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Use Weapon, Shield
Bonus +20
ST/DU 20/55
Rarity Extraordinarily Rare
Weight Modifier 80%
Special Properties Holy
Primary Color Brilliant white to silver
Dyeable No

Eonake is often referred to as a metal touched by Eonak himself, and is considered a high honor to wield amongst dwarven clansmen. In addition to the folklore surrounding eonake, it has a natural enchantment equivalent to vultite, and its inherent ability of being sanctified in the hands of a devout cleric or paladin makes it one of the most sought-after metals amongst clergy of Elanthia. However, eonake is not otherwise blessable when used by other professions. Eonake ranges in color from a brilliant white to a silvery-grey hue, and holds a perfect, lustrous shine when polished.

Eonake is not found in large quantities in one certain area, thus there are no specific places to mine it. It is one of the most widely-deposited metals in Elanthia, found in small amounts in many various locations. Oddly, wherever eonake is found, a minuscule amount of the metal urglaes is usually somewhere nearby. This lends credence to the folklore that this very rare metal was used against the Ur-Daemons themselves. It is absolutely devastating to undead beings, often said to burn them greatly on occasion.

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