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Fishing was a popular pastime in Elanthia.


Wehnimer's Landing

Shop: an ebony ale-stained shop in Pine Point, located all the way east


Shop: In Veythorne Manor just south of the Amphitheater in the far north eastern


Shop: Erulk's Fishing Gear in the Ravelin

Zul Logoth

Shop: a shack in Glarstim Cavern, located past the archway in the Ruby Tunnel



The cost of equipment varies depending on material, design, quality, and quantity.


All fishing rods are equal. RAISE, WAVE, or PUSH the rod to cast at different lengths. PULL the rod to reel it in.

Item Shop


More expensive fishing line lasts longer. When your line breaks, the lures and bait that tied to it are lost. PULL the spool to remove line, then PUT the line on the rod.

Item Shop


Weights come in two sizes. Tiny weights are for middle depths, while small weights are better for bottom depths. No weight is needed for surface fishing. PUT (verb) the weight on the rod.

Item Shop


There are three basic types of lures and bait, each type geared toward bottom, mid-depth, or surface fishing. PUT the lure on the rod.

Item Shop


The rhimar chests preserve the caught fish. Without a chest, the fish goes bad or escapes.

Item Shop


Caught fish can be cut into fillets using CUT MY FISH WITH MY <WEAPON>. Heavier fish may produce more than one fillet. These fillets can then be cooked over a suitable fire.

Cooking fires are located:

  • Zul Logoth: in the fishing shop,
  • Ta'Illistim: on the west side of Veythorne Manor in the throwing dagger game room
  • House of Paupers: by the pond in the Rose Garden