Holy Bolt (306)

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Holy Bolt (306)
Mnemonic [HOLYBOLT]
Duration Instantaneous
Attack Magic - Damage  
Subtype Bolt 
Target(s) Single 
Damage Type Hitpoint 
Critical Type Impact, Acid, or Plasma 
Cleric Base Spells
Prayer of Holding (301) Attack
Smite/Bane (302) Attack
Prayer of Protection (303) Defensive
Bless (304) Offensive
Preservation (305) Utility
Holy Bolt (306) Attack
Benediction (307) Defensive
Well of Life (308) Utility
Condemn (309) Attack
Warding Sphere (310) Defensive
Blind (311) Attack
Fervent Reproach (312) Attack
Prayer (313) Defensive
Relieve Burden (314) Utility
Remove Curse (315) Utility
Censure (316) Attack
Divine Fury (317) Attack
Raise Dead (318) Utility
Soul Ward (319) Defensive
Ethereal Censer (320) Attack
Holy Receptacle (325) Utility
Sanctify (330) Utility
Divine Wrath (335) Attack
Symbol of the Proselyte (340) Offensive
Miracle (350) Utility

Holy Bolt hurls a stream of holy water at a target, causing acid damage against corporeal undead and impact damage against the living. Training in Spiritual Lore, Religion will unlock an acid degeneration effect versus undead creatures as well as an EVOKE version that uses plasma damage meant for living targets. Like all bolt spells, the attack strength (AS) for this spell is primarily a function of the casters Dexterity and Spell Aiming. Other spells, such as, Bravery (211), Heroism (215), Benediction (307), and Spirit Strike (117), as well as society abilities, can significantly increase the spells effectiveness.

Holy Bolt is significantly more powerful against undead targets with increased damage factors and AvD values, as well as the potential acid degeneration effect. Against living targets the spell acts the same as the wizard spell, Minor Water (903).

Aquamarine wands found in the treasure system can be blessed by Bless (304) to cast Holy Bolt. Alchemy-made spiraled willow wands will also cast this spell.


  • PREP 306 | CAST {target} or INCANT 306 to cast this spell normally

  • PREP 306 | CHANNEL {target} to channel the spell for additional damage, incurring 3 sec. of hard RT
  • INCANT 306 CHANNEL to channel this spell once using INCANT

  • PREP 306 | EVOKE {target} to cast the plasma based version
  • INCANT 306 EVOKE to evoke this spell once using INCANT
  • INCANT 306 CHANNEL EVOKE to channel the evoke version of this spell once using INCANT

  • INCANT SET CHANNEL 306 to always channel this spell using INCANT 306
  • INCANT SET EVOKE 306 to always evoke this spell using INCANT 306
  • Using INCANT SET CHANNEL followed by INCANT SET EVOKE will always channel the evoked version of the spell using INCANT 306

  • Holy Bolt can also be used to extinguish burning objects, creatures or characters (may be subject to a skill check)
  • Casting at oneself or other characters from defensive or guarded stance simply drenches them with water (no mechanical effect), and gives them a 'penitent' feeling

Lore Benefits

Training in Spiritual Lore, Religion has the following benefits:

Acid Degeneration Effect

30 ranks of Religion Lore unlocks an acid degeneration effect against undead targets.

Damage Factor Bonus

Training in Religion Lore will increase the spell's damage factors against undead targets only. The increase is .001 per rank for the first 50 ranks, .001 per two ranks for ranks 51 to 100 and .001 per four ranks for ranks 101 to 200. Total DF bonus with 200 ranks is .100.

Lore Ranks
Damage Factor
1 to 50
.001 per rank
51 to 100
.001 per two ranks
101 to 200
.001 per four ranks
Note: Damage factor truncates at three decimal places.

Plasma Based Damage

30 ranks of Religion Lore unlocks an EVOKE version which converts the stream of holy water to a beam of divine energy that does plasma damage, and is meant for living targets. This version does not receive the acid degeneration effect, but does receive the damage factor bonus for Religion Lore training. However, for the purposes of the damage factor bonus, the first 30 ranks are ignored. (IE: 40 ranks of Religion Lore are only counted as 10)

Damage Factor Table

Spell AG Cloth Leather Scale Chain Plate
AsG 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Holy Bolt (Undead) DF .750 .500 .405 .400 .265
AvD 40 38 37 36 35 35 33 31 29 37 33 29 25 32 26 20 14
Holy Bolt (Living) DF .455 .345 .283 .242 .173
AvD 30 30 29 28 27 29 27 25 23 31 27 23 19 25 19 13 7
Holy Bolt (Evoke) DF .600 .410 .310 .290 .270
AvD 52 44 43 42 41 39 37 35 33 44 40 36 32 52 46 40 34

Channel Damage

CHANNELing a bolt spell imposes a 3 second hard roundtime in exchange for a higher chance of hitting a vital area and subjects the attack to less critical randomization. The critical randomization floor is raised by 1-2 ranks (depending on the actual critical) and the chance to hit every location is the same at 7.7%.

When a bolt is CAST/EVOKEd without CHANNELing, it has a little over 16% chance to hit the eyes, head, or neck. A CHANNELed bolt has over a 30% chance. Most of those locations will also result in a critical kill for ranks as low as 5 or 6, while it will take 7+ against the chest, abdomen, or back. If it is determined to be a rank 9 critical wound, critical randomization can lower that all the way down to a rank 5 (typically non-lethal against vital spots). If the same bolt is CHANNELed for the same rank 9 critical wound, crit randomization will not lower it less than a rank 7 (typically lethal against vital spots).

The roundtime imposed by channeling cannot be reduced by haste effects.

Alchemy Recipe

A spiraled willow wand
  1. Add wand oil
  2. Add 2 doses of ghoul nail from lesser ghouls
  3. Boil
  4. Add powdered white opal
  5. Simmer
  6. Add blessed water
  7. Add 3 doses of willow twig
  8. Chant Holy Bolt (306)


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