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A character's DEMEANOR can be set to determine how s/he interacts with other characters and to control what actions other characters may perform on him. It is mechanical control over roleplay.

Demeanor can be used in tandem with BEFRIEND (verb).

Click one of the following to change your demeanor:
    cold reserved neutral friendly warm

Click one of the following races to change your demeanor towards them:
    Human Giantman Half-Elf Sylvankind Dark Elf Elf Dwarf Halfling Forest Gnome Burghal Gnome Half-Krolvin Erithian Aelotoi

Click one of the following professions to change your demeanor towards them:
    Warrior Rogue Wizard Cleric Empath Sorcerer Ranger Bard Savant Monk Paladin

To change your demeanor towards a specific person, click on them and choose a demeanor from the Befriend submenu.

Your demeanor is reserved.
You regard Dark Elves with a neutral demeanor.

Verbs/Systems Controlled by Demeanor


Group members can always use ARMOR and TRANSFER on each other, bypassing the demeanor check. PULL still requires neutral or above demeanor.