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Kaldonis Penumbra (born Kaldonis Harvest-Moon) is a dubious Truefolk who immigrated to River's Rest sometime before 5100. He enjoys being confused as a Wizard, despite being a Sorcerer. His origin has never become clear, as he claims to come from the future. He is recognized for his cartography skills as well as leadership roles in Beacon Hall Archive, paltry attempts to lead a responsible lifestyle as a member of the TownCrier, and serving as a species of rare and unusual bird. In his free time, Kaldonis enjoys eating strange mushrooms, performing alchemy, and collecting unusual artifacts to deduce his origin. He is also known to be extremely fond of Implosion, Wall of Force, and Phase for both combat and ordinary circumstances.

It has been brought to light that he might suffer from a rather unusal form of schizophrenia [1]. He would be known to argue with himself [2].

He is a member of the Harvest-Moon clan who are Paradis Truefolk that dealt with Demonology of the Undead War against Despana.

His many tattoos reflect mainly themes from Lorae'tyr, giving some physical evidence that he may have been temporally manipulated. He did spend 50 years in Teras Asylum. His magical knowledge is thus inter-planar, but his possession might be attributed to his socks. He finds so-called 'demons' to be friendly, even if they bite him. Yet, he seems to pray to a higher order of civilization.

You see Kaldonis Penumbra.
He appears to be a Halfling. 
He is diminutive.  He appears to be decrepit with age.  He has hazy mismatched violet and green eyes and wrinkled, blue-veined sallow skin.  He has asymmetric, midnight blue hair with matted clumps tangled to rival a rat's nest.  He has an emaciated face and large feet.  He has tufts of wiry, black hair sprouting from his nostrils and ears.
He has a rendition of an eye tattoo with a large pupil on his forehead, a series of numbers boldly inked on the back of his neck, a complex black maze tattoo highlighted with argent archaic runes on his arm, an intricate aurulent and argent runic compass inked on his wrist, a glossy black rose tattoo with large thorns on his finger, an inked swirling blue sky dotted with stars on his arm, a tattooed Faendryl pentagram on his wrist, a tattooed spiral of magical items on his finger, some inked amorphous chartreuse smudges on his thigh, an azure and violet jungle tattoo on his leg, a blurry landscape tattoo on his leg, and dozens of copper-inked ants in a cross section of grey ash on his ankle.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a glimmering indigo wizard's hat embellished with silver stars and a bold crescent moon, a pulsating blue moonstone earring, a scorched fireleaf seed amulet, an opaque glass amulet, a ruby amulet, an oversized silk cloak with muddy footprints stamped about the hem, a harvest moon charm, a ceremonial green silk sash embroidered with an aurulent sheaf of rye, a thorned black rose, a glowing red ki-lin horn, a gore-covered troll-leg backsheath, a starched white ritual robe covered with a thick layer of black soot, a polished maple baby rattle, a mithril chain wristlet, a hoary green tourmaline band, a braided leather rope belt with an ink-black ribbon woven into the braids, a twine-strung olive canvas pouch, an inky black pouch intricately woven with verlok feathers and clasped with a polished runestone button, a snap-top small metal case, a rounded copper flask, a blue leather coin pouch, and some mismatched black and grey socks sporting a large hole in one toe.

Kaldonis has always been openly played by daid as an extravagant and insane persona.

Out of character training discussions

As we discussed and contributed, many of us players of sorcerers are strong-minded, and it becomes complex to clearly elucidate very specific details. It is important to be familiar with Dergoatean's review of mutants before reading further. He has also been known to idolize Methais while pulling a preemptive strike on Virilneus's style.

Kaldonis is known as one of the most prominent sorcerers to say:

He prefers to end arguments about this skill with Web (118), Balefire (713), or if you are so lucky for a quick death, Implosion (720).

Kaldonis also swears by another skill, namely:

He did author the guide on Popping boxes with magic, but he must have lost his paperclip. When Kaldonis is looking for his paperclip, he can easily find it because his third rule is:

Kaldonis is post-cap and puts more training points into Pickpocketing than magical training. In the same time, he has completely mastered Alchemy and a known tutor of Illusions.

In the above, it is shown, quite clearly, that a sorcerer can kind of do whatever they want. Some people dispute it, and some people come up with mutant builds, but some of us like to be a bit more boring and sneaky than just killing everything.

What's post-cap like?

I have maximized

This is like, the way to make a really fun character.

What is Kaldonis working on?

No idea. Ask him!

What's the most amazing thing Kaldonis has ever done?

An animated blood eagle picks up a flagon of winterberry ale.


Kaldonis easily capped with 6x robes, which he swears by. He usually likes to get out his 4x fire flaring runestaff. Please give him a vaalin lockpick.

Further reading

Kaldonis is more than pleased if you read some of his guides:

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

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