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A super node is the term for a room that gives a slight increase to the rate of experience absorption more than provided by a normal node. Major gathering locations in every major realm have super node status. While most of these nodes are public, the Common Room (or equivalent) of a CHE's primary house (not annexes) are also super nodes.

A MHO group may request a super node in place of a regular node for their permanent structure, so long as the node is either in a public room of the structure or the group has a large enough and active enough membership to support the node (as determined by the SGM of Towns and Communities). The cost for the super node is 15 million silvers.


Wehnimer's Landing

Room Lich Go2 Room #
Raging Thrak, Trophy Room 1259
Wayside Inn, Garret 14627
Landing Tower East 3807
Helga's, Pub Room 8859
Frith's Inn, Main Saloon 1263
Town Square Central 228
Garden Niche 318
Small Park 288
Voln Courtyard 3600
Hearthstone, Foyer 13500
Hearthstone, Front Porch 477

Kharam Dzu

Room Lich Go2 Room #
Ghorsa Isle, Tower 1844
Dragonspine and Krodera (The Statue) 1932
Adventurer's Rest, Deck 12537

Kraken's Fall

Room Lich Go2 Room #
[Wandering Eye Market] 28813
[The Sea Hag's Roost, Tavern] 28950
[Kraken's Fall, North Arm Lane] (Picnic tables) 28916
[Wandering Eye Market, Wagon Top] 28937

Icemule Trace

Room Lich Go2 Room #
Town Center 2300
Tavern Burrow (The Well) 2400
Giantman Path 2468
Honeybeer Inn, Tap Room 3449
Thirsty Penguin, Parlour 3428
Clovertooth Hall, Main Lobby 2429
Voln Ice Garden 3365


Room Lich Go2 Room #
North Market 1438
Liabo Plaza 1481
Beacon Tower 14234
South Market 1572
Marshtown Shoreline 5732

River's Rest

Room Lich Go2 Room #
Town Commons 10861
Sanctuary 10855
Lalena's Box Emporium (inside a tent in the Commons Circle) 28717

Zul Logoth

Room Lich Go2 Room #
Crystalline Cavern, Monument 1005
Solano Hall, Night Sky Landing 20695
Room of Last Rites 14029
Zul Logoth, Emerald Tunnel (Locksmith Pool) 5751


Room Lich Go2 Room #
Greatroom 2777


Room Lich Go2 Room #
Hanging Gardens (The Dais) 188
BriarStone Court 156
BriarStone Court 638
Moonglae Inn, Rooftop Park 13362
Shimmarglin Inn, Fountain Room 601
Veythorne Manor, The Glowbark 13424
Shadowed Alcove(inside the Pig and Whistle) 18687
Glamesine Var 728
Ta'Illistim Green 24555


Room Lich Go2 Room #
Town Commons (with barrel) 10068


Room Lich Go2 Room #
Ta'Vaalor, King's Court (dock area) 3544
Amaranth Court (obelisk/statue?) 3486?
Garden of Ancients (small bench) 10374
King's Court (bench) 3519
King's Court (Kai statue) 3542
Ravelin, Wyvern Plaza 13920

Mist Harbor

Room Lich Go2 Room #
Gardenia Commons 3668
Western Harbor, Seathrak Way (fountain) 17587
Western Harbor, Docks (locksmith pool) 17589
Stumbling Pebble Bar II (Greth's) 18258


Room Lich Go2 Room #
Linsandrych Common (Has Bench) 4653
Locksmithery, Side Room (within Hihaeim's Locksmithery) 28718


Room Lich Go2 Room #
Birthing Sands, Cavern of Ages (Ledge Room) 2635


Room Lich Go2 Room #
Argent Aspis - Trophy Room
Beacon Hall Archive - Common Room 16183
Black Wolves Manor, Courtyard 9242
Cairnfang Manor - Lounge 22118
Helden Hall - Great Hall 3880
House Arcane - Hall of Lords
House Brigatta - Common Room 21310
Moonshine Manor - Plur's Pub 16001
Moonstone Abbey - Lounge
Obsidian Tower - Greatroom 20869
Order of the Sphere and Scythe - Cave Garden 27840
Paupers - Commons 7986
Rising Phoenix - Library 21749
Rone Academy - Elanthian Library 24473
Silvergate Inn - Private Lounge 22032
Sovyn - Courtyard 8754
Sylvanfair - Rogal-Keli Hall 21330
Twilight Hall, Warble's Parlor 18850
White Haven - Founders Hall 23211
Willow Hall - Garden 19290

Premium Halls

Room Lich Go2 Room #
Wehnimer's Landing: Zephyr Hall, Common Room 20734
Teras Isle: Welkin Hall, Common Room 20777
Icemule: Burga Hall, Lounge 20762
Solhaven: Seamist Hall, Central Lounge 20721
River's Rest: Mistral Hall, Lounge 20770
Zul Logoth: Solano Hall, Night Sky Landing 20695
Ta'Illistim: Meazernis Villa, Private Lounge 20707
Ta'Vaalor: Etesian Villa, Lounge 20713
Kraken's Fall: Molskroen Hall, Garden Patio 28990

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