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Tsoran's map


It is accessible by swimming from the beach in the Fhorian Village. 50+ ranks of swimming is recommended as a minimum and 75+ ranks for reliable safety. Voln users can also use Symbol of Seeking to enter the temple. The entire area is subject to spell burst.

Nelemar Strategies

The third floor is considered to be the safest area of the temple. The rooms on the second floor are mostly wet or submerged, which makes the use of attacks or flares that do electric damage hazardous. The wet rooms also change or enable some of the Tritons' attacks, such as a drowning maneuver that Tritons will use to pull adventurers underwater. Watery rooms on the second floor can be quickly identified by the presence of "some muck" in the room, or you can use SPLASH to test if the room is watery.

In addition to these environmental factors, the second floor is where the more dangerous enemies spawn:

These enemies may wander up to the third floor.

The first floor is closed off or underwater; not able to be entered.

This category lists all creatures found in the Ruined Temple hunting area, which is commonly referred to as Temple Nelemar. The Ruined Temple hunting area is nearest to the town of Teras Isle. It is found on the Tsoran map TI-nelemar.

The Ruined Temple was dedicated to Nelemar, one of the greatest known water elementals.

Teras Isle - edit
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