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The Illithien Aerie was purchased by the Ilyan Syndicate in the year 5121 and extensively renovated over the course of several months, opening in the spring of 5122. Following an intimate series of soft openings, the Syndicate formally opened the Aerie in the Autumn of 5122 with an event series entitled Autumn on the Mountain.

The Illithien family of Ta'Ardenai graciously agreed to sell the disused estate to the Syndicate, and in our restoration process, led by Lucrecea Ruin Ardenai, great pains were taken to honor the history of the Aerie, whilst modernizing and refreshing it for use as a gathering place and cultural hub.

After the tumultuous year of 5123, the Syndicate is pleased to welcome all those interested in Elven culture back to its grounds this autumn as we reflect on a hoped for Return to Stability. In addition to the talks and events we have planned, a small art exhibition will be on display in our Petrel Parlor for your perusal and reflection.


Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th

All times Eastern

Time Event Host(s) Place Description
Saturday, September 16th
2:00PM Ta'Illistim Museum Grand Opening Curator Zenlynn Museum Alerreth The Ilyan Syndicate joins the Shining City in welcoming Curator Zenlynn's much-anticipated renovation and new exhibition at the Museum Alerreth.
3:30PM Ilyan Gaming & Social Club Aendir Silithyr Illithien Aerie, Woodstar Salon, (#31373) A casual night of gambling and socializing in our cozy Salon overlooking Whistler's Pass Falls. Bring your silvers to take try your luck with the Aerie Slots, or plumb the depths of a mysterious darkbox! Prizes include selections from several wardrobes both locked and unlocked, jewelry, magic items, and more!
5:00PM Cultured Correspondence Uniana Anduin Illithien Aerie, Woodstar Salon (# 31373) A love letter to letters, stationery and mail. Learn how to make the most of your written correspondence and takeaway some articles to practice on.
8:00PM Dance in Ta'Loenthra: The Elun Isille Elaejia Silithyr Illithien Aerie, Petrel Parlor (#31368) Elaejia Silithyr will host a brief talk and class on the passionate dance traditions of Ta'Loenthra, and invites all to don their dancing shoes to learn a few steps.
Sunday, September 17th
3:00PM Dance of the Birds: The Aewen Lilta Elanthian Elegance Illithien Aerie, Astrapia Hall (# 31369) Rohese Bayvel-Timbertree invites all to don their dancing shoes again as she hosts a brief introduction and class on the traditional dance of the Illistimi.
7:00PM Aerie Gala Ilyan Syndicate Illithien Aerie, Astrapia Hall (# 31369) The start of a new tradition - the second annual Aerie Gala. Join the Syndicate in closing out the weekend with a glittering evening of dance and grace in our mirrored Astrapia Hall.