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The Obsidian Tower is a player-run organization based around the Dhe'nar culture of dark elves. As a member of the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia, its members have contributed to the creation of lore for the Dhe'nar and Khanshael cultures, some of which has been adopted and officially made canon. The Obsidian Tower itself is located in the Upper Trollfang outside of Wehnimer's Landing.

Current Officers

Leadership within the Obsidian Tower takes on two forms. The primary Officers are referred to as the Obsidian Council, which consists of five Dhe'nar and one Khanshael advisor. The Highlord leads the Obsidian Council and the entire Tower. The other four Dhe'nar Council members each represent the four traditional castes: Temple, Warlock, Warrior, and Worker. The Armsmaster represents the Khanshael of the Tower.

In addition to the Obsidian Council, two additional support Officers may be represented from among the general membership.

Throne designation Council Chair role Officer
Obsidian Throne Highlord Avaia
Black Ora Throne Emissary/High Priest (empty)
Onyx Throne Essence/High Warlock Talinvor
Rolaren Throne Warlord Tabubu
Clear Glaes Throne Balance Meliyara
Invar Throne Armsmaster Kreigh

For more information on the distinction between these roles, see the Obsidian Tower Charter.

How to Join

The Obsidian Tower is dedicated to recruiting and retaining active, contributing members who have a vested interest in the Dhe’nar culture and its affiliated cultures through quality roleplay. To get involved, seek out one of the current Tower members, join in on its weekly hunts, or attend one of its public events.

For more information on membership requirements, see the Obsidian Tower Charter.



The Obsidian Tower periodically holds public events, workshops, or lectures, such as its celebration of the Dawn of the Way.


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