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Tsoran's map

This category lists all creatures found in the Bonespear Tower hunting area. The Bonespear Tower hunting area is located on a hillock near Foggy Valley, and is nearest to the town of Solhaven. The tower contains dybbuks at level 48, waerns at level 49, and eidolons at level 55, which are all undead. Eidolons are the only non-corporeal inhabitants. Waerns have the ability to disarm adventurers and weapons can be lost in the tower. It is found on the Tsoran map VO-foggy-valley.

The tower will shift at times, and cause creatures and players to fall down (RT).

Official Description

Reaching into the sky in angry defiance, Bonespear Tower strikes fear into all that survey it. Made entirely of the bone fragments of animal and humanoid form, the tower is a symbol of dire evil and death, and yet it is alive. Many adventurers have returned to claim that the tower moves but none of them have offered any clear explanation as to why or how it does so.

Rumors: The tower is said to have been created by a mad genius of incredible talent. Few care to speak differently out of fear or awe.


Bonespear Tower was discovered when its top exploded near the end of 5098 Modern Era. This was the result of summoning the demon Maleskari, and failing to control him. The tower was constructed by a dwarven sorcerer who calls himself Bonespear and his students, who he has claimed would probably still be inclined to help the demon. Bonespear bound the demon within the tower, and prevented it from moving, surrounding the area with an anti-magical barrier. He struggles with the demon for control within the tower, plotting to imprison it in a safer and more lasting way. The implicit story is that his group had formed a demonic cult around Maleskari, who in archaic lore is manifested as an enormous armored skeleton, attempting to bring him into our world in exchange for his vast knowledge of necromancy.

The Foggy Valley area is uncoincidentally filled with creatures who are unnatural hybrids of humans with other animals. While Bonespear had come to his senses and stopped the demon, and its servants, his associates were killed or scattered. One of the visions in the tower is an imprisoned "huge horribly misshapen greenish creature", often assumed to be the imprisoned demon itself, which resembles a shoggoth rather than Maleskari. It seems more likely that this is the servant of Maleskari that Bonespear has been heard chastising and that they extracted information from it.

Ambient Scripts

The visions witnessed in the tower fire rarely, and some of them seem to only happen in specific rooms. This may be an incomplete list.

Your vision becomes elastic as you see the laboratory as it once was.  Two mages, one dwarven and one human are working at one of the tables.  Their conversation erupts into an argument and it appears they are about to come to blows when the beaker the human mage is holding shatters in his hand, spraying glass everywhere and cutting his hand.  His blood sizzles as it drops to the floor and he glances up to see if the dwarf has noticed this, but the dwarf has turned to fetch a whisk and pan to clean up the mess.  Suddenly, your eyes swim with blood and you are blinded a moment before you vision returns to normal.

Another reality intrudes upon your own and you see a human mage huddled at a desk writing feverishly.  You are barely able to see over his shoulder to see what he is writing, but you make out a few snatches of the writing:  "...his name I know not yet, but the immense power that he represents...I know that the alignment of the tower is crucial, but the adjustments are slow and arduous...he no longer believes in the work we've set out...pity for those whose labor and remains made this tower?  No, I think not."

For a moment you see the tower whole again.  An old mage stands in front of the unbroken star circle preparing an incantation.  As quickly as the vision comes, it fades away.

Steam hisses from the broken star circle.

The loud hum of power spirals upwards in volume until you are forced to hold your ears.  The tower begins to shake and heave tossing everything around.  Just when you think you won't be able to stand it a moment longer, the hum subsides.

Your vision blurs a moment as a huge horribly misshapen greenish creature appears before you.  As soon as it appears the image fades away, leaving you to wonder if you hallucinated the whole thing.

The spectral image of a dwarven mage fades into view before you.  The grim dwarf looks you straight in the eye and while his lips do not move at all, you know that he has just told you to turn back and leave this place, never to return...clearly not as a threat, but as a dire warning.  Shedding a single tear, the mage turns from you as he slowly fades away.

The tower trembles and shakes violently!

The tower starts to buckle and shake, the shuddering intense!
You lose your footing and fall to the ground!
Roundtime: 7 sec.

The tower rumbles and leans west jostling everything violently!
You lose your footing and fall to the ground!
Roundtime: 7 sec.

The bone tower shifts suddenly beneath your feet, wobbling everything wildly!
You lose your footing and fall to the ground!
Roundtime: 10 sec.

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