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Hadya Kha'Taymullah
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Hadya Kha'Taymullah
Race Human
Culture Tehir
Class Cleric
Profession Archpriestess of Luukos
Religion Luukos
Affiliation(s) Luukos

Hadya Kha'Taymullah (or Daughter of Taymullah), is a Tehir from the Senkara Tribe. She is a Luukosian priestess and aided the Dark Alliance during the last half of the Griffin Sword Saga. She is a priestess in the Order of Luukos and aided in the return of Morvule, during the Ride of the Red Dreamer.

Early Years

Hadya is the eldest daughter of Taymullah, a high-born Tehir human, and Vafiae, a half-sylvan and former slave, and belongs to the tribe of Senkara. Hadya's tribe is matrilineal however, because her mother was a former slave, she could not claim her lineage. Her father, being in trade for the tribe ensured all his children could read and write in the common tongue of the empire. During her early years, it was observed that she was highly receptive to spiritual magic and was put under the tutelage of the tribe's shaman.

Though sullied by her mother's lineage, Hadya was still considered valuable to advance her tribe's agenda. When Hadya came of age, her marriage was arranged to what they considered a lesser tribe. This became the catalyst to Hadya's path to serving Luukos. Hadya very rarely discusses the subject.

Sand Snakes

Hadya spent time with the sect after leaving her tribe. She flourished with them, however, after a vision she sought out Morvule. He had gone to Bir Mahallah to raise an undead army during the Griffin Sword War and Hadya trailed them out of the Sea of Fire to Solhaven.


Hadya has spent time on and off again in the service of the Order of Luukos in Solhaven and Vornavis since the Griffin Sword War. She has made many contributions towards the growth of the freeport and Vornavis through the order. She considers the area her second home.


After Chaston Griffin’s devastating blow to the faiths of Lornon within the Turamzzyrian Empire the Order of Luukos sent Hadya in to rebuild destroyed sects and nests of Luukos. She spent many years within, rebuilding, recruiting, and moving sects and ensuring that should another tyrannical leader of the Church of Koar come to power again, they could withstand it. During this time, the order commended Hadya’s work going so far as to ask her to come to Tamzyrr in Selanthia and work in service to Luukos there. She did not decline but instead requested that she be permitted to travel back to Vornavis and remain in service there. Her request was granted, and she returned formally to her position in Vornavis in 5122.


You see Hadya Kha'Taymullah the Archpriestess of Luukos of Solhaven.
She appears to be a Human of the Tehir tribes.
She is short and has a thin petite frame. She appears to be youthful. She has viridian-hearted dark amber eyes and smooth, pale copper skin. She has very long, sable hair that falls in a lustrous curtain of thin braids to her thighs. She has a slender face, the bone-structure of which further accents her delicate features. She has a jagged, scale-indented scar across her neck. Her waist is narrow.
She has a tattoo of arabesque malachite tracery gracing her left temple, a thin column of serpentine malachite tracery tattooed on her chin, a wavy ophidian mark, matching tattoos of sinuous malachite script winding around her forearms, a seven-headed malachite sidewinder tattoo on her wrist, and an intricate tattooed malachite pattern that covers the back of her hands.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing some talon-set dark emerald prayerbeads, a viridian wool overrobe boldly accented with bronze scaling at the shoulders over a winterweight robe of bronze-threaded warm brown linen, a bronze-framed bone reliquary, a bronze serpentine tisrin scaled in arsenic green emerald, and some bronzed umber yierka hide shoes laced with green satin cord.


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This is an AI generated image made using ChatGPTs DALLe3 extension. It was prompted by and generated by the uploader.