Relieve Burden (314)

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Relieve Burden (314)
Mnemonic [RELIEVE]
Base Duration 1200 seconds
Added Duration +60 seconds for every
Cleric Base rank known
Span Stackable
Utility Magic  
Subtype Encumbrance 
Components Silvers 
Availability 2 minutes when cast on others 
Cleric Base Spells
Prayer of Holding (301) Attack
Smite/Bane (302) Attack
Prayer of Protection (303) Defensive
Bless (304) Offensive
Preservation (305) Utility
Holy Bolt (306) Attack
Benediction (307) Defensive
Well of Life (308) Utility
Condemn (309) Attack
Warding Sphere (310) Defensive
Blind (311) Attack
Fervent Reproach (312) Attack
Prayer (313) Defensive
Relieve Burden (314) Utility
Remove Curse (315) Utility
Censure (316) Attack
Divine Fury (317) Attack
Raise Dead (318) Utility
Soul Ward (319) Defensive
Ethereal Censer (320) Attack
Holy Receptacle (325) Utility
Prayer of Communion (330) Utility
Divine Wrath (335) Attack
Symbol of the Proselyte (340) Offensive
Miracle (350) Utility

Relieve Burden negates the encumbrance associated with loose silvers in the pockets of the target. Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings increases the amount of coin encumbrance that will be negated.

Silvers in boxes are not affected, only silvers that the target carries in his or her pockets can be negated. Only silvers in excess of the spell's ability will apply to encumbrance. For example, if a cleric can negate 12000 silvers and is carrying 14000 silvers, only 2000 apply to encumbrance.

When cast upon others, the duration is 2 minutes and the target is relieved of only the base 10,000 silvers burden.

Lore Benefit

Spiritual Lore, Blessings increases the number of silvers that can be held without burden.

Total silvers = 10,000 silvers + (2000 × seed 5 summation of Blessings Lore ranks)
Spiritual Lore, Blessings ranks 0 5 11 18 26 35 45 56 68 81
Total silvers encumbrance negated 10k 12k 14k 16k 18k 20k 22k 24k 26k 28k
Spiritual Lore, Blessings ranks 95 110 126 143 161 180 200 221 243
Total silvers encumbrance negated 30k 32k 34k 36k 38k 40k 42k 44k 46k

With the increased bonus, the mana cost increases. The mana cost is base 14 + 1 for every 4000 silvers negated beyond the base amount.


A glittering golden collection bowl materializes above you.  It slowly tips upside down, causing a shower of silver sparks to rain down upon your body, then vanishes.
An ethereal golden collection bowl drifts out of your body, then vanishes.