Landing Events - 2018-07-28 - Prax, Facts, and Attacks (log)

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Koaratos 28-29, 5118

by Florania Autumnwind of the [[::The_TownCrier|TownCrier]]


  • After townspeople gossip about seeing a "cripple" pushed out of his chair, search parties form and eventually Leafiara reports finding Praxopius on Dragonsclaw Road with a head wound. When questioned, he says that he'd dismissed his assistant Snout for the evening and was attacked by three people he believes were all male and possibly under the influence of Helga's spirits, but adds that it was dark and he isn't certain. He says they were accosting and accusing him over being an imperial dog or a spy, but says this was the only incident since he arrived and that he still loves the [[::Wehnimer's Landing|Landing]].
  • Maylan asks about [[::Larsya_Caulfield|Larsya]] and Prax says Breshon has kept her away since she's ill, but she's better now.
  • The group heads to the trophy room at the Raging Thrak Inn to talk further of Prax's history and goals. He explains: his family owned a home when he lived in the Landing, but his parents are now deceased. After his work in the Landing is done he intends to return to Idolone, where he has unfinished business that his wife would have wanted to see finished. The seawater he carries with him is part of an Estorian custom, folklore that a dose taken every morning after bed will ensure a long life.
  • Prax apologizes that his ship wasn't able to do more against the recent krolvin attack led by Kragnack, saying it's a work in progress and "the first of many." Claiming that he's taken Pylasar's creation to a new level, he elaborates that he has a way to charge the pylons without having them manned: charging them with plinite.
  • Before leaving for the night, Prax says that Breshon has promised a dinner by week's end or the weekend and that the journey to heal Larsya will need more than his own mind.


Fallen Man

Some townspeople can be heard gossiping nearby, "....and then that cripple got pushed right out of his chair, and they laughed and laughed...and left him there...but I wasn't about to help and get hurt too...."

Lylia: "Has anyone seen Praxopius of late? I heard people passing beneath my office window, and I disliked the conversation I heard..."

Leafiara: "I've just found him--on Dragonsclaw Road."

[a group proceeds to the given location]

[Wehnimer's, Dragonsclaw Rd.]

The road travels roughly parallel to the river's course, skirting the shoreline. Fishermen, traders, miners, sailors, and townsfolk trek back and forth between the storehouses, shops, docks and offices that constitute the life of Wehnimer's Landing. You also see a crude wheeled chair and a three-story brick building. Also here: Zosopage, Shinann, Felita, Lightweaver Maylan, Bernadette, Mister Pukk, High Lady Lauranathalasa, Gypsy Scribe Balley, Event Planner Beyrn, Stormyrain, Chaoswynd, Maltreis, Mayor Lylia, Leafiara, Praxopius who is lying down

Balley softly asks, "Are you ok Praxopious?"

Praxopius brings one hand to his head, peeling his fingers away to look down at some blood on his palm.

Praxopius frowns.

Praxopius says, "Yes..."

Speaking to Praxopius, Zosopage asks, "Did you see who hit you?"

Balley softly asks, "Do you need healing?"

Praxopius reaches for his wheeled chair nearby, and pulls himself into it.

The voice of Thrassus asks, "Where is your assistant?"

Praxopius says, "I dismissed him for the night..."

Speaking to Praxopius, Shinann asks, "Are you all right?"

Praxopius groans.

Praxopius grabs his head, nodding.

Speaking to Praxopius, Zosopage asks, "Or was that just from falling out of your chair?"

Praxopius says, "Yes, a little wounded."

Speaking slowly to Praxopius, Chaoswynd says, "Did you see who they were."

Shinann says, "You do not look so good."

Praxopius says, "My pride more than my head. I assure you."

Praxopius says, "I do not know their names, no, sorry."

Praxopius says, "It, it does not matter."

Chaoswynd slowly says, "I beg to differ."

Balley softly says, "Praxopius can I check you over? I am a healer."

Lylia firmly says, "It matters a great deal to me."

Praxopius nods at Balley.

Leafiara concernedly says, "It might well matter if they have any plans on doing this again..."

Speaking to Praxopius, Shinann says, "Well, it does matter."

Speaking to Praxopius, Ysharra says, "I doubt that is quite accurate. It does matter."

Speaking to Praxopius, Lylia asks, "Your assistant, I did not see him about...?"

Praxopius says, "It was dark, I do not feel comfortable being able to describe them with any accuracy."

Speaking confusedly to Praxopius, Maylan asks, "Why would anyone have cause to harm you?"

Praxopius says, "No, I dismissed Snout for the evening."

Speaking to Praxopius, Thrassus asks, "Did you see how many there were at least?"

Praxopius says, "Three of them."

Balley focuses on Praxopius with intense concentration.

Praxopius says, "I believe they may have also been...influenced by some of Helga's spirits."

Praxopius chuckles.

Speaking to Praxopius, Thrassus asks, "Did they say anything at all?"

Praxopius says, "There were some anti-imperial sentiments at first."

Speaking to Praxopius, Rioja asks, "Where is your chair?"

Praxopius says, "When I explained I was born here, and my family once lived here, it got more heated."

Praxopius says, "I am sitting in my chair."

Balley softly asks, "Was it Male or Female?"

Praxopius says, "I believe they were all males."

Praxopius says, "Or perhaps one could have been a tall dwarven woman."

Praxopius chuckles.

Praxopius says, "I kid."

(Balley tends to Praxopius and heals his wounds.)

Praxopius grins at Balley.

Speaking to Praxopius, Beyrn asks, "So you explained things to them...what questions did they ask?"

Praxopius says, "Thank you."

Praxopius says, "They were less about questions, and more about accusations, threats, and some mockery."

Praxopius says, "Please, it is alright."

Ysharra asks, "Accusations?"

Pukk quietly asks, "Accusations?"

Praxopius says, "I am no stranger to such."

Balley softly asks, "Was this a passing thing or have you been harrassed since your time here?"

Praxopius says, "That I am an imperial dog, a spy, my parents were related..."

Praxopius says, "Colorful things. It is alright."

Praxopius says, "No, this is the only true conflict since I've arrived. I love this town, I love my home, I know it happens here."

Praxopius says, "It happens in the Empire too."

Speaking to Praxopius, Maylan asks, "Forgive me for I have been away, but I must ask. Have you made any...progress? With the little lady Larsya?"

Maltreis asks, "Perhaps this not the best place to have this discussion?"

Speaking to Lylia, Zosopage asks, "Is there anywhere in Moot Hall where he could rest with a little more security?"

Pukk quietly asks, "Can somebody push him to the inn?"

Praxopius says, "No. Lord Breshon has kept Larsya away for a bit, she was ill."

Praxopius says, "She is better, so I expect to meet with her soon."

Praxopius says, "And this dinner we were all promised weeks ago."

Praxopius chuckles.

Praxopius says, "It best be some dinner."

Praxopius chuckles.

Speaking to Praxopius, Lylia says, "Would you like to head to the Raging Thrak Inn? It would be more comfortable, perhaps. And certainly better lit."

Lylia says, "Not that you are likely to be the target of an attack at the moment."

Praxopius says, "Well, yes."

Praxopius places his hands on the wheels of his chair and rolls towards Lylia.

Praxopius joins Lylia's group.

Speaking to Praxopius, Lylia says, "We shall avoid the construction on Lyon Way."

Talk in the Trophy Room

[travel time]

[Raging Thrak, Trophy Room]

Tiny smudges of soot mar the fieldstones used to create the grand fireplace in this cozy room. A collection of plaques hangs above an immense grey marble mantel cluttered with trophy cups and bowls. Fashioned from a single stone slab, the hearth extends to an impressive black bear rug with its maw frozen in a silent roar. Several overstuffed wingback chairs, each covered in deep jewel-tone chintz, are scattered about the room. Against the back wall, a tall glass-front curio houses several ancient mementos and a thrak hide curtain hangs nearby. You also see a basket of sticks and an intricately woven straw wastebasket.

Speaking cheekily to Praxopius, Maylan asks, "Have you visited the old Thrak yet?"

Praxopius rolls his wheeled chair towards the fieldstone fireplace.

Praxopius begins chuckling at Maylan!

Praxopius exclaims, "I WANT A BROADSWORD!"

Praxopius winks at Maylan.

Praxopius says, "Yes, I have. Years and years ago."

Praxopius says, "When I was younger, and still could use my legs, I lost more coins then I earned hunting in the environs."

Praxopius says, "I cannot tell you how many silver coins I dropped on the ground."

Praxopius says, "Tapped them."

Praxopius says, "And alas, it did not lure them more."

Speaking to Praxopius, Lylia says, "I was told something about smooth stones."

Praxopius says, "And table legs."

Speaking to Praxopius, Maylan says, "Shoulda trieda wheel of cheese instead."

Speaking to Praxopius, Maylan says, "That was where you went wrong."

Praxopius asks, "Is that a cripple joke?"

Praxopius peers quizzically at Maylan.

Praxopius asks, "A wheel of cheese?"

Praxopius begins chuckling at Maylan!

Maylan laughs at Praxopius!

Praxopius says, "I am kidding."

Praxopius says, "But if it wasn't, it should have been."

Speaking to herself, Maylan says, "Now I want a cheese chair."

Praxopius says, "I will make a note not to roll around Dragonsclaw at night though from now on."

Praxopius chuckles.

Praxopius says, "Some of the Hendorans had warned me."

Praxopius says, "But I had heard Sir Thadston was staying there, so I thought to perhaps catch him."

Speaking to Praxopius, Pinchot says, "Inside town you should be able to roll where-ever you want without fear of torment."

Elphieya melodically says, "No one should fear in town."

Praxopius grins at Pinchot.

Praxopius says, "I have no fear."

Praxopius says, "I love this town."

Speaking to Praxopius, Lylia says, "Have you had much occasion to speak with him? I would not, of course, pry as to the nature of the meeting."

Praxopius says, "I understand there exists an unsavory element."

Praxopius asks, "It is a fact of life for now isn't it?"

Praxopius looks over at Lylia and shakes his head.

Praxopius says, "I have never met the man."

Speaking to Praxopius, Shinann says, "When you lived here, did your family own a home? I think I asked that and if you answered, I apologize."

Praxopius says, "I apologize Captain."

Praxopius nods at Shinann.

Praxopius says, "There's more voices here than inside a Zelian's mind."

Praxopius smirks.

Shinann smiles at Praxopius.

Balley softly says, "Sorry if we are overwhelming you."

Praxopius says, "They did own a home...yes."

Praxopius says, "It is not overwhelming."

Praxopius says, "My work in the Empire is often long and quiet. I welcome the conversation."

Shinann nods at Praxopius.

Speaking to Praxopius, Shinann asks, "Have you been back to visit?"

Praxopius peers quizzically at Shinann.

Praxopius asks, "Since I first left?"

Shinann says, "Yes, maybe this visit."

Shinann says, "I thought people liked to go visit places they were happy in."

Praxopius says, "My parents are gone. As is our home. The sights and smells of the city hold enough memories for now."

Shinann says, "I see."

Shinann says, "I am sorry."

Speaking to Praxopius, Maylan asks, "Where did they go?"

Praxopius clenches his jaw.

Speaking heartily to Praxopius, Chamorr asks, "You plannin on makin da Landing home?"

Praxopius digs his fingers into the arms of his chair for a moment, then exhales and loosens his grip.

Praxopius says, "They have passed."

Praxopius nods at Maylan.

Speaking sadly to Praxopius, Maylan says, "Oh I see."

Speaking to Praxopius, Maylan says, "I lost my parents too, although I'm not sure where they went. Or if they are still alive."

Praxopius says, "Wehnimer's shall always be home."

Praxopius says, "I intend to remain long enough until my work is done."

Balley softly asks, "I never knew my birth parents they left me in the forest. Then where will you go Praxopius?"

Praxopius says, "I've still unfinished business in Idolone. My wife would have wished it finished. So I will see to that as well."

Praxopius says, "Then, well, I dare not write the future too much in advance."

Praxopius says, "That only invites disappointment."

Praxopius grins.

Praxopius grins at Kisun.

Praxopius says, "You needn't whisper."

Praxopius begins chuckling at Kisun!

Xorus asks, "Was your wife someone we would have known?"

Praxopius says, "It is common folklore in Estoria that a dose of seawater taken every morning immediately after getting out of bed, from childhood onward, will ensure a long life."

Praxopius says, "Call it a habit I picked up from my late wife and her family."

Speaking to Praxopius, Kisun asks, "I just wanted to know, why ya wear a vial of seawater. What does it mean to ya?"

Praxopius says, "The things we do for love."

Praxopius chuckles.

Speaking to Praxopius, Shinann says, "You have lost a lot. I am sorry."

Praxopius grins at Shinann.

Praxopius says, "Sometimes loss gives meaning. Mine has."

Praxopius peers quizzically at Xorus.

Praxopius asks, "Would have known? My wife?"

Xorus says, "Yes."

Praxopius says, "I could not say truly. Minor nobility in Estoria."

Xorus says, "Ah."

Praxopius says, "Of some wealth, but little accomplishment. And I do not mean that bad."

Speaking wistfully to Praxopius, Maylan asks, "Was she very pretty?"

Praxopius says, "I've accomplished more in the inheritance than her family used when they had it."

Praxopius says, "She would be pleased however."

Praxopius begins chuckling at Maylan!

Praxopius says, "She was beautiful to me."

Lylia murmurs, "I am sorry for your loss, but how fortunate for you that you knew her at all. I am sure she would be gratified to see how you have thrived."

Praxopius nods.

Praxopius grins.

Of Pylons and Plinite

Praxopius says, "While we are on the topic of apologies..."

Praxopius says, "Let me offer one as well."

Praxopius says, "You will balk at it but..."

Praxopius says, "I am sorry my ship was not able to do more."

Praxopius says, "During the attack."

Praxopius says, "It is a work in progress."

Praxopius says, "The first of many."

Praxopius says, "Many."

Zosopage says, "Do more? If you had done any more we would not have had to fight at all."

Praxopius grins at Zosopage.

Ysharra says, "The krolvin are the mightiest naval power in this part of the world. You did very well against them. We all did."

Praxopius says, "For now they are."

Praxopius nods at Ysharra.

Evialla says, "I heard tell it was quite impressive."

Ysharra nods at Praxopius.

Praxopius grins at Evialla.

Evialla asks, "Numerous pylons at once, is that right?"

Praxopius nods at Evialla.

Praxopius says, "I've taken Grand Magister Pylasar's creation to a new level, if you will."

Speaking to Praxopius, Evialla says, "I am impressed so many are managed at one go."

Praxopius says, "I won't bore you with details. Well, I won't bore Magister Raelee I am sure, but the rest..."

Praxopius chuckles.

Speaking to Praxopius, Pinchot says, "So during an invasion when lots of folks lost their lives when they themselves are stonger than 95% of the population died and you feel what you did wasn't enough. Join the club."

Praxopius begins chuckling at Pinchot!

Speaking slowly to Praxopius, Raelee says, "Then we can discuss it in detail later. I will not be... bored."

Shinann says, "Actually, I would not be either. Bored, that is."

Evialla says, "Nor I."

Praxopius says, "I've managed a way to charge them without being manned by, well, people."

Praxopius nods at Evialla.

Speaking to Praxopius, Maylan asks, "Self charging pylons?"

Praxopius says, "Plinite."

Ysharra asks, "How do you charge them, then?"

Praxopius says, "Plinite."

Praxopius nods at Ysharra.

Praxopius says, "I can't divulge full details, mind you."

Praxopius says, "I'm undergoing some contracts and agreements currently."

Speaking to Praxopius, Ysharra says, "Mm. Magic rocks. I recall them from the Grand Magister's folly."

Praxopius says, "Idolone will see true glory restored one day. As will Wehnimer's Landing."

Praxopius grins.

Speaking to Ysharra, Raelee says, "Plinite is not a rock."

Praxopius nods at Raelee.

Praxopius says, "We've only begun, truly."

Praxopius nods at Raelee.

Praxopius says, "It's dangerous, for now. But with the right practice, skill, preparation, or even just application..."

Speaking to Praxopius, Raelee asks, "I would assume the plinite 'core' if you will must be replaced on occasion? Unless you also have a method for replenishing it?"

Praxopius says, "Our way of life could be dramatically effected by the use of plinite."

Praxopius grins at Raelee.

Praxopius says, "For now, yes."

Speaking huskily to Praxopius, Kyann asks, "Effected... positively, or negatively?"

Praxopius says, "Positively."

Praxopius nods at Kyann.

Praxopius slowly empties his lungs.

Praxopius says, "My head is still throbbing some from that push."

Praxopius says, "I suppose I shall get some rest for the night."

Zosopage offers Praxopius a flask of warrior's flame rum.

Praxopius says, "I did enjoy your company. Thank you."

Praxopius declines Zosopage's offer.

Zosopage says, "Perhaps this will help quell any lingering pain."

Praxopius says, "No thank you Zosopage."

Praxopius says, "It clouds the mind."

Praxopius chuckles.

Stormyrain offers, "If you remember anything about those who did this; please don't hesitate to let one of us know."

Praxopius nods at Stormyrain.

Praxopius says, "Thank you."

Speaking to Praxopius, Ysharra asks, "Should I get you some valerian, before you go?"

Praxopius says, "Certainly if you wish."

Praxopius grins.

Ysharra says, "It's right nearby, I could make a tea. If you're still sore."

Speaking evenly to Praxopius, Raelee asks, "... and when can I expect your next visit to the Outpost Laboratory?"

Praxopius says, "Oh my..."

Praxopius asks, "Are you flirting with me Magister?"

Praxopius chuckles.

Raelee stares sternly down her nose at Praxopius.

Praxopius says, "This week."

Praxopius nods at Raelee.

Speaking flatly to Praxopius, Raelee says, "Noted."

Praxopius says, "Breshon has promised a dinner by week's end, or the weekend."

Praxopius says, "The journey to heal Larsya will not be one behind curtains."

Praxopius says, "We will need more than my great mind for sure."

Praxopius says, "Goodnight to you all."

Praxopius glances at Raelee.

Praxopius says, "...and truly...I'm flattered."

Praxopius nods at Raelee.

Praxopius chuckles.

Ysharra offers Praxopius a cup of honeyed mint tea.

Praxopius rolls his chair off, chuckling to himself.

Ysharra shrugs.

Praxopius rolls back in.

Praxopius nods at Ysharra.

Praxopius accepts Ysharra's honeyed mint tea.

Praxopius winks.

Praxopius wheels off down the hall.