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While most fletching razors sold in shops are fairly basic and will simply cut fletchings from feathers skinned off eligible creatures or purchased at specialty shops during special events, certain ones are imbued with magic that allow certain flares to be passed on to the fletchings. Most recently, they could be won at raffles held at Ebon Gate in Eye of the Hawk.


The creator has also provided the following information:
You get the feeling that the base and long (but not the show) of this razor can be altered by any merchant, provided it remains a "razor" and that nothing indicates that the blade is dull or not functioning.

This razor has unlimited charges.  The color when LOOKing at the razor gives some indication of flare type.


It's a fletching razor.  It's in good shape.
The razor is surrounded by a brilliant black aura.


Verb Style First Third
CLOSE You fold the razor closed. XXX folds her mistwood-cased razor closed.
CUT Feather with razor Wielding your mistwood-cased razor with the utmost care, you cut the useless tip from a feather, then ever-so-gently split it lengthwise. Cutting each half in two pieces, you gather up the trapezoidal fletchings into a bundle.

The black aura surrounds the fletchings for a moment before fading away. Roundtime: varied.

Wielding her mistwood-cased razor with the utmost care, XXX cuts the useless tip from a feather, then ever-so-gently splits it lengthwise. Cutting each half in two pieces, she gathers up the fletchings.
OPEN You flick open the razor. XXX flips open her mistwood-cased razor.
Fletching razor Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Item Verbs


Not a full list.

Grey Grapple
White Steam
Black Disintegration
Green Acid
Red Fire
Blue Cold
Shimmering Unbalance
Greenish-Black Disruption

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