Marble House

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Marble House is the alchemist shop in Mist Harbor. It is located on Tigerlily Avenue in a gleaming grey marble house.

[Marble House, Arcane Sales]
The shop opens up into a vast space. Numerous trinkets and potions can be seen scattered throughout the many holding containers lining the silk-draped walls. You also see an elegant wooden sign.


  1. a pale red sea glass rod              19. a spindly polished fel brush
  2. an etched driftwood rod               20. a small crystal flask
  3. a slender fruitwood wand              21. a chipped glass vial
  4. an electric blue iron wand            22. an opalescent glass jar
  5. a bolt-etched polished silver wand    23. a leather book
  6. a flared twisted wand                 25. a sisfu potion
  7. a flame-etched burnished gold wand    26. a sarmoc potion
  8. a splintered oak wand                 27. a duqnuru potion
  9. a metallic etched wand                28. a rohnuru potion
  10. an aquamarine teardrop-etched wand   29. a dirtokh potion
  11. a blue icicle-shaped wand            30. a mirtokh potion
  12. an acid-etched thin crystal wand     31. a grot t'kel potion
  13. an opaque glass amulet               32. a carved round malachite inkpot
  14. a carved banana tree amulet          33. some fine crystalline chalk
  15. a mist-etched crystal amulet         34. a long piece of translucent chalk
  16. a golden nautilus shell pendant      35. a smooth porcelain pestle
  17. a crystal toucan pendant             36. an ivory porcelain mortar
  18. a white birch cup                    38. an aish'vrak potion

  Backroom Catalog
  24. a mist-filled aster opal runestone      40. an etched yellow heliodor runestone
  37. a quartz-cut alexandrite runestone      41. a wedge-shaped crystalline stone
  39. a suede-bound star diopside runestone   42. an elliptical petrified stone