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  • Bodies of Water - Where to find information on bodies of water in the world, whether accessible to characters or not.
  • Climate zones - Breakdown of climates within Elanthia.
  • Constellations - Elanthia's constellations.
  • Elanthian Flora Guide - Where to find information regarding Elanthia's flora, including where to find and forage them, as well as uses.
  • Elanthian Moons - Moons of Elanthia. Liabo and Lornon are considered the more prominent, and have pantheons associated with them.
  • Maps - Maps of Elanthia. This includes artistic renderings, as well as player-created maps that allow for easier navigation through the game.
  • Towns and Cities - Information on the settlements of Elanthia, both visitable by characters and those mentioned in historical lore.


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  • Towns(17 C, 43 P)