Ablen Clipaeum

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Ablen Clipaeum
Storyline Griffin Sword Saga
Gender male
Affiliation(s) Phoen

Ablen was a paladin of the arkati Phoen.


You see Ablen Clipaeum the Solar Templar.
He appears to be mature and taller than average. He has gold-flecked pale blue eyes and golden brown skin. He has shoulder length, straight honey blonde hair with bangs that frame the top of his face. He has a straight freckled nose and a trimmed, thick sunstreaked goatee. :He is surrounded by a gentle golden aura.
He has a tiny sun-shaped mark on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a polished invar claidhmore in his right hand.
He is wearing a sun-shaped pendant hanging from a malachite neckchain, a turquoise and gold sunburst symbol, a polished black shield set with a golden sunburst in its center, a gold-trimmed white hooded mantle, a bloodied rag tied tightly around his left arm, some crossed leather back-sheaths, a weathered leather satchel, a gold wristchain, a gold-traced white silk tabard, a burnished rolaren-link hauberk, a blackworked white linen sack, a pair of loose gold-trimmed linen pants sashed with a length of dark blue silk, and some laced black leather boots.


Ablen appeared in Solhaven during the Griffin Sword Saga to assist The Resistance against the Dark Alliance. In the midst of one battle, Ablen called upon the power of Phoen to wipe out an entire contingent of winged demons. Ablen was notably more aggressive than Ulstram, the prophet of Lorminstra.