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Annatto Rations Shop is a food shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located in a stone-clad building on Maerneis Var. The outside is carved with flighty impressions of faeries and other fanciful creatures. The Annatto Rations Shop takes the trading skill into account when determining prices.

The scent of chocolate emanates from the shop, and while there is no chocolate in the normal inventory, the backroom is filled with chocolate.

[Annatto Rations Shop]
A long counter, manned by a flour-dusted young elf, runs the length of the room, displaying the various rations for sale. Savory smells of roasting meat, baking bread and pungent spices drift from behind a set of swinging doors in the back wall. Occasionally, the dark, rich scent of chocolate wafts in from the kitchen, but there are no chocolates laid out on the display counter. You also see a black-inked sign.


Item Price
a wedge of Vaalor Gold cheese
Aged to perfection, the cheese blends the characteristic sharp tang with a voluptuously creamy base.
The cheese crumbles slightly at your touch, releasing its sensuous, full-bodied aromas.
a round of Vaalor pepper cheese
Chewy and creamy, the mild cheese has bits of spicy pepper laced through it.
The sharp bite of pepper in the cheese is soothed away by the otherwise mild flavor.
a strip of dried pepper jerky
Heavily spiced, and not entirely pleasantly so, with a texture that varies without warning between tender and rubber.
Blackened spice covers the exterior of the chewy meat.
a jerked relnak sail
Large pieces of black peppercorn and dried red chili flakes are only partially successful in masking the natural taste of the relnak sail.
Thin, but surprisingly tough and leathery, the relnak sail has a slightly musky scent.
a hard-boiled grass snake egg
The tiny egg is surprisingly dense and salty.
The thin outer layer quickly gives way to a chalky yolk.
a chive and cheese-filled egg
Chive and cheese are mixed into the egg yolk, making a creamy, tasty filling.
The sharp tang of the cheese mixes well with the mild onion flavor of the chives.
a salty pickled egg
Salt-laden and soaked in vinegar, the mild taste of the egg is completely overwhelmed by the stronger flavors.
Sharp vinegar fumes invade your nasal passage with each bite.
a mix of sugared dried fruits
A plump dried apricot bursts in your mouth, releasing the almost jelly-like fruit pulp.
Chewy and sweet, the taste of apples fills your mouth, exploding from the dried ring of fruit.
a tart green apple
Just a hint of tartness makes the sweetness even more welcome and delicious.
The full, ripe fruit is bursting with sweet juice.
a curl of candied lemon peel
The sweetness of the sugar crystals contrasts with the bitter tang of the citrus rind.
The tartness of citrus is blunted by the sugary coating.
a handful of roasted chestnuts
Roasted to perfection, the nuts are tender and retain just the right amount of crunch.
A smoky taste has pervaded the chestnuts, evoking the smells of autumn with each bite.
some wafers of crispy elven waybread
Light and crisp, each delicate bite breaks off with a satisfying crunch.
Surprisingly satisfying, the light waybread fills your mouth with a nutty flavor.
a loaf of dark walnut bread
With a crunchy crust, the bread has a dry, dense, yet flavorful texture.
The rich grainy flavor of the brown bread lingers on the tongue.
a honey-laced biscuit
It almost melts in your mouth
Rich with the flavor of butter, the biscuit is delectably tender.
some preserved fruit-laced hardtack
Hard enough to use as a weapon, the hardtack sucks all the moisture out of your mouth as you gnaw on it.
The only trace of moisture in this rock hard bread comes from the small chunks of dried fruit baked into it.
a sheet of flat journey bread
Light and brittle, this journey bread lacks even a trace of moisture.
Dry and unsalted, this journey bread shatters into tasteless crumbs with every bite.
a savory griffin-meat crustade
Though odd in color, the concoction is surprisingly tasty.
With a thick, gravy-like consistency and a strong, gamey taste, this crustade is sure to sustain you.
a golden sausage-stuffed roll
A bit of juice rolls down your chin from the succulent meat
Red peppers infuse the golden brown crusting with a piquant spiciness.
a blue-veined baked cheese wafer
Sharp, strong, and excellent in flavor.
The powerful taste of blue cheese fills your mouth as the wafer crumbles over your tongue.
a rich cherry-filled crispel
A light crusting of caramelized sugar coats the tender crust, lending a crunchy sweetness to the crispel.
Thick and sweet, the stewed cherry filling must have been made with fruits at the peak of ripeness.
a piece of dark butter toffee crunch
Crunching down on the toffee, a burst of rich, buttery sweet flavor rewards your efforts.
A hint of almond pervades the toffee, adding to its appeal.
Backroom Inventory
Item Price Information
a small canvas rations bag 10000 3 lbs, belt worn, MA for any amount
a flaky chocolate-laced croissant
Liquid chocolate melts over your tongue as you bite through the tender crust of the croissant.
Rich and buttery, the layered croissant crust gives way to the melting sweetness of chocolate.
a fudge-covered walnut brownie
A thick glaze of fudge makes the brownie almost unbearably rich.
Dense and rich with chocolate flavor, the overwhelming sweetness of the brownie is cut by the walnuts baked into it.
a pecan and chocolate cluster
Sweet and milky, the chocolate complements the crunchy pecans.
The light taste of roasted pecans matches perfectly with the mild chocolate.
a nut-filled milk chocolate turtle
The sweet chocolate coating gives way to the satisfying crunch of the peanuts beneath.
Salty roasted peanuts bring out the richness of the chocolate.
a caramel-laced dark chocolate chew
The caramel's sweetness makes your teeth ache, anticipating the rich stickiness.
Fine chocolate tempers and enriches the dark sweetness of the caramel.
a chocolate cream-filled egg
The taste of sweet cream mingled with rich milk chocolate explodes in your mouth.
The brittle chocolate shell breaks apart in your mouth, allowing the heavy cream filling to escape.
a strawberry liquor-filled chocolate
Strawberry and chocolate flavors harmonize beautifully, enhanced by the faint tang of alcohol.
Thick, strawberry flavored liquor washes over your tongue as you bite through the brittle chocolate.
a cocoa-dusted dark chocolate truffle
Sinfully rich, the powdered cocoa adds depth to the bittersweet truffle.
The dark chocolate melts in your mouth but leaves you with a faintly bitter aftertaste, almost coffee-like in flavor.


The Rations Shop is run by Master Chef Jillyahna. You cannot interact with her, though she will speak if you ORDER something. The room description speaks of "a flour-dusted young elf" manning the counter. A black-inked sign says in the Elven language that this nameless young elf is Jillyahna's assistant.