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Holy places may or may not be a shrine to one or more of the Gods, and have a number of mechanical influences, particularly for clerics and paladins, who may sense any alignment of the room. Many holy places are also natural sanctuaries.


Holy places are, for example, relevant for the following:

Tabulation of Holy Places

Below is a partial list of holy places in various areas of the world.

Dedication Pantheon Room Name Realm Location Lich ID
Voln Liabo [Icemule Trace, Ice Garden] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 3365
All All [Icemule Temple, Foyer] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2334
All All [Icemule Temple, Chancel Nexus] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2336
All All [Hall of Holy Struggle] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2341
Imaera* Liabo [Hall of the Seasons] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2343
Charl* Liabo [Hall of the Sea] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2344
Eonak* Liabo [Hall of the Crafts] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2345
Cholen* Liabo [Hall of the Arts] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2346
Kai* Liabo [Hall of the Body] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2347
Lumnis* Liabo [Hall of the Mind] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2348
Koar Liabo [Hall of the King] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2349
Arachne* Neutral [Hall of the Rivals] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2342
The Huntress*
Marlu* Lornon [Hall of Those Beyond] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2350
Andelas* Lornon [Hall of Those Outside] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2351
Ivas* Lornon [Hall of the Wounded Heart] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2352
Amasalen* Lornon [Hall of the Deathbringers] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2353
Eorgina Lornon [Hall of the Dark] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2354
Zelia Neutral [Hall of Madness] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2337
Laethe* Liabo [Hall of the Lovers] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2338
Jaston* Liabo [Hall of Nature's Balance] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2339
Gosaena Neutral [Hall of the End] Zone 1 Icemule Trace 2340
Imaera Liabo [Imaera's Grove, Rowan Copse] Zone 1 Solhaven 14132
Niima Liabo [Niima's Temple, Altar] Zone 1 Solhaven 14434
Oleani Liabo [Oleani's Temple, Altar] Zone 1 Solhaven 13308
Zelia Neutral [Zelia's Temple, Oratory] Zone 1 Solhaven 28605
Charl Liabo [Solhaven, Charl's Quay] Zone 1 Solhaven 1488
Koar Liabo [Fane of the God-King, Shrine] Zone 1 Solhaven 14235
Lumnis Liabo [Altar of Illumination] Zone 1 Solhaven 14222
Tonis Liabo [Temple of Tonis, Nave] Zone 1 Solhaven 14565
Phoen Liabo [The Divine Sun, Center Chamber] Zone 1 Solhaven 28611
Lorminstra Liabo [Chamber of Manifest Grace] Zone 1 Solhaven 14178
Lorminstra Liabo [Temple of Lorminstra, Nave] Zone 1 Solhaven 14190
Voln Liabo [Fasthr's Lance, Aegis Shrine] Zone 1 Solhaven 13197
Cholen Liabo [Cholen's Temple, Auditorium] Zone 1 Solhaven 13484
Cholen Liabo [Chamber of Laughter] Zone 1 Solhaven 27829
Tilamaire Liabo [Chamber of Music] Zone 1 Solhaven 27825
Jastev Liabo [Temple of Jastev, High Altar] Zone 1 Solhaven 14151
Eonak Liabo [Subterrain, Altar of the Smith] Zone 1 Solhaven 14578
Eonak Liabo [Subterrain, Altar of the Broken] Zone 1 Solhaven 14577
Kai Liabo [Kai's Temple, Altar] Zone 1 Solhaven 14469
Gosaena Neutral [Temple, Inner Sanctum] Zone 1 Solhaven 14386
Gosaena Neutral [Temple, Chamber of Eternity] Zone 1 Solhaven 14387
Luukos Lornon [Garden of Death] Zone 1 Solhaven 4619
Marlu Lornon [Garden of Destruction] Zone 1 Solhaven 4620
Mularos Lornon [Shrine of Suffering] Zone 1 Solhaven 5677
Ivas Lornon [Garden of Desire] Zone 1 Solhaven 4625
Fash'lo'nae Lornon [Garden of Forbidden Knowledge] Zone 1 Solhaven 4624
Andelas Lornon [Hall of the Claw, Altar] Zone 1 Solhaven 5684
V'tull Lornon [Garden of the Champion] Zone 1 Solhaven 13321
Eorgina Lornon [Eorgina's Temple, Adytum] Zone 1 Solhaven 14409
Onar Lornon [Eorgina's Temple, Monk's Cell] Zone 1 Solhaven 14411
Voaris Liabo [Chapel, Chantry of Blessed Sins] Zone 1 Solhaven 28616
Laethe Liabo [Chapel, Chantry of Grief's Wake] Zone 1 Solhaven 28615
All All [House Sovyn, Paladin's Lounge] Zone 1 Wehnimer's Landing 14617
All All [Rone Academy, Cathedral] Zone 1 Rone Academy 24484
Charl Liabo [The Sea's Judge] Zone 1 Coastal Cliffs 7653
Luukos Lornon [Underground, Hidden Wing] Zone 1 Coastal Cliffs 7703
Sheru Lornon [Shrine of the Jackal] Zone 1 Darkstone Castle 7036
Imaera Liabo [Lysierian Hills, A Small Shrine] Zone 1 Lysierian Hills 6460
Kai Liabo [Shrine of Heroes] Zone 1 Lower Dragonsclaw 18254
Kuon Liabo [Hearthstone, Herb Garden] Zone 1 Hearthstone Manor 14688
(Must have 200,000
fame to access)
Ronan Liabo [The Shrine of Dreams] Zone 1 Upper Dragonsclaw 7926
Leya Liabo [Shrine of Leya, Northwest Wall] Zone 1 Mine Road 8146
Arachne None [Spider Temple, Near Altar] Zone 1 Spider Temple 8361
Ivas Lornon [Temple of Ivas, Inner Sanctum] Zone 1 Vipershroud 9645
Jaston Liabo [Tree Statue, Arm's Cradle] Zone 1 Danjirland 7900
Lorminstra Liabo [Temple, Altar] Zone 1 Wehnimer's Landing 7523
Lumnis Liabo [Ta'Illistim, Kaerinar Wey] Zone 2 Ta'Illistim 168
Jastev Liabo [Ta'Illistim, Moonglae Var] Zone 2 Ta'Illistim 204
Fash'lo'nae Lornon [Aaendarein Gaer] Zone 2 Ta'Illistim 724
Tilamaire Liabo [Ta'Illistim, Glamesine Var] Zone 2 Ta'Illistim 707
Jastev Liabo [Ta'Illistim, Caear Var] Zone 2 Ta'Illistim 743
Voln Liabo [Hall of Patrons, Vestibule] Zone 2 Ta'Illistim 4033
Ronan Liabo [Hall of Patrons, Chamber] Zone 2 Ta'Illistim 4034
Jaston Liabo [Ta'Illistim, Sylvar Pointe] Zone 2 Ta'Illistim 13347
Imaera Liabo [Sylvarraend, Glade] Zone 2 Sylvarraend 4632
Imaera Liabo [Rambling Meadows, Shrine] Zone 2 Rambling Meadows 6011
Kai Liabo [Ta'Vaalor, King's Court] Zone 2 Ta'Vaalor 3542
Leya Liabo [Cleric Guild, Shrine] Zone 2 Ta'Vaalor 13502
Koar Liabo [Hall of the Arkati, Altar] Zone 2 Ta'Vaalor 10370
Lorminstra* Liabo [Shrine of Fate, Oratory] Brisker's Cove Seareach 32944
Voln Liabo [Promontory of the Shield, Bluff] Brisker's Cove Seareach 32948
Niima Liabo [The Peaceful Porpoise, Alcove] (and Shrine) Kraken's Fall Kraken's Fall 29800
Jaston Liabo [Memnole's Cottage] Mist Harbor Mist Harbor 16356
Jaston Liabo [Cavern, Entry] Mist Harbor Mist Harbor 28619
Jaston Liabo [Cavern, Altar Room] Mist Harbor Mist Harbor 28620
Niima Liabo [Ceiluir Glade, Niima's Temple] Mist Harbor Mist Harbor 19604
Andelas Lornon [Monsoon Jungle, Stone Tree] Mist Harbor Mist Harbor 21120
Mularos Lornon [Earthen Cave, Undertree] Mist Harbor Mist Harbor 21121
Marlu Lornon [Shadowed Clearing] Mist Harbor Mist Harbor 21122
V'tull Lornon [The Offering] Mist Harbor Mist Harbor 21123
Eorgina Lornon [Maoral Hall, Dark Sanctuary] Mist Harbor Mist Harbor 21088
Ivas Lornon [The Center of Stillness] Mist Harbor Mist Harbor 21125
Luukos Lornon [Temple of the Howling Veil] Mist Harbor Mist Harbor 21126
indiscernible None [River's Rest, Sanctuary] River's Rest River's Rest 10855
Aeia Neutral [Cleric Guild, Garden Shrine] River's Rest River's Rest 10989
Voln Liabo [Courtyard] River's Rest River's Rest 11043
The Huntress Neutral [River Tunnels, Ancient Altar] River's Rest Citadel 29579 (near 11141)
Aeia Neutral [Citadel, Gardens] River's Rest Citadel 11333
Niima Liabo [Oteska's Haven, Niima's Shrine] River's Rest Miasmal Forest 11669
Tonis Liabo [Kanchoco Cave, Shrine] Sanctum of Scales Sanctum of Scales 25223
Eonak* Liabo [Sister Cocytel's Hospice] Zul Logoth Zul Logoth 9506
Eonak Liabo [Temple of Eonak, East Sanctuary] Zul Logoth Zul Logoth 16727
Eonak Liabo [Temple of Eonak, Landing] Zul Logoth Zul Logoth 13961


* Shared shrine (lower bonus for Sanctify)
Huntress's shrine in River's Rest: past the magical green barrier