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ChaosJewelry was first released at the April 2016 run of Duskruin Arena by GM Retser and was sold off the shelf at in The Mar and Scar. It was sold off the shelf up to tier 2, with the higher end offerings allowing for tier 3 sales. More customization and control options are available as the item gets unlocked. Automated unlocking certificates are available in Reim Base Camp.


You analyze your brass band and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
A chaotic voice reverberates throughout your mind...
 "I am fully unlocked and await your commands.
   You can still PUSH, PULL, POKE, RUB, COVER, GAZE, and PROD at me.
   PUNCH me and I will render you invisible at the cost of your spirit.
   You can have me altered but only by special people, listen to their rules."

The voice continues...
"I have the following gems available to you,
   First Gem: a rock crystal
   Second Gem: an emerald
   Third Gem: a diamond
   Fourth Gem: a blue topaz"
"I have the following materials available to you,
    First Material: gold
    Second Material: silver
    Third Material: brass"
"I will describe myself as,
    a bright band
    a dull band
    a shining band"
The chaotic voice fades from your mind.
Chaos Jewelry randomizes a combination of 3 articles, 3 materials, 4 gems, and 5 worn locations/nouns.
  As your jewelry gets unlocked, it can be altered and controlled more.  At the final tier the jewelry can
  render the wearer invisible at the cost of spirit.  To alter it, provide a gem, a material, or a short
  adjective to describe your jewelry.

 The following materials are not allowed
  Black Ora, White Ora, Coraesine, Krodera, Zelnorn, Adamantine, Black Alloy, Urglaes, Urnon, Kroderine, and a few others.
 The following gems are not allowed
  Doomstones, Urglaes, Shadowglass, Oblivion Quartz, and a few others.

Tier 0


Verb First Third
RUB You brush your fingers against your band and it pulses with light. The light fades and a shining brass ring accented with a rock crystal remains. XXX scratches at her ring as it pulses with light.
There is a 5 minute cooldown on this ability.
COVER You cover your band with your hand and it feels warm to the touch. N/A
You cover your band with your hand and it feels cold to the touch.
Toggles random shifting.

Tier 1


Verb First Third
TAP Your band shimmers as the gem within glows. N/A
POKE You push your finger against your band, it feels cold to the touch. XXX pushes her finger against her band.
Cycles through accented, affixed, crested, and crowned.
PULL You close your hand over your earring, it feels hot to the touch as it vanishes from your hand. Your skin burns as a shining brass ring crested with a rock crystal appears. XXX closes her hand over her earring.
Cycles through noun and POKE and PROD verbiage.
PUSH You push your hand over your band and it pulses against your touch. XXX pushes her hand against her band.
Cycles noun and gem.

Tier 2


Verb First Third
GAZE You trace your finger along your band, your body grows lighter as you seem to rise above the ground. XXX looks lost in thought as she touches her ring.
You trace your finger along your band, your body grows heavy as you seem to sink towards the ground.
You trace your finger along your band, your vision blurs and turns to blackness.
PROD You push at your band with your finger, it grows hot to the touch. XXX pulls her hand away from her band.
Cycles through metals and POKE verbiage.

Tier 3


Verb First Third
PUNCH You place your fist against your band and feel chaotic energy surround you.
You feel drained as you vanish!
XXX pushes her fist against her band, and vanishes in burst of energy.
Drains 1 spirit point for invisibility.
REMOVE You break into a sweat as you pry your band off. Your skin tingles as a chaotic voice reverberates in your mind, "Your soul will be mine next time!"
You break free of your invisibility.
XXX appears suddenly in a feverish sweat, holding her band.

Additional Information


While invisible, the jewelry will cause random ambient messaging to happen at 1 spirit drain per occurrence.

FIRST:  You feel your knees weaken and your arms grow heavy, as the world seems to turn a cold color of grey.
              You feel drained as the invisibility continues!
THIRD:  A small ripple of grey light bends a patch of air nearby.

FIRST:  Laughter echoes in your ear as you feel a sudden sensation of heat roll through your body.
              You feel drained as the invisibility continues!
THIRD:  Laughter echoes throughout the area.

FIRST:  Your vision starts to stretch forward, making everything appear to be in a tunnel of distorted light.
              You feel drained as the invisibility continues!
THIRD:  A collection of white and grey motes of light appear and vanish as quickly as they came.

FIRST:  Tendrils of red electricity burst in front of you, blurring your vision.
              You feel drained as the invisibility continues!
THIRD:  A errant burst of red electricity swims through the air.

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ChaosJewelry Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Customizable Yes
Custom Yes
Original Release Venue Duskruin Arena
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 4
How to Unlock Certificate
Spell Invisibility (916)
Restrictions Select materials and gems not allowed.
Item Verbs