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Rogue archers benefit from low training costs with an equivalent attack power to the combat specialist rogue. The wording, "Attack power" is used rather than "attack strength" because the combat specialist's attack power will be much higher when both are not using any magical weaponry, though obtaining a high enchant from archery is more readily available than that of a melee weapon. Additionally, kneeling when using a crossbow increases the archer's attack strength by 30, and bolt defense is normally lower than melee defense (See below).

Why Choose Archery?

Benefits of Archery

An archer's primary skills are Ranged Weapons, Perception, and Ambushing. A character that doubles in these three skills is only spending 15 physical training points and 9 mental training points on their weapons skills, which for a melee character, they spend 18 physical training points and 15 mental training points on weapons skills alone (being Combat Maneuvers and Edged Weapons) when maximizing their attack strength, though an archer will have a lower overall attack strength than a melee character. This is offset, however, by the fact that an opponent's ranged defensive strength is lower than their melee defensive strength. Additionally, a melee character will need to train in a skill for their off-hand, which is typically Two Weapon Combat or Shield Use, further increasing the training points required for that path.

The decrease in training points required allows a rogue to train in other skills more than a non-archer would. For example, many locksmiths choose archery because they can maximize their hunting abilities while fully training in Picking Locks and Disarming Traps, or they might pick up skinning skills, such as Survival and First Aid to supplement their income. Additionally, it allows for a Magical Rogue's high training cost to pick up spells.

Additionally, archers have the ability to snipe their targets, remaining hidden after attacking, similar to how the combat maneuver, Silent Strike, works. Though, this attack comes at the cost of additional roundtime. The additional RT is a base +1 second to fire from hiding, and if you wish to aim where the hit strikes, another second is added.

Another benefit of archery is that the enchantment of the archer's bow combines with the enchantment of the archer's arrow, allowing for archers to easily obtain the equivalent 10× enchanted weaponry by merely enchanting a +20 (4×) bow, mastering fletching, and creating master-crafted, vultite-tipped (or equivalent) arrows. A master-crafted arrow adds +5 to the archer's attack strength, making the arrow a 5× enchanted arrow, and when combined with the 5× enchanted bow, the archer will have a +50 bonus to their attack strength. The bonus caps at that value, so there is no point in enchanting the bow further than 5 times, unless the character does not use master-fletched arrows. Additionally, non-magical arrows can be e-bladed for a temporary 4× enchantment with flares.

Disadvantages of Archery

An archer does not benefit from the increased damage factor or the critical weighting or stance pushdown that ambushing with a melee weapon provides. An archer will also be unable to fire arrows should he take rank 2 wounds to his arms or hands, whereas a melee fighter can go until the right arm or hand is severed.

Archers are also severely limited in the defense department. For this reason, they should maximize their Stalking and Hiding training (3×) or maximize their Dodge training (3×). Although, a combination of the two is very useful.

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