636
Date: 08/19/2015 02:04 PM CDT
Subject: To Wehnimer's: Riddance of Rysus
"Citizens of Wehnimer’s Landing,

Hendor is not your enemy.

We are one of your most trusted and longest allies in the Turamzzyrian Empire. In recent years, your town and its people have known the missteps and misguided actions of Talador and Estoria, and even before those, Jantalar. These failures and misbehavior are not a true representation of the glory and generosity of the Turamzzyrian Empire, any more than branded murderers and dark sorcerers exemplify Wehnimer’s Landing.

Hendor is not your enemy.

We have come to your region, not as a conqueror, but as a friend. The walls of our outpost were not built to safely strategize for war against your town, but instead designed to serve as a bastion against our mutual enemies, some who thrive and manipulate even among you now. We have come to your region, not as an invader, but as a stalwart ally, offering both our might and expertise in further stabilizing the region, where peace will become the normal again, and chaos but a distant memory. We have come to your region, not as an intruder, but a welcome hand to help lift your people out of the ruin and suffering they have known for too long.

Hendor is not your enemy.

You may hear the whispers. You may even help spread the rumors yourself. You have seen the propaganda, you have overheard the murmurs. Despite the sea of hate and distrust that is being stoked like the fading embers of a fire, much like those dying flames, it too shall pass. Know that when it does, Hendor, your allies, will remain, unscathed by the onslaught of animosity and misdeeds, ready to continue the fight against our mutual enemies, and stand ever vigilant against darkness, whenever it should rear its head.

Hendor is not your enemy. But the Brotherhood of Rooks is.

Recently, I and your town have been at a standstill regarding the issue of leading operations against the Brotherhood of Rooks, unfettered, for two weeks to allow minimal chance of corruption. In exchange, I would offer detailed information to your towns leaders regarding influential trade contacts within Mestanir and Jantalar, as well as formally vouch for the town, which would hold more weight over Lord Brieson’s report, and help expand trade for Wehnimer’s Landing. This proposal was met quite loudly with opposition, and while I still see the folly in not trusting me and my men, as a soldier and as a leader, I refuse to allow a cessation to remain. Inactivity does nothing for our efforts, and only serves to strengthen the Rooks.

Hendor is not your enemy. But the Brotherhood of Rooks is.

Rysus, this self-proclaimed King of the Rooks, has placed bounties on the heads of both me, and my loyal soldiers. This does nothing to bring true prosperity to a people that are downtrodden, wounded, and hungry. This does nothing to bring true healing to a people that have suffered grievous losses, face unending loneliness, and feel abandoned and without hope. This does nothing to foster your own independence, and invites only more war, chaos, and bloodshed. This man, this thief and coward of a king, has thoughtlessly placed you, the townspeople of Wehnimer’s Landing in danger, using all of you as a wall of protection against him and his criminal allies. These are not the actions of a man who is here to protect you, or save you. These are the actions of a cruel, manipulative murderer, who hides behind the mask of a weakling, and the innocent lives of your town.

Hendor is not your enemy. But the Brotherhood of Rooks is.

We bring peace, defense, food and stability. The Brotherhood of Rooks bring only more war, division, and disarray. Wehnimer’s Landing is better than that, you are better than that. Will you venture to spill the blood of my soldiers? Or will you instead turn your focus on the true enemy, the man in the shadows, who would strengthen his underground kingdom on the bones of you and your loved ones. No, we must join together, to finally say good riddance to Rysus.

To this end, I offer a new proposal and a plan for the future. Once your town’s militia has finished their initial newest phase of recruitment, and Captains have been appointed, I will lead cooperative strikes against elements of the Brotherhood of Rooks, working alongside the Wehnimer’s Militia, the Order of the Silver Gryphons, and the Order of the Azure Sun. It is in all of our best interests to neutralize the Rooks, refusing them any chance of recovering and expanding. Once these efforts are determined to have provided successful and satisfactory results, I will then dispatch my trade endorsements to Mestanir and Jantalar. In addition, I have officially placed a bounty of 20,000,000 silvers on the head of Rysus. To whoever brings me the leader of the Rooks, I will also grant upon them land, including all services and earnings from ownership of such an estate, in the Barony of Talador.

Hendor is not your enemy. But the Brotherhood of Rooks is."

Signed by my hand,

Sir Thadston Andrews
Commander of the Northern Outpost
Lord of Hendor
Knight of the Order of Llaestal’s Guard
Defender of the Broken Kingdom

Wings of Blue, Words of Red

Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 7828
Author: GS4-Kenstrom
Date: 09/21/2015 02:24 PM CDT
Subject: Wings of Blue, Words of Red

A few evenings ago, the first join efforts between the Hendorans, the Landing Militia, and the Orders of the Silver Gryphons and Azure Sun were initiated, with three separate raids occurring simultaneously underground, striking at three discovered hideouts of members of the Brotherhood of Rooks.

It did not take long before the fighting spilled out into the streets and environs, with thugs and bandits attacking the town gates and even the Hendoran outpost. Town heroes and defenders rushes to protect the walls of Wehnimer’s Landing, as reports began to circulate about imperial soldiers wearing Hendoran colors having been seen cutting down townspeople in the streets. Additional accounts soon trickled in during the fighting, that members of the Silver Gryphons and Azure Sun had killed young children inside of the Rook nests, some arguing it away as the Rooks using children as shields and propaganda, and others insisting it is just more evidence of imperials and their allies overstepping reach and butcher ways.

A number of explosions rocked the town, as eye witnesses claimed to have seen members of the Brotherhood of Rooks, perhaps even Rysus himself, throwing crimson spheres into areas of the city. When the dust finally settled on the conflict, the three discovered Rook lairs had been collapsed, likely by the Rooks themselves, and both the Hendoran Outpost and Wehnimer’s Landing survived, pushing back the bandits and other attackers.

Some items and documents were retrieved from the Rook hideouts before they were destroyed. A stockpile of armor and clothing bearing the colors of North Hendor were discovered, indicating that the Rooks had, or were going to, disguise members of their organization as the Hendoran soldiers. In another lair, the heroes discovered a stash of toys, ranging from siege miniatures to dice and coins. In the third attack, the heroes found a desk full of documents, some detailing maps of the western coastline of the Empire, and a handful of ship manifests and ledgers bearing the crest of Seareach and the surname of Councilman Juramis.

Days ago, Councilman Juramis was last reported to have been in Brisker’s Cove, in the County of Seareach, where he had claimed to be traveling to on business with the intention of opening up more trade with Wehnimer’s Landing. Since the discovery of the documents bearing his surname, Councilman Juramis’ home has been raided by the Town Marshal Thrayzar, and witnesses claim some trunks and tomes were taken from the home, and it’s currently being guarded night and day by town guards. The investigation continues.

While the people of Wehnimer’s Landing and the Hendoran Outpost celebrate a victory that night, it was short lived indeed. The following night, the gypsy fortuneteller shared visions of dozens of homes in North Hendor being ransacked, the women and children inside being bound and burned alive. These attacks occurred in various locations in the farmlands outside of Lolle, and inside the very city itself. The fortuneteller’s visions claimed the attackers were as dark as shadows, their coin-shaped eyes like moonlight. It was learned that the victims in North Hendor were the families of dozens of soldiers stationed at the imperial outpost outside of Wehnimer’s Landing.

Word soon reached the soldiers, and chaos broke out momentarily, with two soldiers even dragging the prisoner Alendrial, once the leader of the Rooks, out of the depths of the outpost, attempting to make her jump from the outpost walls, or be riddled with crossbow bolts. The disarray was soon put to rest, Alendrial was saved by other soldiers, and the two rogue knights were disarmed and dragged off.

It is exactly as the Brotherhood of Rooks warned, that if Hendor attacked, they would ensure Hendorans would burn, without ever indicating exactly who. Now, days after the slaughter, it has been revealed that sixteen families were murdered in and around Lolle, each family directly connected to a soldier who is at the Hendoran Outpost near Wehnimer’s. Rumors have already begun to circulate that the murders were carried out by agents of a criminal organization known as the Silver Kings, who are widely spread throughout the Turamzzyrian Empire.

No other information has yet been made available, and no Hendoran soldiers have been seen outside of their outpost for days. Despite the silence from the Outpost, rumors still swirl around the town of Wehnimer’s Landing, some spouting off that the Silver Gryphons and Azure Sun are heartless butchers, while others quickly laying blame at the Brotherhood of Rooks for using innocent people as pawns.

Burnin' down the house

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 7823
Date: 09/19/2015 01:07 PM CDT
Subject: Last night

Some mopping up was done before the Rooks fell back. We gathered up at the outpost and we presented what we found in the Rooks nests.

The nest hit by the Silver Gryphons contained a number of tabards, rings, banners, and shields with the standard of North Hendor upon them, suggesting that particular nest is where they kept the disguises that the "Imperial Soldiers" wore last night.

The nest hit by the militia contained a number of ledgers, manifests, and sea maps. The maps had the route between Brisker's Cove, Vornavis, and Wehnimer's Landing detailed. The manifests and ledgers appeared to be the books that outlined the accounting and the goods being passed by the Rooks. Each of the books had the surname of Councilman Juramis identifying them, thus implicating him as being an accomplice of the Rooks.

The nest hit by the Azure Sun contained... toys. Seriously. We found a bunch of siegery miniatures, some blood marble dice, and some crown-stamped coins. The coins might be significant, but I'm not sure if they amount to anything or not.

After we brought in the haul, Thadston revealed the reason why he had been so insistent on this operation being managed by Hendor: he had acquired some evidence that implicated Juramis before last night, and furthermore that he had been working as a go-between for the Rooks and a group known as the Silver Kings (a rather extensive criminal organization in the Empire) and he wanted to find the evidence of this without alerting Juramis. Unfortunately, Pylasar told us several nights back that Juramis had gone to Brisker's Cove, so he may have been alerted ahead of time.

Thadston upheld his end of the agreement, and said that if Juramis is able to be apprehended, he would be tried by Wehnimer's Landing law.

Thadston also said he would be around this evening to discuss what was found last night, and to discuss further steps from here.


Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 7873
Author: GS4-Kenstrom
Date: 09/28/2015 06:03 PM CDT
Subject: Burnin' down the house

A few nights ago, leaders and members of the Landing Militia, Silver Gryphons and Azure Sun were systematically assassinated in various locations in and around Wehnimer's Landing. It is suspected the attackers were members of the Brotherhood of Rooks, and in retaliation for their continued raids into their underground hideouts. Following the murders, a host of thugs, bandits and even hired mercenaries and mages attacked the gates of Wehnimer's Landing, held at bay by the valiant efforts of the town's heroes.

Meanwhile, Sir Aydan, Mynon and Magister Raelee were standing guard outside of Alendrial's cell in the dungeons of the Hendoran Outpost, this coming after news of intruders sneaking into the outpost in an attempt to free the prisoner just a night before. By some accounts, three Hendoran soldiers had sought to relieve the others of their duty in watching Alendrial. When Aydan, Mynon and Raelee refused to budge, the soldiers left, and one of them then returned to pour out a barrel of oil in the dungeons and threw a match, igniting the area on fire as he escaped out of the dungeon, him and his two fellow soldiers closing and locking the door to entrap the others down below, including Alendrial in her cell.

Smoke was spotted from those defending the town gates and soon many adventurers converged on the Outpost, where the Hendorans allowed them inside. Standing guard over the dungeon entrance was three knights who refused to budge, even as smoke trailed out from the door behind them. Alasatia put two of the knights to sleep, when the third finally budged, unlocked the door and ran off. The adventurers arrived into the dungeon just in time to put out the fires, heal the wounded, and keep Alendrial from burning alive in her cell.

Moments later Sir Thadston appeared in the dungeons, seemingly from a secret entrance, and appeared rather drowsy and awkward in his movements. Two knights accompanied him, and Sir Thadston ordered them to take Alendrial from her cell and escort her to an unknown location. Thadston went on to thank those in attendance for their bravery, but then nearly collapsed, his body covered in sweat. His two loyal knights had returned by then, announcing Alendrial was safe and secure, and upon seeing their commander in poor health, escorted him to his chambers to rest.

Since the events, Sir Thadston has not been publicly seen, but has issued a statement that he will be appearing tomorrow night with an announcement, and that justice will be served.

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Message #: 7911
Author: GS4-Kenstrom
Date: 10/07/2015 12:53 PM CDT
Subject: Thadston Happenings

Since there hadn't been any mention here, I'll briefly mention a few things that've happened in the last few days.

Over the weekend, Thadston released Alendrial from his custody under the escort of his more trusted knights. She was being sent to her ancestral home in Chastonia, with the rather heavily-implied threat of death if she ever returned to the Wehnimer's region. Some of us who had been involved on the opposing sides of the plot two weeks ago to free her from captivity were on hand as she was brought from her cell. While perhaps a little worse for wear given the conditions of the cell and the arson and murder attempt, no jaywalking occurred upon her release. Those on hand with the knowledge and skill inspected her to ensure she was in good health before she was sent on her way. That she was made to pass by the corpses of the men who tried to kill her was purely coincidental. Really.

After this, Thadston announced to the town that despite the fact that the Rooks weren't defeated and probably woukdn't be, he felt that by revealing the the evidence against Juramis and the damage dealt by the recent raids, he was satisfied by the outcome and would uphold his end of the agreement to release the letters recommending trade with tye nearby Imperial provinces.

Last night Thadston announced what had happened over the weekend regarding Alendrial, having waited until then to announce it in order to give a few days head start in case the Rooks may have made an attempt to intervene.

Other than that, there were some nasty invasions last week, at least one being suspected of being sent by Raznel. I don't have much to comment on that, at any rate.


A young burnt-faced girl delivers a message

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 7790
Date: 09/16/2015 10:54 AM CDT
Subject: A young burnt-faced girl delivers a message
A young burnt-faced girl says, “...hi."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "They call me Spark. My real name is Hannah...well, my daddy called me Hannah. No one calls me Hannah anymore…"

A young burnt-faced girl says, "I....have to tell people something."

A young burnt-faced girl says, " daddy was...was a helper here. He was in the tower a lot, when...when working. Always protecting me and this place.”

A young burnt-faced girl says, "I'm...I'm supposed to make sure new Captains hear what...what I am supposed to say.”

A young burnt-faced girl says, "Supposed to tell yo..."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "I supposed to say...when you go for the Brotherhood...with the traitor metal men from the Empire…"

A young burnt-faced girl says, "That you are supposed to..."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "Supposed to think twice."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "And supposed to tell the metal men and their leader that."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "Because....if they don't listen....and come for blood...there is going to be a lot of burnt Hundirans.”

A young burnt-faced girl says, "Hamdorans...Hendor people."

Speaking curiously to a young burnt-faced girl, Meureii asks, "Who told you to tell us this message?”

A young burnt-faced girl says, "Our King."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "He said...the metal men will be sorry. So to listen."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "Please, please make them listen. He was very...very serious."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "My home was burned by metal men last year, when they came to town.”

A young burnt-faced girl says, "But I lived."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "I dunno, I am just telling what I was told."

Speaking to a young burnt-faced girl, Ariond asks, "Were you paid to deliver this message, sweetie?”

A young burnt-faced girl says, "Yes."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "We are always paid, and eat. Our King is good."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "He's trying to help."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "He said, Hamdorins will burn."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "You do not meet with the King, he will find you."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "He told me you'd make many promises of food, and shelter. Tricks.”

A young burnt-faced girl says, "and...and.."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "He said...he said if they come for them...the metal men...their hearts will be cut out...and...and Hamdorins will burn.”

A young burnt-faced girl says, "Please. Make sure they know."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "I hope they come, so they can burn and die."

A young burnt-faced girl says, "Like the ones who killed my daddy."

Rysus' threat to burn the Hendorans was probably not the main message he was sending and it was no surprise. He is rallying the townsfolk to the Rook's side -perhaps more so than we realized - with bribes of food and shelter and the lie that Talador and Hendor are the same soldiers who will kill their families. I think his real message is that when we make our move to rid the Landing of the Rooks, we will not be fighting just the Rooks, we will be fighting our own. That is, unless we do a better job to feed, shelter, protect and deliver our own message to those who were displaced during the war with Talador.

Rooting out the Rooks

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 9329
Date: 07/05/2016 03:27 PM CDT
Subject: Rooting out the Rooks
Khylon Oakspear, the Captain of the Wehnimer’s Landing Town Guard has proposed a new set of laws for the Town Council to review and vote on. After having met with countless townspeople and adventurers over the weekend, the Captain feels confident his approach will help in severely weakening the Brotherhood of Rooks criminal activities and hold punitive consequences for those found guilt to be openly aiding their organization.

While none of these laws and consequences is in effect until the Town Council’s decision, the following are listed in the proposal:

Any shops or merchants found guilty of supporting the Brotherhood of Rooks will face a first round of hefty fines and depending on the crime, possible jail time. A second violation will result in the revocation of the shopkeeper’s permit to operate in Wehnimer’s Landing and the seizure of all merchandise.

Any adventurers or townspeople found to be guilty of supporting the Brotherhood of Rooks will face a first found of hefty fines, followed by jail time. Further infractions will result in banishment and the possibility of a prolonged jail sentence.

Support of the Brotherhood of Rooks is described, but limited too, as providing financial support, or physical support in the way of items and shelter. Providing information and even protection falls into this category as well.

In addition to these new laws, a number of additional safeguards will be put into place.
For shops suspected of supporting the Brotherhood of Rooks, there will be members of both the town guard and militia scheduled to conduct all day observations and stationed within the buildings.

There will be an immediate increase of both militia and guards at the town docks and river gate. The number of inspections will be doubled, and any vessel or its captain refusing to be inspected will forfeit their wares and the merchandise will be seized, followed by hefty fines. There will also be an increase in patrols along Darkstone Bay and the Locksmehr River. The schedule of these patrols and, shop observations, and ship inspections will now be rotated on a daily basis, handed out personally by Marshal Thrayzar and Captain Khylon.

There will also be new ongoing discussions between officials of Wehnimer’s Landing and Icemule Trace to help negotiate coordinate tactics in monitoring and stopping the criminal activities of both the Brotherhood of Rooks and the Icewall Bandits. This includes increased authority between the territories to properly disrupt the actions of both organizations.

Furthermore, Mayor Puptilian’s original offer to the Brotherhood of Rooks has been extended. A full pardon has been put up for all members of the Brotherhood of Rooks who wish to join the town militia or guard and serve for a full year before obtaining the pardon.

The proposal was submitted this morning to the Town Council to review. It has been said that Pylasar, Surofee, and Beldrin should reach a decision by the week’s end.

A Line in the Sand

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Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 9358
Date: 07/09/2016 05:15 PM CDT
Subject: A line in the sand
Citizens of the Landing

By now you have heard the words of the council and specifically beldrin. We are told that the rooks are our friends and family. We are being told that we should excuse their illegal actions, ignore the harm they bring to the town, and not prosecute but work with them.

I stand before you to ask why? Why is it we should ignore the threats? Why is it should we give them legitimacy for their activities and even aid them in their endeavors?

We are told that they are mostly Landing citizens. Not completely but mostly. We are told that they only have the good of the town and do what they do because its for the better good. We are told that drangell is gone and these rooks are different.

I tell you this is all a farse. They are the Rooks. If they want to protect the town why wear a mask? If they are friends and family why hide in the shadows? If they feel what they do is right then why live in the dark and hide their actions?

I remind you all that for a group that only cares for the Landing’s well being they aim to expand their power. They had helped to smuggle people with the Bayrunners. They aligned with the Silver Kings. They have dealings with bandits in Icemule and work with wanted men of the Landing who is directly involved with dealings of the very krolvin who take our wives and children as slaves.

For a group that is compassionate they have a leader that calls himself king. He does not protect the children but instead use them including putting them in harm's way in the middle of fights. Their activities bring enemies to our doorsteps and not take responsibility in their actions.

I will not stand to the side while criminals get to walk freely. No matter what good a group can do, it does not counterbalance all the bad and illegal actions. Their actions outside the Landing brings more trouble to our door. What good is a person that has to defend the town from those problems if they were the ones that caused the trouble to begin with.

I refuse to let any criminal make demands on us, use our town, then sit back and let us clean up their mess. I refuse to let this town turn into a haven for those that feel they are beyond the law. For this town to move forward and prosper as a thriving town we need to shred the image of an unruly populace and show the world we are a shining example to follow.

I will not barter with this so called king. I will not barter with those that hide behind mask. I will work with the guard, militia, and our allies to cut off funding and resources within the current boundaries of the law. I will bring justice to the darkness and bring an end to the corruption that brings enemies to our doorstep. I will not rest until i know i have exhausted all means to make this town safe again from evil outside and within.

I ask you citizens. Do you stand with the light and justice? Do you want to see this town grow and be the symbol for what's right in our region? Or do you want to walk in the darkness? Do you want to worry if your next actions are those that will start the next war that will kill not only your children but those of your friends and family? The rooks may protect this town but they are also that darkness. Their actions bring more enemies then friends. Is that what we want, to live in fear of the next retaliation from the rooks actions? It's time to decide. Are we Wehnimer’s Landing or are we Rysus’ Landing?

Your Elected Mayor,

Perivan has a good post in 2012 or so that Kenstrom doubled down on also as spot on.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 9390
Date: 07/11/2016 01:57 PM CDT
Subject: Re: A line in the sand
That's the curse, and beauty, of the Brotherhood of Rooks.

Their members are as diversified and split sometimes as the player base. Yes, they are a criminal organization, no one can debate that. Some people see them as heroes, heck, some of the Rooks see themselves as heroes. Others are just enjoying easy gains and a life of crime. Others see themselves as freedom fighters and can make money doing it. Some would kick puppies, some would foster them. Some love Wehnimer's Landing, some love profit. But in most things, the Rooks unite when directed, because to do otherwise, has severe consequences. That is the main difference between the player group at large, and the Rooks. There's no deadly consequences for the PC's having difference of opinions.

They could even sometimes be viewed as vigilantes. Taking justice into their own hands. But often their version of justice, is skewed. Similar to adventurers in a way, who met out their own justice frequently, but that typically doesn't also involve criminal operations.

The Rooks, so long as they remain, will always be a point of contention. Simply because there is no black and white in dealing with them. It doesn't matter what alignment you portray your character as. Even lawful good, would you cut down a Rook boy running at you with a knife, the same as a burly tattooed Rook with a giant sword? Me personally, I'd cut down the big Rook, and disarm and feed the little kid. That is a perfect example of there being no black/white, one answer to rule them all. But there can still be general strategies. From the law's perspective, yes, it makes sense not to tolerate association with the Rooks, or negotiating and working with them. It'd also be logical for a variety of fines/punishment to fit the crime of any apprehended criminals. Khylon's proposal was harsh on purpose. It was super rigid and extreme. I knew from the get go I was going to make my NPC reject my other NPC, hah. It was intended to, reveal a few things, AND now open the door for PC's to maybe put forth a proposal in helping to counter the Brotherhood of Rooks.

But again, that's where it becomes challenging, and at times frustrating, and by design.

Within the Rooks are killers, murderers, hardened criminals...but also hungry children, lonely children, widows, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers (hehe), shop owners, hunters, all manner of town citizens. It gets even more complicated when you take into account the non-members who sympathize and support the Rooks. I actually have a secret list of some "members" and "sympathizers" in town, like shops, etc. Then players also work with the Rooks, for a variety of reasons. They too like crime, or they are okay with "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". The Brotherhood of Rooks will typically always incite division, and I think while frustrating at times, it is healthy. It keeps the game alive, it keeps the community engaged, and it keeps the conversation going when I'm not around.

But division is not endless. I would imagine there will come a time, and there will come a threat, that everyone can find some measure of unity against.

Eyes of the Dawn. Chapter 1: Without a Prayer.

Coming in August!

-GM Kenstrom-