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Storyline All the Lich King's Men
Cross Into Shadows
Gender male
Race elf
Alias/Title The Adherent of Marlu
Affiliation(s) Marlu

Therendil was a follower of Marlu who came to Wehnimer's Landing to help break a dark magic curse.


You see Therendil the Adherent of Marlu.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is tall and appears to be youthful.  He has narrow onyx-hued eyes and chalk white skin.  He has a bald head.  He has a narrow face, a pointed nose and sharply pointed ears.  Growing from the sides of his scalp are two glistening black tendrils that curve down and hang over his shoulders.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a carved onyx staff in his right hand.
He is wearing a star-shaped talisman crafted from polished black ora tentacles, a slender grey leather satchel, a grey-threaded black leather robe, a sigil-covered pouch, and a pair of worn black sandals.


Therendil was first brought to Wehnimer's Landing at the request of Deylan. He is a priest of Marlu, and he was brought in to help break the lasting curse that Barnom Slim's dark magic had left on the forests outside of town. Therendil had ten local rangers volunteer their blood, and that of their companions, to help with the ritual to heal the lands. He then later presented Deylan with a jar of black seeds. Those seeds were planted behind Moot Hall, and in time grew to become the gnarled black trees that grew black apples filled with blood, now referred to as black blood trees. At the time, due to a curse, Mayor Walkar hungered for flesh and blood. These trees were a non-violent way for Deylan to provide that nourishment to Walkar, without it costing innocent lives. The black trees, of course, would later become a powerful tool for Althedeus to try to usher in a new age of chaos.

Currently, Therendil's whereabouts are unknown.

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