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Fixskills is a term generally used to refer to the adjustment of skills without migration time. This includes using the verb FIXSKILLS or a potion, as detailed below. The process will instantly migrate your training changes as well as those of the Player System Manager like CMAN, Ascension, Shield, and Armor skills.

Characters below level 20 do not need to use fixskills because they can adjust skills an unlimited number of times via GOALS with almost instantaneous migration. When characters are close to reaching level 20 (at your first tick taking you below 1000 till level 20), it is required to confirm that your skills are set to desired values. Characters will not be able to earn any additional experience until the player has confirmed the skill confirmation. Your ability to play while the experience block is active will not last forever and eventually you will be transported into a lounge and forced to confirm your skills. While in the lounge you cannot do anything else but adjust and confirm your skills, this includes not being able to check your own stats with INFO. (It may be possible to confirm your skills and run directly to check in to adjust your stats if you have not used your 5 stat changes). Do not use the FIXSKILLS verb during this period as you're still below 20 and able to adjust freely.


The FIXSKILLS verb is used to instantly migrate any changes in skill training, negating any skill migration time. Skills should be set to the desired level before using the fixskills. This can be done using GOALS or by checking in at a local inn.

All characters are created with one fixskills command use available, and every character on a paying subscription account (i.e. not F2P) is granted use of a fixskills through the verb each year on May 20. If the player already has one available, they will not receive an extra one, so there is an incentive to use it before it is wasted, unless you're completely happy with your current training.

Additionally, a fixskills use is granted after using a FIXSTATS potion, so it is recommended to use the existing fixskills (if available and if necessary) before drinking the fixstats potion since it's not possible to bank a second use.

With fixskills available:

The FIXSKILLS command will allow you to instantly set your skills to match your goals.  Use the GOALS command to set your skills to your desired values FIRST!

You may view FIXSKILLS HELP for more information on this option.

To use FIXSKILLS, you must type FIXSKILL CONFIRM within the next 30 seconds.

*** No additional options will be granted outside of normal parameters for misuse. ***

** Make sure your skills are set how you want them with GOALS before using FIXSKILLS CONFIRM **

>fixskills confirm
Setting all skills to match current goals... COMPLETE!

Without fixskills available:

Sorry, you have already used your one-time fix skill option.  In a hurry?  Check out the Fixskill Potion in the SimuCoins Store that will instantly migrate all your skills!

Fixskills Potion

Additional fixskills may also be purchased with 250,000 bounty points through the Adventurer's Guild or with 4,500 SimuCoins. The latter option often goes on sale if you're willing to wait, and both can be purchased from other players as well.

When purchased through the Adventurer's Guild, a fixskills potion comes in the form of a hazy blue potion. When purchased through the SimuCoin store, it comes in the form of a dark blue potion.

>drink my pot
As you raise the dark blue potion to your lips, you stop for a few seconds to ponder the consequences of drinking it.

[Drinking from the potion will instantly migrate all your skills to their goal levels.  In order for this to function properly, you must follow these steps:

Step 1:  Enter GOALS in the command prompt to open the Skill Manager (If you are unable to use the Skill Manager, CHECK IN to the local inn and complete this process via the Character Manager).

Step 2:  Adjust your skill ranks in the Skill Manager as you see fit.  Click the APPLY button and go back to the game screen.

Step 3:  Once you have determined that your skills are set up exactly how you want them, drink the potion.

If you have followed these steps and wish to instantly migrate your skills now.  Please DRINK from your potion again within the next 30 seconds.]

Roundtime: 3 sec.

R>drink my pot
As you drink, you feel warm sensation build within your mind.  Time begins to speed into a blur as days pass by in seconds.  Your memories start to reshape themselves as your knowledge and skills bend from what is to what you desire.  Just as you are about to be overwhelmed by all that you feel, the warm sensation passes and you realize that barely a moment has passed since you drank from the potion.  Your experiences while under its effects leave you feeling changed, however.

That was the last drop.
The dark blue potion shatters into twinkling dust.
Roundtime: 3 sec.

Fixskills Primer

As mentioned above, all non-F2P characters are granted use of a fixskills through the verb each year on May 20. If a character currently has an available use of the fixskills verb, it will be effectively lost on May 20 (this does not apply to potions).

For the indecisive, the following steps and tips have been provided to drop all, or almost all skills to zero.

Caveats by Profession

  • Warriors: If you need to preserve a weapon bond, but want to change other Combat Maneuvers, CMAN UNLEARN the skills no longer wanted. If all other combat maneuver skills are unlearned, one should follow the table to keep CMan ranks at certain levels to preserve the indicated Weapon Specialization (WSpec) ranks along with five Weapon Bonding Ranks:
Weapon Specialization
Weapon Bonding
42 3 5
50 4 5
60 5 5
(Most warriors, except mutants, should immediately put CMans back to 2x.)
  • Paladins: Paladin spells should be kept at 29 ranks or above to maintain a bond.


  1. CHECK IN at the front desk of an inn.
  2. Choose option 3 ("Adjust Skill Goals")
  3. Set everything to 0 by entering 1 -999, 2 -999, etc, or run this command line script using Lich (software):
    • ;exec (1..50).each{|ix| fput "#{ix} -999"}
    • Remember if you need to preserve skills as mentioned in point 1, set them to the correct number at this time, not to zero, or go back and set them now.
    • Nothing actually saves until Done is selected, make adjustments as needed.
  4. Enter D for "Done" to save changes.
  5. Choose option 4 ("Done") to exit the character manager.
  6. Type FIXSKILLS and follow the instructions to make all changes take effect.
  7. If it wasn't done prior to checking in, CMAN UNLEARN the skills that need to be zeroed out.
    • Or give it a few minutes and wait for CMAN to finish self-adjusting. This will save the effort of repeatedly typing UNLEARN.

Once this is done, use the GOALS verb and the web-based interface to add the skills as normal. (Or use the character manager again.)