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Deeds can be purchased in all cities in Elanthia. They can be purchased by solving puzzles (each location has its own puzzle) and paying in gems, coins (accepted by most puzzles) and sometimes alchemy products or other treasure items.


Here is a summary of the locations of the deed puzzles in the lands and how to solve them.


Just outside the temple doors there is a ice flow. Search flow to reveal a door. Go door and then close door once inside. Pull chain and a drawer slides into view. Now open drawer and put your offering(s) inside. Then close drawer to complete the ritual. If you don't open door before attempting to go through it you will walk right into it causing a loud thud which people will hear outside. If you want to make multiple offerings, you can open door and then close door to restart the ritual without even leaving. Just remember to open door again before leaving. Once you are out, no need in attempting to close the door, as it is hidden once again.

Seems Gems AND Wands recieve extra value in Icemule, and someone mentioned Lockpicks can be used in Icemule.

River's Rest

Go to Spring Rest just outside the Sanctuary (the room with the pillars, room #10854). Kneel, look in pool (an inviting message should appear), look in pool again (another inviting message should appear), touch pool, put your shells, gems or silvers into the pool, touch pool again.

If you put in items of sufficient value, you should be transported to the Garden of Life. Once there, touch flower, get seed (make sure the seed is in your right hand) and plant seed.

Note that only local Rivers Rest gems (including shells) count for triple their value in the deed cost calculation.


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[Hall of Patrons, Rotunda] RNUM: 745
Eight arches supported by gold-veined marble columns encircle this large rotunda. A forged chandelier hangs suspended from the lofty, domed ceiling, illuminating the room. Six pedestals form a small circle beneath the chandelier, in the center of the rotunda.

Open the tome on the pedestal and turn it to any of the pages. Remember the image of the patron that appears on the page. Retrieve a taper from behind the panel in the eastern room, light it with a candle, then find the meditation room dedicated to the patron. Place any offerings on the censer inside, then use the lit taper to light the censer and meditate.


Deeds can be acquired at the Garden of Ancients. Search vines, then go door to enter the niche. Close door once you are inside. Pull hemp and open drawer, place any offerings in the drawer, then close drawer.

Teras Isle

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Wehnimer's Landing

There are two locations near Wehnimer's Landing where deeds can be acquired.


The first is at the Temple in Erebor Square (Room #4045). Once inside, go black arch, then go tapestry. Hit chime with mallet twice, then kneel, place any offerings of silvers or gems on the ground, then hit chime with mallet one last time.

Hearthstone Manor

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Zul Logoth

Visit Brother Barnstel, the herbalist (lich room #9505). Ask him about deeds and he will give you a password ("ygrutha sans'ra"). Then go arch, go hall and say the password. The small door in the room will open and you will enter it automatically.

You will be in a room with a series of murals and candles, which you have to light (somehow) and put your offering in the bowl. The candles you light depend on your race and profession. These can be determined by examining the murals in the room, but they're also provided in the table below.

Candle descriptions
Profession Colour Race Shape
Bard yellow Aelotoi winged
Cleric orange Burghal Gnome petite
Empath purple Dark Elf thin medium
Paladin grey Dwarf short thick
Ranger green Elf medium
Rogue black Erithian delicate tall
Sorcerer blue Forest Gnome small slender
Warrior brown Giantman stocky tall
Wizard red Half-Elf slender tall
Half-Krolvin sturdy tall
Halfling round short
Human tall
Sylvan slim medium

note: This puzzle solution is incomplete.


This formula works to obtain deeds through the tapestry in the black arch room in the Wehnimer's Landing Temple.

Deed cost (in silvers) = 101 + (level * 100) + (deeds * 100)

Example: a 99th level character with 7 deeds = 10701 silvers

101 + (99 * 100 = 9900) + (7 * 100 = 700)

If using items (usually gems), a general estimate is 3x what they appraise for. Using the example would mean a gem worth 3567 silvers. Err on the side of caution with this. The gem bonus does not seem to apply (at least not as substantially) in Ta'Vaalor, but wands seem to apply to the 3x bonus, so they are a suggested substitute.

GameMaster Xayle, July 9th 2012:

Xayle says, "The answer that I seem to be getting is this..."
Xayle says, "Different deed puzzles use different formulas."
You nod.
Xayle says, "And this one isn't working on the formula you're using."
You softly say, "I see."
You softly say, "That would explain it."
Xayle says, "I wish I could say more, but that would start straying into puzzle answering."
Xayle says, "Which is a nono."